Natural Remedies For Ardex Pet Control


Removes Pet Odor

No matter how thorough we may be at removing pet hair, lingering odors from drool and accidents may still cling to upholstery seats. Natural remedies have proven successful at neutralizing these smells with thorough scrubbing and steam cleaning – this approach usually does the trick!

White vinegar can serve as an effective natural deodorizer. Create a solution of one part water to ten parts vinegar and apply the mixture directly onto fabric surfaces – its drying time will neutralize and eliminate odors caused by your pet’s mess!

Baking soda is an easy and affordable solution to eliminating interior odor. Sprinkle a plate-sized layer in your car or truck after taking your wet pet for a ride, and you should notice the scent vanishing when morning arrives. Charcoal can also help absorb some of these smells while baking soda crystals work wonders on rugs and furniture; add one or both to your trunk after detailing work for a fresh and clean interior!