Where the Wild Things Are Cake and Other Wild One Birthday Party Ideas


The perfectcake to mark your little Wild One’s first birthday! This extraordinary Moishe from “Where the Wild Things Are,” created by Utah-based The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop, is sure to amaze.

Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book has long been an American tradition. Known for its honesty in dealing with childhood anger and frustration as well as its homey vision of conflict resolution through food, this timeless work by Maurice Sendak remains timeless today.

Style a Wild One first birthday smash cake photoshoot.

Smash cake photo shoots are an enjoyable way to capture your baby’s first year of life. Not only can it be messy fun, but you get to watch your child dig their fingers into a delicious cake while showing off their wonderful personality and adorable expressions! Being creative with the setup can add another level of enjoyment; remember it shouldn’t just be considered another random photo op – your child should feel comfortable during this memorable experience!

Selecting a theme is an effective way of unifying all aspects of your shoot, such as color schemes. Starting small and expanding can quickly result in larger themed shoots.

For instance, if your child loves Sesame Street and Cookie Monster in particular, then a Cookie Monster-themed cake would make for the ideal birthday cake. Or if princess-themed sessions are what your daughter craves, then perhaps princess-themed sessions would fit better with you and vice versa. Or for something subtler, like storybook-themed cakes, they could also work nicely as birthday party themes.

Alternatively, use the central party theme as inspiration for your smash cake design. For instance, if you’re hosting a Wild Things-themed bash, creating a cake to look like Max’s hat from the book would be ideal, or go for a more general jungle aesthetic by using greenery as the background and including fun critters like turtles in the scene.

Classic cakes can be just as beautiful as themed ones. Sugar Wish Cakes and Bakes’ pink ombre smash cake is easy to assemble, with pastel shades that blend in nicely with any theme. Or if pink is more your color of choice, consider opting for classic pink with white, silver, or gray as a smash cake combination instead.

If you enjoy watching “One Wild Year,” why not add a “One Wild Year” banner or board to your home? Doing so is an ideal way of remembering all of the milestones from your child’s journey thus far and keeping their first year close to heart.

Style a Wild One high chair banner.

At your child’s first Wild One birthday celebration, consider decorating their high chair with an adorable garland made of tulle and satin ribbon cuts strung on white twine to commemorate this exciting milestone year! Choose a safari chic or jungle party theme, “One Wild Year,” for the event; this adorable banner would make a remarkable statement about their adventuresome year ahead!

Display your child’s name or age with kraft letters covered in pages from a book – an easy DIY project you can complete yourself or with help from another creative friend! This project makes for great entertainment!

Create a Wild One “One Wild Year” banner or board.

If your little one is celebrating their first birthday, this adorable “One Wild Year” banner or board can help highlight some of their best photos from each month of their first year! Print out and mount them on wood or felt and add an adorable “One Wild Year” message!

This cake was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s book and film of the same name, both featuring two layers of chocolate with vanilla buttercream filling, piped horns and fur, toothpick anchoring the horns for realistic effect, as well as thicker coat near its chin to mimic its goatee character in the book.

Apart from an outstanding cake, this party offers many fantastic ideas – from its stunning dessert table to the splendid high chair decor! This truly makes this event memorable!

Use both wooden and paper tableware on the table. We love the idea of wrapping kraft letters with white felt and moss for an adorable sign featuring your Wild One’s name or age – adding an extra special touch by including a glittering paper crown!

Another fun idea for creating a forest backdrop is hanging a forest backdrop. You can do this easily using green and tan balloons with oversized leaves as decorations – plus, it makes a fantastic photo booth backdrop! Plus, it makes your smash cake photo shoot even more spectacular!

The movie version of Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s novel with a similar title by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers was made into a 2009 fantasy adventure drama film directed by Spike Jonze and written by Jonze and Eggers; featuring live-action, costumes, animatronics, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Reviewed positively upon its release, many year-end top ten lists included it among their list of recommended titles.

Style a Wild One first birthday party.

Make your child’s first birthday an eventful and unforgettable milestone by using these imaginative Wild One party ideas. From jungle themes and animal details to smash cake photo sessions and adorable high chair banners, these wild ideas will perfectly showcase his/her character!

Deanna created this delightful cake for Anthony’s first birthday celebration inspired by the Where The Wild Things Are book series. Deanna added adorable details such as horns and fur for added charm, plus a sweet wolf mask to take photos with the birthday boy in it! We absolutely adored Deanna’s lovely cake design.

She created an eye-catching Wild Jungle balloon arch from an Amazon kit she assembled herself, using an air pump plug-in pump for a fast and straightforward setup. Once complete, she framed them around an eye-catching backdrop for Wild One-themed photos – the result being beautiful pictures!

Etsy provided the finishing touch to her party with its custom high chair sign featuring snowflakes and stars from Max’s bedroom in the movie, adding the perfect personalization element that she can use again for future birthdays.

The immensely successful film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s timeless novel Wild Things follows Max, an alienated boy sent away to live among wild things. Once there, he meets an assortment of mischievous creatures who welcome him with food and shelter while reminding him that he remains loved at home.

There’s so much to love about this whimsical movie, and it is no surprise that it has become one of the most beloved children’s films in recent history. We can’t stop watching it ourselves or sharing it with our young ones!

This delightful Wild One theme will appeal to both boys and girls and your guests. Perfect for baby showers, birthdays, or just fun adventures for kids of any age – these ideas guarantee everyone will have a good time!