Astral Pet Store 103


Pet strength is everything in this age of beasts, so training yours carefully to build its strength requires patience and thoughtful effort. One day, a mysterious pet store appeared. Their lowly skeleton can kill golden dragons with one swift swipe; their guard dog boasts ten secret techniques for pet beats, while their working girl refers to herself as a god.

The shopkeeper, Su Ping

Li Qingru opened an Astral Pet store along a commercial street. Although not large in scale, it became trendy and attracted numerous repeat customers. After Su Ping took over management of the store. However, the business quickly declined as she did not take care of Astral Pets properly or provide proper care for them.

One day, a young man wandered into the shop. Though surprised to find such an establishment so remote from civilization, he wasn’t suspicious in any way; upon taking a closer look around, he noticed many action figures and posters related to Astral Pets; references were made to Astral Pet Warrior, which was widely popular around this region of Earth; therefore the young man assumed this is where its owner obtained all his knowledge regarding Astral Pets.

“What are you searching for?” Su Ping asked. “I’m just browsing.” Is there something specific you require?” Su Ping inquired further.

“Yes,” replied the young man, “do you sell food for pets of undead families?”

“That is my Baby Skeleton!” Su Ping exclaimed with shock.

Astral Pet Store is a fantasy manhua that follows the owners of magical beasts known as Astral Pets. Their strength determines their social standing, so characters strive to gain more power for their pets by leveling and grinding. There are lots of exciting fight scenes and an impressively detailed world that populate this storyline.

One of the most exciting elements of the story is how its author crafts relationships between its main characters. Su Ping’s sister was an extraordinary talent who attended a prestigious university with promising plans; on the other hand, her brother was just another trade school dropout who turned to Astral Pet Warriors out of financial need; this led him to bully his sister, and taking her money – even if that meant driving her or even stealing it from her!

The guard dog

Pet strength is at the forefront of today’s battle pet era, and many masters strive to increase it until their pet reaches peak strength. But what happens if an unsuspecting skeleton kills a golden dragon with one swipe, or that guard dog has the top ten secret skills of pet beasts, and that working girl considers herself god?

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