Astral Pet Store Chapter 100


Pet strength in battle pet-keeping is all-important! Pet masters have worked diligently and patiently to strengthen their pets, but suddenly, a mysterious store appears, tempting pet masters into believing their hard work might yield fruit – or not! Can an average-looking skeleton kill a mighty golden dragon with one swipe, or does the guard dog possess ten secret skills that could beat his enemies?

What’s the story?

In this era of battle pets, their strength determines everything. Pet masters work diligently to improve them, but progress can be slow – until one day, there emerged a mysterious pet shop! After training here, even weak skeletons can kill golden dragons with one strike! Additionally, its guard dog boasts ten secret pet beast skills, while female workers claim they’re goddesses! What could justify cultivating cute pets into prehistoric overlord beasts for shop owner Su Ping?

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What’s the main character?

Pet masters strive to improve the strength of their pets, but nothing seems to change until a mysterious pet store suddenly appears out of nowhere. After spending just one training session here, even an unlikely lowly skeleton managed to kill an innocent golden dragon with one slash! Meanwhile, even their guard dog gained ten secret pet beat skills; furthermore, a female worker called herself god! Isn’t this practice regular practice of turning cute cute pets into prehistoric overlord beasts?

The MC has an effective system he works for that makes him exceptionally intelligent, yet he does not abide by morals, in turn making him arrogant and unpleasant to deal with. Although he would rather keep to himself and run his store alone without getting himself involved with anyone or their affairs, when people threaten his family or delay work, he becomes outraged and becomes violent.

At the competition, his sister was attacked by three individuals seeking to remove her from the competition; her pet dragon saved her, prompting the MC to become angry and murder two of the attackers in full view of all judges and the audience alike.

Once that was accomplished, he signed a contract with his sister and her pets that made it clear he would become their new master for now. Although at times harsh with them, MC is just doing his job by trying to make them the best pets possible while simultaneously providing comfort, knowing nothing wrong will ever happen under his watchful gaze. For anyone who enjoys stories with unpredictable protagonists and animals who know what’s good for them, this story might be for you!

What’s the plot?

Su Ping transmigrated into Astral Pet Store from another world and was thrust into inheriting an underperforming pet shop with battle pets as its core of humanity and civilization. When he entered, however, the System issued him a contract to train their battle pets while upgrading his store and strengthening himself through missions.

Pet strength in today’s age of beasts determines everything. Pet owners strive to build up the power of their battle pets through hard work. But can a lowly skeleton defeat a golden dragon with one swipe, while guard dogs possess top-secret pet beat skills, or working girls refer to themselves as gods?!?!?!

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What’s the setting?

In an environment where battle pets form the basis of humanity and civilization, building more vital pets is often an uphill struggle – until one magical pet store appears out of nowhere! After training here, even the weakest skeletons can defeat golden dragons with one strike! Even more impressively, its watchdog boasts ten legendary abilities while its female worker claims she’s a goddess! Is this normal behavior?

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What’s the theme?

Pet strength in an age of beasts determines everything and battle pet masters work diligently and slowly to improve their pets’ strength. But they were utterly taken aback when an unexpected and mysterious pet store appeared out of nowhere! After just days of training at this shop, even the weakest skeleton could kill a golden dragon with just one swipe! And its guard dog possesses ten secret skills of pet beats! Furthermore, one working girl even claimed she was god! As for owner Su Ping, Doesn’t this practice routinely convert cute pets into prehistoric beasts?

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