Whale Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Cheek Hurts


Whale jokes abound – find one that speaks to your soul! There are various options out there!

Two whales are swimming together when they see a boat that belonged to one that killed his father. He asks the female whale for assistance, and she agrees.

1. What do you call a whale that’s good with the ladies?

Humpback whales are popular with women.

Two whales were swimming together when they noticed a ship approaching from behind them. The male whale recognized this ship as one that had killed his father years earlier and suggested to the female that they swim under it and blow out its air holes, making the ship flip over and sink. She agreed, and they proceeded accordingly.

If you want to weigh your whale, bring it into a whale-weigh station. If a whale wishes to become a musician, joining its band may be possible; otherwise, try telling it a krill joke and watch its reaction!

2. What do you call a whale that’s good with the boys?

Whale jokes are surefire ways to make children giggle – the perfect present for any kid!

There are many species of whales, with blue whales being the most well-known. Their size makes them such that if laid end-to-end on a basketball court, they would cover it entirely.

Whales are marine creatures that feed on both fish and ships for sustenance, making them familiar in all oceans, though Pacific waters tend to host the most incredible abundance.

3. What do you call a whale that’s good with the girls?

Many fascinating aspects of whales make them fascinating creatures, such as how they provide milk for their babies, have multiple stomachs, and use sound communication with each other. But did you know they can also make great companions for women? In fact, some whales have even earned themselves their very own Facebook pages!

Are you looking for an entertaining way to bring some ocean-inspired humor into the conversation with your friends? Check out these whale puns – guaranteed to leave them gasping with laughter!

What do you call a group of whale musicians? A flop-pod. Whales enjoy chewing blubber gum. Why did the whale cross the ocean? To reach its other side. What is the difference between a marine biologist and a dog? One tags whales while one wags its tail.

4. What do you call a whale that’s good with the boys?

There are many hilarious whale jokes, from those about krill-o-grams and blubbering to being head over fin in love with someone. Additionally, there are more provocative ones, like one about a male whale and his female partner promising that she will help take revenge against a whaling vessel that killed their father by going beneath a boat filled with humans and blowing through their blowholes – giving him plenty of comic relief!

There are plenty of hilarious whale puns sure to get you laughing out loud, such as ones involving one with bad posture, eating pepper, or playing instruments – they will have you rolling in laughter! So sit back and enjoy these hilarious whale jokes – they may make you feel like an ocean creature yourself!

5. What do you call a whale that’s good with the girls?

Are You Searching for Whale Puns? Look No Further! These hilarious whale jokes will have you laughing out loud! From Calf to Krill, these whale puns will leave you cracking up!

Have you heard the tale of the whale that got married? It was quite an impressive event. Why did these two whales decide to get together? Because they fell deeply in love.

6. What do you call a whale that’s good with the boys?

Are you in search of whale jokes sure to leave your children laughing like a school of fish? Look no further – this clean whale humor will have them laughing until their cheeks hurt!

One male whale asks his girlfriend for help in taking revenge against a whaling vessel that killed his father. She agrees, so together, they swim beneath a ship and use their blowholes to blast through and blow into its sails, sending it flying and breaking up in pieces on its side. At first, she thinks her boyfriend has resolved everything for them, only later to discover she has become vulnerable to an unexpected and well-planned attack from others.

10. What do you call a whale that’s good with the boys?

Sperm whales are known for being friendly towards male whales. These whales tend to spend much of their time playing around.

Whale of Fortune is a whale’s go-to TV show for game shows that require them to guess the correct answer. They especially enjoy this program!

One whale’s father was killed by a fishing boat. As such, his son asks his girlfriend to help him seek revenge; she agrees, and they swim under one boat together before blowing air under it and flipping it.

As whales make jokes so naturally, telling jokes and puns should come quickly! Have an absolute whale of a time telling these whale-inspired jokes and puns. Be sure to share these humorous whale puns with friends for maximum laughter! Until next time – Happy Humpday (or whenever!)! -Katy