Don Bosco Center for Learning in Port Chester, Pennsylvania


Don Bosco Center for Learning provides services in Port Chester to assist students, families, and the local community. They aim to help young people discover who they indeed are as children of God while strengthening family life.

DBCS inaugurated its 2018-19 school year with a votive Mass, led by Fr. Renan Michael La Guardia, SDB, President and Dean of Studies, joined by Salesian priests concelebrating.

Academic Enrichment Programs

Don Bosco Center for Learning’s primary mission is to provide its students with an academically challenging yet religiously inspired education while simultaneously upholding Catholic tradition. They accomplish this through encouraging academic success, raising student motivation for higher education, and cultivating an environment focused on student-centric teaching and learning. Furthermore, Don Bosco offers various services and activities designed to assist them on their educational journey; some examples are after-school enrichment programs, career/college readiness events, financial literacy sessions, mentorship support services, mentorship services, and tutoring services, among many more.

Academic Enrichment programs aim to help students realize their full potential by providing a rigorous college-prep curriculum, intellectual integrity commitment, and strong emphasis on critical thinking skills. Furthermore, such programs promote an appreciation for various forms of literary and artistic expression as well as respect for different cultures while developing responsible citizens and life-long learners.

Saint John Bosco Academy at Don Bosco Center for Learning provides a range of programs for grades 6-8 students, such as academic enrichment programs and after-school and summer bridge programs, STEM activities and dual enrollment or advanced coursework courses; fine arts classes on Fridays; as well as participating in STEM activities and advanced coursework such as AP or advanced placement classes.

Don Bosco Center for Learning High School is a four-year Catholic high school located in Gilbertville, Iowa, south of Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Established in 1956 and administered by the Diocese of Dubuque, this four-year institution provides rigorous college preparatory curriculums while encouraging students to develop their intellectual, social, and emotional capabilities to meet the challenges of our ever-evolving global society.

Don Bosco Preparatory High School follows the Salesians’ tradition by offering an academic program rooted in liberal arts principles with solid preparation for advanced studies as well as an emphasis on Catholic values. The school provides a comprehensive academic curriculum that serves to educate youth and develop their talents to lead in their community.

Don Bosco Community Center

Don Bosco Community Center has provided local services for over 80 years, benefitting low and moderate-income residents and immigrants and providing educational programming for youth. Offering soup kitchen and food pantry services along with educational programming aimed at youth. Also, providing meeting spaces and welcoming, respectful environments to address immediate needs and work towards long-term solutions to poverty and hunger issues.

DBCC also offers social, recreational, and educational programs for children, adolescents, and adults, ranging from after-school educational activities to weekend recreational programs for all age groups. Our mission is to encourage young people to use their God-given talents for the good of others while attaining academic and vocational success through educational and vocational training. DBCC strives to foster an atmosphere that encourages family-like support while upholding St. John Bosco’s legacy by instilling education as something close to heart.

DBCC strives to foster a healthy and productive family spirit within the Salesian heritage and tradition. It seeks to be a “home that welcomes, “a “parish that evangelizes,” and a “school that equips for life.” Families are invited to take advantage of all that DBCC offers while supporting its mission and its programs.

As part of its community outreach activities, DBCC organizes public events and fundraisers throughout the year, such as dances, dinners, auctions, and other cultural activities such as dances. Additionally, there are sports facilities, including basketball courts and an outdoor track and field in its facilities as well as a computer lab and library for public use.

Don Bosco Technical Institute is a Catholic college prep school for boys that equips boys from all backgrounds to become leaders in their communities and beyond. Combining rigorous academics at the AP, honors, and college prep levels with opportunities for service projects, clubs, and athletics activities, its 850 graduates go on to be accepted by some of the country’s best colleges and universities and make significant contributions within their communities, businesses or churches – becoming lifelong learners who make substantial contributions towards building lasting communities.

Don Bosco Scholars

Don Bosco Scholars is a first-generation college access program, pairing volunteer coaches with junior and senior high school students during their junior and senior years to assist with college lists, the Carnegie Test Prep course (8 weeks of prep for admission exams), applications, scholarship securing, scholarships/grants. Twenty-eight scholars are currently in college, while another 58 are on track to graduate within four years.

DB Scholars program is committed to offering opportunities for students with learning needs. Once accepted, each student receives an individualized learning plan tailored specifically for them; reviews of this plan take place regularly, with modifications made as necessary. Students are also encouraged to participate in academic, social, and co-curricular activities throughout their time at DB Scholars.

Ramsey High School in New Jersey boasts an expansive 35-acre campus offering rigorous academics at both Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors levels, in addition to encouraging participation in extracurricular activities and clubs. Students at Ramsey are accepted into many of the nation’s premier colleges and universities and make lasting contributions to their families, communities, and churches.

Salesian technical institutes provide young people from around the globe an unforgettable opportunity to gain new skills and build a solid career foundation. These institutes focus on teaching academic subjects like science, math, history, and literature, as well as providing hands-on practical training in electricity and mechanics.

Father Antonio de Groot established this community center in Tzacaniha, South Kivu’s remotest region, which had few resources or services available to its residents. By meeting immediate needs while working towards long-term solutions to poverty and hunger, Father de Groot successfully created what today remains known as the Don Bosco Center, providing education, healthcare services, employment services, and employment to this population.

On August 26th, 2023, members and officers of DBTPPA-DBYC Batch ’82, led by their President Jose Saturnino Ronald Somera, presented their sponsorship check to Don Bosco Tarlac Rector Fr. Jerry Santos as part of their dedication ceremony. Holden Sembrano and Treasurer Joel Andrew S Viray also attended.

Don Bosco Technical Institute

Don Bosco Prep goes beyond providing students with a world-class education by creating an environment conducive to holistic development. They encourage participation in extracurricular activities and leadership programs, which help shape well-rounded individuals; additionally, internship programs give students invaluable industry connections and hands-on experience.

Don Bosco Technical Institute is a lifeline for Guatemalan youth living below the poverty line, who were previously denied formal schooling beyond sixth grade due to expensive transportation costs, but this initiative has proven successful, showing youth are eager and ready to learn.

At Don Bosco Technical Institute, students receive a quality education that is both academically rigorous and technology-focused, drawing young men from diverse religious, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. Their President’s Fund ensures they can access quality instruction regardless of financial circumstances; additionally, alumni donations fill any shortfall between tuition payments and expenses that may exist.

Salesian missionaries opened the Don Bosco Center in Bukavu, in eastern DRC, in 2014. Since then, it has become a center for youth to study or work daily. Offering education and training programs such as bricklaying and carpentry.

Don Bosco Prep athletes have been recognized nationally for their academic and athletic accomplishments. Don Bosco Prep track and field athletes have achieved top-10 finishes at Nike Outdoor Nationals and medaled in national shuttle hurdle relay competitions and javelin throw competitions; additionally, their football team has won multiple state titles and is currently ranked number one nationally.

Don Bosco Technical Institute not only offers academic and vocational training programs, but its campus also hosts various events throughout the year – such as career fairs and graduation. Furthermore, Don Bosco Technical Institute’s career development services assist students with finding employment and navigating workplace environments.