Valentine’s Day Tattoos


If your birthday falls in February, getting a vibrant violet flower tattoo might be perfect to represent love, peace and humility as well as royalty and spirituality. Violet flowers symbolize these concepts beautifully!

January’s birth flower is the snowdrop, an elegant emblem of rebirth and new beginnings. An ideal design would include using watercolor in its design.


Violets make an attractive choice for those who wish to showcase the vibrant beauty of nature through tattoo art, with their distinct flower bloom and meanings associated with modesty, humility and reverence for nature.

An elegant violet flower tattoo on their wrist is a simple yet soothing choice for those born in February. It can also be combined with other elements such as vines, birds or names for added meaning and visual interest.

Tattoos featuring snowdrops and carnations, the birth flowers for those born in January. Snowdrops represent transition from winter to spring while carnations convey feelings of love and affection. October-borns can choose between poppy and marigold blooms which often signify passion or courage respectively, or exotic asters which represent protection, patience and love as their beautiful tattoo choices.


If you were born in February, the carnation flower may make an ideal birth flower tattoo choice. This beautiful bloom symbolises love, fascination and distinction which could serve as an accurate reflection of your unique character traits.

Violets are another popular choice for February flower tattoos as they symbolize love, faith, and trust. Coming in various colors they look stunning regardless of style; plus you can combine them with other symbols like hearts, angels, or wings for even greater meaning in your design.

People born in October are associated with chrysanthemum and marigold flowers, which can be used to honor and celebrate your family, while they symbolize resilience, beauty, resiliency and beauty. Meanwhile, poppy flowers symbolize desire – especially when used to consume drugs – but also serve as reminders of death and oblivion.


Iris is the ideal flower to represent love and adoration and is therefore perfect as February’s birth flower. Additionally, its vibrant hue and distinctive shape makes it the ideal design choice for tattooing both men and women, offering minimalist yet beautiful pieces that symbolize meaning in addition to beauty.

Tattooing an iris on either your wrist or forearm, and in any color (black, gray, red) of your choice can create an exquisite design. Add details like birds and grapes for added elegance!

March-born individuals typically celebrate their birth flower as the daffodil or narcissus, representing new beginnings, joy and rebirth. It’s often depicted in black with vibrant yellow or white for an eye-catching display, making this ideal for shoulder or forearm tattoos that can easily be shown off.


Primrose flowers are one of the first signs of spring, symbolizing renewal and new beginnings. Renowned for their vibrant colors and delicate petals, primroses have long been considered a flower representing love and admiration; therefore making a primrose tattoo the perfect way to show yours and someone special’s appreciation for one another.

Iris tattoos are another popular February birth flower design. Symbolizing love, hope, faith, and friendship; the iris tattoo can be inked in several colors to highlight its elegance or with a minimal design that emphasizes its grace.

A daffodil is an exquisite option for your February birthday flower tattoo. As a symbol of renewal and new beginnings, this flower often features with other blooms such as daisies and tulips to form one beautiful design. Get one on either arm or shoulder for maximum impact.


The Larkspur flower symbolizes love and devotion; it represents affection and new beginnings as well as being associated with gentle and thoughtful people – qualities often associated with being humble people who possess good hearts.

This tattoo features an elegant yet simple design with light hues of blue and pink, featuring intricate leaf and petal details on a flower with black outline and some line shading.

If you were born in February, this tattoo could be just what’s needed! It looks beautiful on either shoulder or wrist and serves as a delicate reminder of all that love you share with family. Plus, the flowers symbolize nature’s beauty!


January babies often associate the chrysanthemum as a symbol of purity and renewal, making it the perfect subject matter for tattooing in cool colors such as blue and purple, creating stunning watercolor style designs. Furthermore, it makes an excellent small and delicate choice of tattoo.

A chrysanthemum and skull tattoo is an exquisite design that symbolizes life and death, popular among women who appreciate feminine placements and juxtaposed motifs.

If you were born in November, consider getting a chrysanthemum birth flower tattoo as it represents honesty and integrity – making it an excellent way to show those special to you that you care. A skilled artist can craft intricate chrysanthemum designs that appear hand painted directly onto the skin; this tattoo would look wonderful on hips or upper thighs.