Flower Cookie Cutters From Pastry Tek


Add flowers to your baked goods for an extra pop of colour! With Pastry Tek’s set of flower cookie cutters, adding blooms is easier than ever – from cookies and cupcakes to other tasty treats with floral accents! Each metal cutter resembles a daisy bloom and comes with graduated sizes that fit together conveniently for storage purposes.

Size and Shape

Cookie cutters are tools used for cutting shapes out of dough. They may also be used for molding, shaping and forming other foods like biscuits, meat patties and pancakes. Cookie cutters may be made out of tin, copper or plastic and feature detailed imprints or simple cuts for plain cuts – this makes them great tools to have around for seasonal cookies or special events when decorative patterns are desired. Large batches may require multiple cookie cutters in order to maintain consistency across batches of cookies made.

Metal cookie cutters provide quick and clean cuts through dough to produce uniform shapes quickly and cleanly, making it perfect for baking. Plus, their durability allows for repeated use and cleaning!

This set of six flower shaped cookie cutters comes in different sizes for easy storage and protection. Nestled inside a round tin box for safe keeping.

Made from high-grade tinplate steel, this set of six flower cookie cutters makes an excellent addition to your bakeware arsenal. Ideal for cookie dough, fondant and other foods that require strong, sturdy tools; dishwasher safe allowing for convenient clean-up after every use; perfect for bakery, restaurant or catered event environments alike!


Material choice plays an integral role in the quality of cookie cutters. It determines their durability and how easily they withstand use over time, as well as easiness of cleanup; plastic cutters typically offer greater resistance against corrosion than their metal counterparts that tend to be more fragile.

Stainless steel cookie cutters are lightweight, easy to use, rust-resistant, lightweight, strong enough to cut through thick dough without bending or breaking, making them a smart choice for commercial bakeries and catered events alike. A good set of cookie cutters can enhance any dessert display and add some color pop.

Cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes to coincide with holidays or special events, enabling you to create themed cookies to wow guests at parties or special events. Pumpkin-shaped cutters can become skeletons while hearts become gingerbread men!

Grip cookie cutters are designed in the shape of your desired mold, with a rubber grip at the top to assist pressing down. This reduces hand fatigue while still producing accurate results – this type of cutter is great for bakers working constantly with dough or similar food products that require stretching out.

Easy to Use

Get creative with your pastry with these flower-shaped cookie cutters made of high-grade tinplated steel. Made for quick and neat cutting of doughs and other foods without bending or breaking, they’re easy to clean – ideal for use in restaurants or catered events; hand washing before storing ensures they remain sanitized and ready for their next use!

Metal cutters are an essential addition to any bakery, restaurant or catering business – be it for cutting cookies, cakes or fondant – for adding an eye-catching element to dessert displays and driving impulse sales. Not only that; these versatile tools can also create three-dimensional decorations and personalize baked goods even further!

To maximize the effectiveness of these cookie cutters, the ideal use is with cold dough and flour for cutting fondant or other sticky dough types such as fondant. A dash of corn starch before starting can also be helpful. After each dough cutting session is completed, make sure that after cleaning them off immediately you store them away as soon as you finish cutting your dough so they will remain in excellent condition for future baking projects. For added convenience these flower-shaped cutters come nested inside a round tin box so they’re easier found and saved space saving on storage needs compared with keeping individual cutters out in plain view when necessary!


Store cookie cutters by shape or holiday to make finding what you need easier when baking. Another effective strategy for organizing cookie cutters is storing them alphabetically – this approach works especially well if you regularly bake for particular holidays or events.

Peg boards can also be an efficient and affordable way to store cookie cutters in the kitchen, saving space while saving you money on storage solutions. Simply purchase one at most home improvement stores and add hooks for hanging your cutters from it – this method could also work great for holding onto other items like ice cream toppings, sandwich bags or even collections of mugs!

These flower-shaped cookies will impress your guests and add a festive flair to any dessert presentation. Crafted of high-grade tinplate steel, these cutters cut quickly and cleanly through doughs – ideal for cookies, fresh pasta, biscuits and more! Each set of six cookie cutters comes stored securely within a round tin box for storage and protection.

Williams Sonoma offers the ideal cookie cutters that combine functionality and style – this set features a flower-shaped cutter along with 10 icing bags, a coupler, and 4 decorating tips in copper-colored metal that is sure to complement any kitchen decor.