A Bag of Money Cake is a Fun and Unique Way to Show You Care


A bag of money cake is an interactive and playful way to show your guests you care! Perfect for birthdays and graduation celebrations alike.

This do-it-yourself cake features a box of cake mix, frosting, and green fondant; plus, it comes complete with a wooden “Happy Birthday” topper and candles!

How to Make a Money Bag Cake

Make any cash gift extra special with a money bag cake as an unusual and unforgettable way to show how much you care! Your guests are sure to love it at any event or celebration!

Start by baking a rectangular cake according to its package instructions, then let it cool completely before cutting it into three equal portions and stacking them on top of each other for assembly and frosting with green fondant (or store-bought frosting if preferred).

Next, create a hole in the center of the cake that is slightly smaller than the size of your money tube to avoid interfering with its opening when pulling on the string. If desired, sculpt this hole to look like the shape of a handbag for added effect.

Once your hole has been formed, it’s time to add money tubes. Use either a Styrofoam disc or cookie tin; if choosing the latter, be sure to secure both ends with rubber bands (larger rubber bands are acceptable).

With each dollar added, a larger tube may be necessary. Care should be taken not to overfill it, as doing so could cause it to burst or even come tumbling down when pulling on its string.

Finalize the money tube by covering its top with cake/frosting scraps. You may add any details to the cake design, such as zippers, buttons, or rivets, as desired.

Once your cake is complete, you are ready to present it. As soon as the recipient is prepared to eat it, they can pull on the string, and a piece of cash will emerge from its tube. To prevent it from falling out accidentally when being pulled out, add some cake/frosting scraps at the bottom of the box so as to keep its position as you pull on it.


This delightful surprise cake is an excellent way to give money as gifts! Perfect for birthday parties, wedding showers, graduations, and other special events; plus it tastes delectable! Plus!

To create a dough, mix all-purpose flour and milk until thoroughly combined and kneaded using your hands. Divide this dough into eight equal parts. Dust your floor with flour before taking one portion at a time and rolling it into a thin disc using a rolling pin. Arrange fillings on top, gathering edges around them and tying them securely using spring onion thread before repeating the process with all remaining dough portions.

Heat oil for deep frying. Once it is ready, gently place each money bag in it and fry it until all sides have turned golden brown. Drain off excess oil before serving alongside mint chutney or ketchup as garnish.


When giving money as a present, it helps to plan how it’s given out carefully. A fun and unique way of showing someone how much you care is by creating a cake stuffed with cash! This makes an excellent gesture at any special event, such as birthdays or bridal showers.

To create a money-bag cake, you will require a cake mix, frosting, and green fondant – items that can all be found at grocery stores and craft stores. After gathering all the necessary components, bake the cake according to the directions on the package before frosting it with green fondant for an elegant final touch!

Once your cake is complete, use a knife to cut a hole in its side for your cardboard roll. Initially, place the roll on a flat surface so you can determine how large of a gap needs to be cut in your cake.

Use a ruler and marker to mark the center of the cake where you want to insert your money tube. Finally, cut out a hole using a knife where kept.

The size of the hole in a cake will determine how much money can fit inside. If your cavity is too large, however, money won’t work, in which case more cake can be added over the top to protect it and keep it from falling out of its hole.

If the bill is too short to wrap around the tube completely, use a pencil or dowel along with a small rubber band to secure it in place. Make sure that when placing them into your cake, you remove all rubber bands first!

Before giving your money bag cake to its intended recipient, be sure to explain its workings before it pulls on its strings. It is best to do this slowly and gently so that all of their money doesn’t come pouring out in one go!


Spread the joy with this red money bag-shaped cake featuring detailed fondant features and gold chocolate coins! Perfect for serving 3-6pax. Add on the Money Pulling option (available under options) to have cash inserted. Please indicate denomination and quantity preferences upon checkout – only bank transfer/PayNow, as payment methods are general.

This one-tier cake contains twelve slots for twelve rolled bills. Additionally, you can embellish it further by including stickers or embellishments to personalize it even further. Ensure you use nontoxic glue or tape that won’t harm the bills; rubber bands or clips may help hold everything in place; add ribbon as ribbon decoration on the base to finish it all off!