How the Little Kite Learned to Fly


A young kite took heart from seeing its big counterpart soar freely across the sky and mustered enough courage to rise towards it and tremblingly shake loose for flight.

Katherine Pyle’s poem offers children an insightful way to teach them about being brave and taking risks when faced with fear.

What was the little kite afraid of?

The little kite was afraid to fly high into the sky due to his fear that he would fall. While observing other kites’ ability to rise high in flight, he felt intimidated to attempt his journey. Although his big kite tried encouraging him, his little counterpart still felt afraid that they might end up falling.

The giant kite flew away, leaving him to gather some courage before joining it in its flight through the air. Soon enough, he could see far below and the boys as small spots moving about down; birds and clouds joined their journey with peaceful serenity in tow.

As the kite soared through the air, he felt pleased and proud that he had accomplished a challenging task, even though he initially felt terrified of flight. He hoped one day to join its ranks as other kites flew gracefully overhead.

The giant kite wanted the little kite to try flying because he knew that, without trying, they wouldn’t learn. While at first, the little one doubted itself of having what it takes, his counterpart assured him it was possible. A tiny kite quickly rose in the air and released itself for flight – its first attempt proved successful and soon became a master flier. Katherine Pyle, an American artist and children’s author, created this poem to teach kids about being brave when trying something new, even when scared. It is an effective way of conveying this message without being too preachy or heavy-handed while remaining entertaining and captivating for young readers – perfect for helping children understand why being brave matters!

What sight stirred the little kite’s paper?

The little kite was initially afraid to fly high into the sky because it thought that it might fall. However, after being encouraged by its big kite counterpart and told it that without trying, it would never learn to fly properly, the little one decided to give it a go and sail with both kites side by side towards the skies where he could see far below ground and small spots of boys moving round on it all at once.

Once, however, the little kite became bolder and started flying by itself through the air. Its wings trembled and shook as it rose higher into the sky, eventually reaching birds and clouds and finally joining forces with its larger cousin in sailing alongside one another to the delight of everyone present. And what’s more? They felt proud knowing they had flown as high as one another!

Katherine Pyle wrote the poem, How The Little Kite Learned To Fly, in order to teach children to be brave enough and try new experiences, even when it may feel scary. Additionally, it shows children that hard work pays off – this lesson provides excellent tools for success in adulthood! Katherine Pyle’s words give the children valuable lessons!

How did the little kite feel when he sailed up in the sky?

The little kite felt happy, proud, and excited as it floated with the big kite in the sky. At first, he was frightened by what he saw around him, but he gradually gained confidence as time progressed and rose higher up into the air. When looking down, he saw boys like small dots moving around on the ground below, with only birds and clouds present for company.

The sight of the large kite flying free in the tranquil sky was enough to stir a small one’s paper, yet encouraging its flight was of no avail; thus, he gave up and bid farewell. But seeing him leave, the small one mustered courage and shook loose of his paper to take flight tremblingly before slowly spiraling upward into the air with steady momentum.

Sailing alongside his more giant kite, he looked down on the ground below to see tiny spots moving around like moving rocks – boys. At first, frightened but eventually becoming braver, he shook himself to prepare for flight before beginning its upward spiraling whirl. Looking up into the beautiful blue and white skies made him proud that he had finally learned to fly.

The giant kite wanted the small kite to fly, but he was scared it wouldn’t work and would collapse. To encourage his partner’s efforts and increase learning potential, the giant kite told them it was vital that they try since only then would they gain any benefit from doing it. So they listened, took advice, shook themselves loose from the flight, and became skilled flyers themselves, soon becoming companions with beautiful sky views as an unforgettable experience was had together with both kites. One day, while flying away in another direction, they saw another kite coming towards them; smiling, they waved as it fled away back toward its larger companion, who smiled before waving goodbye as it flew away again.

Who were the little kite’s companions up in the sky?

The little kite was nervous to fly up in the sky as he thought that he might crash to earth. Upon hearing that from his companion big kite, he wouldn’t, the little one became more confident and prepared himself for flight. While sailing through the air, he noticed some boys on the ground who looked like tiny dots moving around, as well as birds and clouds being his companions overhead.

The giant kite encouraged the little kite to try flying for himself as, without trying, it would never learn. At first, he was afraid of failing but eventually gained courage and began flying independently with no support from either kite. Over time, though, they learned each other how to fly successfully. The giant kite was encouraged, eventually teaching both young kites how to fly successfully!

After some time, the little kite learned how to fly effectively and could fly at any distance in the sky. He felt proud of his success, having not given up, and finally succeeded at something. He thanked Big Kite for their assistance and support.

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