Top 10 ITI in Arunachal Pradesh



ITIs are centers of technical training institutes, and these colleges play an essential role in the skill development of the youth of Arunachal Pradesh. Many ITI colleges in Arunachal Pradesh teach their students everything they need to know to get a job by giving them hands-on training and a work-oriented education.

Moreover, colleges in Arunachal Pradesh provide practical training through the vocational courses they offer in various trades, such as electricians, fitters, Mechanics, welders, plumbers, etc.

So from the list of numerous ITI colleges in Arunachal Pradesh, some of the top ITI colleges will be discussed in this register.

The list of the top 10 ITI colleges in Arunachal Pradesh is given below-

S.N.Name of the ITI LocationDistrictType of ITI
1Government Industrial Training Institute, TabarijoTabarijo P.O.& P.S. Daporijo,UPPER SUBANSIRIGovt.
2Government Industrial Training Institute, DirangPO/PS-DirangWEST KAMENGGovt.
3Government Industrial Training Institute, YupiaP.O & P.S. YupiaPAPUM PAREGovt.
4Pvt. Industrial Training Institute- PITIR, RottungP.O & P.S. RottungEast SiangPvt.
5Government ITI, SagaleeGovernment ITI (Women) SagaleePAPUM PAREGovt.
6Government Industrial Training Institute, RoingP.O & P.S. RoingLOWER DIBANG VALLEYGovt.
7Govt. Industrial Training Institute- GITIY, YupiaP.O. & P.S. YupiaPapum PareGovt.
8Government ITI Manipolyang (Ziro)Government ITI Manipolyang (Ziro)LOWER SUBANSIRIGovt.
9Pvt. Industrial Training Institute- PITI, RottungP.O. & P.S. RottungEast SiangPvt.
10Government Industrial Training Institute, Balinong(Miao)P.O & P.S. NamchickCHANGLANGGovt.


So the importance of the above top ITI colleges in Arunachal Pradesh is immense. Through training, these colleges help reduce the skill gap in the state by creating a skilled workforce.

So choose your preferred college from the list of top ITI colleges, become an experienced, skilled worker, and build your employment.

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