Why It’s Important to Please Leave My House


A practical introduction paragraph draws readers into your essay by setting the scene and clearly motivating its topic or question; this is especially crucial in longer pieces where your audience might not already be acquainted with its subject matter.

The Characters

Houses where someone doesn’t want you inside can quickly turn into nightmares if they have the urge to touch everything they come across (similar to when peanut-allergic kids bite into their PB cup every couple of weeks to see what will happen). If they continue refusing to leave after being asked multiple times to exit, it might be prudent to use stock phrases that might get them out more quickly.

One common strategy is to say, “Will you please leave?” which can be delivered either politely or more urgently. For added cruelty, try stuffing them in closets, bathrooms, refrigerators, or any other hiding places such as closets.

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