Birthday Cake Slime


Birthday cake slime provides a delightful sensory activity for children. Reminiscent of delicious Funfetti cake, this homemade slime is stretchy and extra fluffy, making it the ideal way to commemorate or give away as party favors!

First, combine white glue and shaving cream in a bowl before gradually mixing in foam beads and brown paint until achieving that vibrant chocolate hue.


Birthday cake slime is a fluffy and colorful slime filled with colorful confetti and Styrofoam beads – the ideal sensory activity for children, tweens, and teens to play with, and it will make them feel extra special! Easy and frugal DIY slime to make using just three ingredients plus no saline solution is required, making this DIY slime even more enjoyable and cheap to make!

Slime recipes typically call for clear or white glue (the polymer) combined with an activator (gelling agent). Powdered borax dissolved in water is often the chosen activator; you could also try contact lens solution or eye drops as activators. When combined, an exciting chemical reaction takes place that produces its signature slimy texture – captivating children and adults alike for hours!

This birthday cake slime recipe calls for baking soda to give the slime more structure and firmness. If it becomes too runny, add pinches of baking soda at a time until it reaches your ideal texture.

Step 1: Mix the Glue

Combine clear or white glue with water in a bowl and, if available, contact the solution as well. It should take approximately one-quarter cup per five to nine ounces of glue.

Add some multicolored foam beads as sprinkles; just a handful will do. Finally, sprinkle in some drops of chocolate fragrance oil to give your slime an irresistibly sweet scent!

Glycerin will also help make slime stretchy and glossy, so you may wish to add it slowly by spoonfuls before stirring. Look in the beauty section of your store or online and add at a rate of about one teaspoon at a time before starting the slime together.

Corn starch may also work well as an alternative, though it may require more work to dissolve. If your slime doesn’t seem to form, try increasing each ingredient or slightly upping your contact solution dose, then knead until less sticky and smoother textures form.

Step 2: Add the Shaving Cream

DIY fluffy slime is a fun activity for children of all ages to play with! Smelling like frosting slime, this DIY recipe contains vanilla fragrance oil for maximum sensory stimulation! However, this slime is NOT edible, so please only play with it under adult supervision.

Add one cup of white glue and one cup of shaving cream. As shaving cream can be challenging to measure accurately, don’t be shy about adding an extra bit if necessary.

Stir until the slime becomes fluffy. It may bubble and foam naturally! Once smooth, add multicolored foam beads for more texture, as well as some drops of vanilla fragrance oil for fragrance if desired. Stir again!

This homemade birthday slime recipe makes a thick, soft, and stretchy slime that kids will love playing with at parties or as gifts for guests on birthdays. Store it in either a glass jar or plastic bag sealed with labels for easy transporting!

Step 3: Add the Foam Beads

Kids will adore this fluffy birthday cake slime that resembles funfetti blob of icing, making this sensory activity perfect for alone play or party favors! Super easy and deliciously fragrant to create, this sensory activity provides hours of sensory play!

Add foam beads and stir them into glue, using various colors or all one color if you like! Next, pour in some chocolate fragrance oil; this will help the slime smell more like chocolate cake!

Next, combine baking soda and contact saline solution. Start with 1 tbsp and gradually increase until your slime no longer sticks to the bowl – you will know when enough saline solution has been added and when it pulls away from it! Knead until no longer sticky, then store in an airtight container (resealable plastic bag or airtight) for later enjoyment! This scented birthday slime makes an excellent activity or party favor!

Step 4: Add the Body Lotion

No matter, if it’s your birthday or not, this scented slime makes for an engaging fidget to play with! From its soft and creamy texture to its colorful fake sprinkles – giving it that satisfying crunch when stretched – it provides hours of endless entertainment!

Measure out 1 cup each of white glue and shaving cream into a bowl. Though shaving cream can be challenging to measure accurately, any variation shouldn’t negatively impact the outcome of this craft project. Combine these materials before mixing in 1 cup of foaming hand wash. Eventually, the mixture should become super foamy from both soap and paint until it reaches your desired shade of chocolate brown.

Once this step is completed, start adding multi-colored foam beads. These will make the slime more like fluffy cake frosting while feeling even softer, too! Finally, drop in some chocolate fragrance oil. Next, stir well before gradually adding contact saline solution (start with just one teaspoonful) until the ideal texture has been reached – less sticky yet more workable slime!

Step 5: Add the Chocolate Fragrance Oil

Kids of all ages will love creating and playing with this fluffy, squishy cake slime that resembles Funfetti – straightforward and enjoyable to make! Perfect for birthday parties as a sensory activity or even sensory-based fun activities for sensory development!

Add chocolate fragrance oil to the slime, starting with one teaspoon and mixing thoroughly. This will give it a delicious chocolaty scent reminiscent of delightful cake while simultaneously increasing its look of chocolatiness! For optimal results, we recommend a skin-safe chocolate fragrance oil with notes of fruity butter, jasmine, and rose, with chocolate vanilla powder present at its base.

First, add baking soda (photo 1) to the slime mixture in order to thicken and lessen its sticky parts. However, too much baking soda could turn the slime rubbery; add only a teaspoon at a time! Next, add contact saline solution which will help the mud stick together more securely while feeling softer – stir and knead until your slime holds its form!

Step 6: Add the Baking Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) combines with acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk, or yogurt to produce carbon dioxide bubbles and help make the dough rise, creating carbon dioxide-filled cavities in the dough. This reaction is known as an acid-base reaction and requires something acidic such as vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk, or yogurt in order to activate it; otherwise, the baking soda would remain dry. For recipes without additional acidic elements (e.g., cream of tartar or cornflour), baking powder may be substituted instead for baking soda, or cornflour is present if necessary.

Baking powder is three to four times stronger than baking soda, and you need less of it for leavening action. If you run out of baking soda, baking powder can still work, but baked goods won’t rise as high.

Before adding baking soda to your slime recipe, ensure it passes a test. Add one teaspoon of white distilled vinegar into a bowl and stir; if your baking soda is fresh, it should quickly bubble when started – otherwise, use it anyway, but expect your finished slime to be more clumpy than stretchy.

Step 7: Add the Contact Saline Solution

Once the slime comes together and starts pulling away from the sides of your bowl, add one tablespoon of contact lens solution or saline solution and stir thoroughly to incorporate. Be sure that the solution contains boric acid for best results, and only add small amounts at a time until everything comes together and forms a ball of slime. Knead this dough until it comes together entirely and starts pulling away from its surface.

Your slime is now ready to play with! Store it in an airtight container for later, or start having fun exploring its properties!

This birthday cake slime activity is an excellent sensory activity for kids of any age to do on their own or with friends while also making for a beautiful gift or party favor! Perfect for hosting an emoji birthday party! Your guests will be entertained for hours! Plus, they will love its delectable chocolate scent. Slime is composed of polymers which consist of long repeating molecules flitting past one another; when borate ions (sodium borate, borax powder, or boric acid) are added, its molecules cross-link and become less liquidy, giving its texture as well as making playtime so much fun!