Three Pump House Heaters That Are Energy Efficient and Quiet


Heat pumps harness energy from both air and ground sources, even during freezing temperatures, using minimal electricity from renewable sources and producing far fewer greenhouse emissions than conventional systems.

Utility heaters from the USA are an excellent way to prevent mechanical equipment such as valves and pumps from freezing in pump houses and control rooms, ensuring 24-hour protection with easy setup, maintenance-free protection, no time wasted in form, and no worries over reliability.

CPHH Utility Heater

This unit is ideal for workshop projects, garage and basement warming, and providing fan-only warmth. Equipped with low (750 Watts), high (1,500 Watts), and fan-only options – in addition to power indicator and overheat protection features – it features everything you need for comfortable temperatures in no time at all!

Easily transport it around the home with its convenient carrying handle, and it won’t become hot to the touch – making it safe for children or pets nearby while in use. Plus, it overheats, and tip-over protection will shut it off if it becomes too hot to handle or accidentally bumped by accidents!

These heaters offer easy installation thanks to bottom, rear, or end access, as well as left/right wire insertion capability. Plus, they’re UL-listed and feature durable front covers to add safety and ensure long-term performance. With lengths from 28 inches up to 10 feet available and pre-wired junction boxes on both ends for seamless integration, these heaters make installation quick and straightforward!

U Series Utility Heater

If you want a pump house heater that’s energy efficient and quiet, check out the U Series. With 1,500W of heat output and fan-only mode for those warmer days when air circulation is essential, this space heater features both a programmable thermostat and remote control for added convenience – plus automatic shutoff should it overheat – making this an excellent addition for homes with kids or pets!

Though small in size, this product proved surprisingly decisive and quickly warmed our test room. Ideal for smaller spaces or just looking to keep the cold at bay without breaking the bank, ETL listed and featuring an easy-to-read digital display with a timer feature makes this heater an excellent value at less than $40.

This model offers an impressive variety of temperature settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius, along with a rotary dial to select two distinct heating modes — low heat and high heat — via its remote control and tip switch. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an auto-shutoff feature should it lose contact with the floor or be overtipped.

A programmable thermostat and remote control provide convenient remote adjustments of settings from a distance, while eco-mode prioritizes energy conservation and an on/off timer sets when and how long it runs. It is backed by a three-year warranty and designed with overheat protection and tip-over switch safety features.

This utility heater is ideal for healthy houses, tool sheds, and relay stations–where pipes and machinery may be vulnerable to freezing during the winter. With its heavy-duty construction featuring corrosion-resistant powder coating, making it suitable for harsh outdoor conditions; 120V power supply ensures plug-and-play use; wall mount for added security and versatility; a built-in alarm that signals low battery levels as well as ETL certification, this unit makes an excellent addition to protecting equipment in winter while still being easily moved when necessary. It operates without wiring complications either, so it doesn’t require complex setup procedures when plugging it all together for use during wintertime if needed!

UX Utility Heater

The UX Utility heater from Angi is an infrared model that employs electromagnetic waves to heat a space, with enough heating capacity for areas up to 1,000 square feet. Additionally, this model comes equipped with an easy-to-use thermostat, which enables users to set a specific temperature setting while helping save energy consumption. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with a removable dust filter and features a flat surface, making cleaning hassle-free.

This product comes in multiple colors and boasts an elegant, compact design that blends in well with most decors. Its compact size makes it suitable for small spaces or offices. Additionally, its remote control is easy to use and comes equipped with a timer function so you can set when the unit should turn on and off; furthermore, it comes equipped with both high and low settings for quicker heating up of rooms as well as more economical operation.

A power indicator light informs you that the heater is operational and powered. However, according to its product manual, this heater should be kept three feet from flammable objects and water exposure. Furthermore, should it become too hot to touch or expose itself to water sources, it will shut off automatically and become unsafe to use – thus, it should only be used in well-ventilated spaces such as living rooms rather than bedrooms or bathrooms.

The UX Utility heater can also serve as an air cooler in warmer climates and features an excellent fan mode that works efficiently. This fan pulls air from behind the unit, passes it over the ceramic heating element, and pushes out heated air through its front outlet. On high settings (1550W), rooms can be heated quickly, while low settings use only 900W to warm rooms more slowly. In either location, there is also an effective tip-over switch that turns off the heater if it tilts too far – providing additional safety measures when children or pets may be present.

PXFT Utility Heater

The PXFT utility heater stands out as being small, affordable, and user-friendly. With an adjustable thermostat that lets you set exact temperatures to suit any room or space in need of heating, the PXFT utility heater makes for an excellent choice in smaller areas with lower heating needs than in larger spaces. Plus, it comes equipped with an easy-carrying handle, making its transport between rooms effortless!

One major drawback of this heater is that it lacks built-in safety features. That means you should exercise extreme caution when placing it, as any misstep could knock it over and spark a fire. While that might not be an issue for most people, it should still be kept in mind.

You can use this heater with either kerosene or propane, though be sure to follow the manufacturer’s fueling instructions to avoid any accidents. Furthermore, never store either fuel at home as this could release toxic fumes into the room, potentially leading to an explosion if they ignite.

This heater is intended for installation into a control enclosure or pump house. While rated for indoor use, it may also be suitable for use outdoors if there is an appropriate GFCI outlet nearby. Furthermore, this device can even act as power for electric pumps; plus, it’s an ideal way of protecting farm machinery and equipment against freezing conditions.

No matter the application or environment, our selection of heaters offers options that will meet any need imaginable. All were put through rigorous tests in The Lab by our product testers and came thoroughly recommended by us!

We wish you the best of luck in finding the ideal heater to keep your home warm this winter! Should any questions arise, feel free to reach out. Our team of experts would be more than happy to assist via phone, email, or live chat on our website.