Astral Pet Store Chapter 1


Astral Pet Store is an action-fantasy manga with an engaging plot and vivid characters, boasting incredible battle sequences replete with vibrantly illustrated graphics.

The battle pet master had worked tirelessly to increase the strength of his Golden Dragon; however, an unsophisticated skeleton could slay it with just one slash!

Astral Pets

The story unfolds in a world where Astral Pets are an essential component of society. Our protagonist is a former stranger who recently acquired his mother’s pet store upon her passing away; having previously worked as a pet trainer, he now only offers servicing of Astral Pets; he aims to expand his business further, but this seems impossible within this highly competitive industry.

As Su Ping strolled along, he saw similar high buildings to those found on Earth and large mansions, curious Astral Pets accompanied the main difference being most pedestrians. Su Ping sighed; it was time for him to face reality about the store not doing well since taking it over from his mother.

When he arrived at the store, he opened its door and entered. To his horror, it smelled strongly of urine and pet feces – so much so that there was a pile on the floor! So he sat down on the ground until no more sounds were coming from outside.

As soon as he stood up, he observed his surroundings. There were numerous Astral Pet figurines and posters scattered about, reminding him of how his previous self had researched this strange world; furthermore, he could sense he was no less an Astral Pet Battle Master than before.

Evidently, in this world, Astral Pet strength determines everything; only those born with an original core talent can become Astral Pet Battle Masters; unfortunately for Su Ping (name changed after birth), such talent was absent, so he attended regular trade school while Su Lingyue participated at an Academy for Astral Pet Warriors.

Visually Appealing

Astral Pet Store features an engaging story arc with an immediate and engaging pace, creating tension and suspense at every turn. The characters are well-drawn, while its villains pose real threats to Su Ping and his friends. Furthermore, its stunning artwork showcases intricately detailed character designs alongside depictions of Astral pets in otherworldly settings.

Astral pets are an intriguing concept that adds depth and dimension to this manga’s world-building. Baby Skeleton, one of the MC’s pets, stands out in many fight scenes due to his powerful presence.

Overall, Astral Pet Store is an entertaining manga series for fans of action, fantasy, and cute creatures. The main character, Astral (MC), is well-written, as is his story with thrilling fight scenes and level-up opportunities. Furthermore, its stunning illustrated style draws many readers with exquisite depictions of Astral pets belonging to him and otherworldly locations.

Well-Crafted Protagonist

The MC is an impressive character. While he may mistreat his pets while training them to become their best selves, he does not abuse them in any way. Instead, he always has their best interest at heart and seeks ways to improve their lives and make them stronger so they can help him. This aspect of his character makes him very intriguing to follow.

In this world, pet strength determines everything. Strengthening them may seem slow and tedious, but after training at an unknown pet store, even weaker skeletons can become powerful enough to defeat a giant golden dragon! Even their watchdog boasts ten legendary skills, while one female employee claims they’re a Goddess!

Su Ping seizes upon this opportunity and opens his pet store, training the pets of his clients into exceptional overlord beasts. But as he begins exploring life outside his store, he discovers it may not be the most honest place around.

Astral Pet Store is an exciting and entertaining manga series full of action-packed battle scenes and intriguing world-building. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is captivating to anyone who appreciates good manhua. Additionally, its artwork showcases Astral pets and otherworldly environments beautifully; moreover, it also features Baby Skeleton, which adds so much charm and delight to its narrative arc.

Beautifully Illustrated Fight Scenes

This manhua features vivid illustrations in its fight scenes that will delight readers’ eyes. Battles between Astral pets provide intense action to readers while their characters are relatable and well-drawn; villains are intriguing yet credible – further adding an exciting story with more profound themes such as loyalty and friendship being explored throughout.

Astral Pets are at the core of this manga and contribute significantly to its world-building. Each creature embodies an element and has its unique appearance, serving several practical functions in Astral pet store environments. Furthermore, humans may form contracts with Astral pets, which allow them to assist with various tasks and activities or even combat other Astral pets or monsters.

The astral pet store is an entertaining manga series that will appeal to fans of anime, fantasy, cute animals, and action. Su Ping makes for an engaging protagonist and never hesitates to take on his foes, which provides some satisfying face-slapping moments!

Baby Skeleton, the MC’s Astral pet, stands out in many fight scenes and steals the show! Additionally, all Astral pets are beautifully designed, and their roles in the story are captivating.


Astral Pet Store is an exciting manga that will engross you with its engaging plot and stunning art, as well as its distinctive world-building; each Astral pet has their distinct look and abilities, with deeper themes of loyalty and friendship being explored throughout. Furthermore, Su Ping and his friends face off against well-crafted villains who pose compelling threats against Su Ping’s journey.

Su Ping is an engaging protagonist who’s easy to identify with and relate to, with his ambitious yet laidback character traits quickly making him relatable. Additionally, his Astral pet “Baby Skeleton” often steals the show during battle scenes – and all other characters have exciting dynamics and relationships between themselves that give this game its dramatic flair.

Su Ping’s dedication to becoming stronger propels his story and keeps it exciting and enjoyable to read. Strong Astral pets determine social standing for their owners, thus driving forward the story while making Su Ping an engaging read.

Astral Pet Store is an engaging manhua sure to please fans of fantasy, action, and cute creatures alike. From its unique world-building to intense fight scenes – especially its standout character of Baby Skeleton, who adds tremendously to its enjoyment – Astral Pet Store will not disappoint manga readers!