Evil Woman Bakes Cakes After Divorce



After her divorce, one woman decided to get even with both her ex and his new wife by baking cakes that would leave an unforgettable mark – delicious and sinful at the same time – each decorated with messages to cause them pain. She aimed to create lasting impressions on them both, and she took great pleasure in the challenge.

She knew the perfect cake required a combination of ingredients. From bitter cocoa powder to poisonous berries, she carefully selected each component needed to craft malevolent masterpieces. Finally, she covered each with an irresistibly sweet layer of frosting so as to mask its harmfulness and keep her creations from falling into disrepute.

Cakes were an incredible hit among the aristocracy, who fell prey to their tempting sweetness. Unfortunately, those who indulged soon learned their sweet appearance was deceiving; these evil cakes caused personality changes, physical ailments, and, in some cases, death among consumers who consumed them. Therefore, it would be wiser for individuals to avoid these dangerous threats, which only lead to misery.