Health-E-Arizona Plus – Connecting Families to Health Coverage, Benefits and Services


HEAplus is an online application that connects people to health coverage and other essential services. Trained community partners use HEAplus to assist individuals and families in applying for AHCCCS Health Insurance, Nutrition Assistance (Food Stamps), and TANF Cash Assistance programs.

Ducey’s initial waiver proposal included a work requirement and lifetime limit on Medicaid eligibility for able-bodied adults (though it was postponed until Biden eventually reversed it). These requirements would have required enrollees to make modest contributions to health savings accounts and participate in job search programs, along with modest contributions into health savings accounts and fair job search programs.

What is HEAplus?

Health-e-Arizona Plus is a new online application created to assist Arizona families in accessing coverage, benefits, and services. It is a one-stop shop for applying for AHCCCS health insurance, Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps), and cash assistance programs. It’s designed for easy use with fast processing times and includes valuable tools for state workers and community assistants.

To get started with HEAplus, you’ll need your Username and PIN ready. IF YOU OPT-IN FOR THESE NOTIFICATIONS, your PIN may arrive via email or text message; once you have it, head to HEAplus’ website and follow its prompts to verify your account.

Once your HEAplus account is verified, you have 24-hour access its benefits information and technical assistance through the AHCCCS Service Desk. Furthermore, attendance at quarterly Information Exchange seminars and Ask Expert webinars is required of site administrators of Community Partner-Assistor Organizations. At the same time, Corrections Assistors need Connect seminars that provide relevant tools to process applications through HEAplus successfully.

How do I apply for HEAplus?

For Arizona residents looking to apply for AHCCCS health insurance, Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps), or Cash Assistance programs online, Health-e-Arizona Plus provides the perfect way to apply online from the convenience of their homes. You can quickly check on the status of an existing application and make any necessary updates or edits with this state-run website.

As soon as you visit the HEAplus portal for the first time, it is necessary to create an account. To do so, a valid email address and PIN sent via email are needed to make your profile and gain access to the site using your username and password.

Once you’ve created an account, the next step will be answering security questions that help confirm your identity and are chosen when you open an account. After answering these security questions, you’ll be asked whether you would like a PIN sent via email or text message; if that option is chosen, then select it when prompted and enter your PIN when asked for it.

Over 200 Community Partner-Assistor Organizations across the state help individuals and families access coverage, benefits, and services through HEAplus. Through interactive interviews, these assistants complete the application for customers before having them sign it at the end. Thanks to improved electronic data sources, these assistors can often verify much of the information needed for eligibility decisions.

In addition to applying online through HEAplus, you may also visit your local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) office to apply in person. Simply enter your zip code or city into the search box on HEAplus’ website to locate the FAA office near you and schedule an eligibility interview at an appropriate time.

What happens if I don’t qualify for HEAplus?

Federal rules previously allowed states to keep anyone no longer qualified on their Medicaid rolls regardless of federal regulations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress changed this practice, forcing states to start rechecking eligibility and remove those who no longer meet requirements from Medicaid rolls. Arizona recently initiated this process and estimates it should take one year before all 2.5 million participants in their program have been processed.

HEAplus is an online application that helps individuals access coverage, benefits, and services. One hundred thirty-one community partners throughout California utilize it, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, hospitals, Community Access Programs, behavioral health agencies, and tribal organizations. Trained application assistors help customers complete the HEAplus application during an interactive interview; then, HEAplus verifies it against other data sources before assisting customers to submit any required documentation electronically.

Customers can easily log into their HEAplus accounts independently to report changes such as moving addresses, phone numbers, income expenses, changes in living arrangements, viewing letters and messages, printing forms, or requesting fair hearings. HEAplus customer service representatives can also help reset their passwords and contact the support team to learn more about or request training on HEAplus from the Arizona Department of Economic Security. HEAplus is the state-wide electronic benefit enrollment and tracking system for AHCCCS health insurance, nutrition assistance (Food Stamps), and temporary cash assistance (TANF). A subscription specialist offers on-site and telephone service to subscriber organizations regarding utilizing Heaplus and related systems and documents.

How do I get help with my HEAplus application?

If you require assistance with your HEAplus application, there are various ways to get help. Apply online via the Health-e-Arizona PLUS website or call 1-855-HEA-PLUS, visit a local office, or reach out to community partner organizations who offer both application assistance and training on the use of the system.

Arizona’s Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus) portal is an online benefits hub connecting residents to coverage, services, and resources. Administered by the Department of Economic Security (DES), this service can assist with applying for and managing your account with HEAplus benefits and tracking their status.

Over 200 Community Partners across the state utilize HEAplus to assist people applying for health insurance, Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps), and cash assistance. Trained application assistors complete HEAplus applications during an interactive interview session with customers using enhanced electronic data sources that verify much of the necessary information required for an eligibility decision. They can also assist customers in submitting required documentation electronically and track case status online.

Health-e-Arizona Plus is an easy-to-use web application that makes applying for and managing HEAplus benefits straightforward. It features helpful guides and videos to walk users through each step, plus the option of signing in from any computer, tablet, or mobile device – not forgetting changes such as updating income reports, reporting expenses or family changes, and requesting fair hearings!

For more information on HEAplus, visit its website at and sign up to receive email updates and news from the HEAplus team. If you’ve lost your password, follow these simple steps to reset it.