The Hammer – A Symbol of Strength


The hammer has long been seen as a symbol of power, used for carpentry, blacksmithing, warfare, and flags and heraldry.

After being thrown by a child and hit by Red Skull, Mjolnir reverted to its rightful owner – Captain America from Hydra picked it up, using his formidable powers to beat Hydra member Red Skull.

The Story

Mjolnir is the legendary weapon of Thor, God of Thunder. This unique tool can conjure weather elements like lightning and hurl objects across space and time. Not only is Mjolnir an offensive and defensive weapon, but its owner gains special abilities that match its power – Mjolnir holds special meaning throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe; only Thor can wield this magical item.

Thor’s hammer is imbued with magical properties to only allow those deemed worthy to lift it, determined by heart and goodness. As such, Captain America acquired Mjolnir in JLA/Avengers, even though technically not The Captain.

Mjolnir was created when Odin’s adopted son Loki cut off Sif’s hair as part of an innocent joke, forcing Eitri, the dwarfess, into making something even more precious than what Loki already owned – such as rings or golden boar spears he already held – as punishment. Eitri created Mjolnir as their gift.

Hela first used Mjolnir for offensive use against Surtur and his fire demon minions on Jotunheim; later, after Odin died and Thor realized the weapon belonged to him all along, Mjolnir was made his weapon of choice for use against Frost Giants on Jotunheim and Surtur. Later, it is revealed that this hammer belonged to Hela originally; after her demise, Thor finally realizes this was meant for him all along.

As of late, Mjolnir’s storyline has been altered in numerous ways. A popular explanation suggests that Mjolnir was actually made to empower an Asgardian goddess named Skadi before being passed along to those worthy of unleashing fear, such as Hulk, Juggernaut, Thing, Absorbing Man, and Grey Gargoyle.

Mjolnir was last seen in action during Avengers: Age of Ultron and lifted by Vision from Asgard, making many gasps in amazement at its apparent effortless lifting ability – likely thanks to Vision’s connection to Loki’s scepter which contained one of Loki’s Infinity Stones. This scene caused many laugh-out-loud moments, with many being stunned that Vision could even lift it effortlessly! Many speculated this might have been possible thanks to Vision’s power connected to an Infinity Stone found within Loki’s scepter, such Asgardian Infinity Stone that enabled Vision to assimilate quickly as he did so effortlessly, lifting Mjolnir again!

The Characters

Mjolnir is an impressive Asgardian hammer that can serve multiple functions: offensive, defensive, and projectile weapons; controlling weather patterns – including lightning; creating weather patterns through forecasts – and being used as a weather machine. Enchanted by Odin, former King of Asgard, its use requires its wielder to possess certain qualities to lift it successfully.

Mjolnir, one of the iconic weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been held by various members of The Avengers – most notably Thor. However, Mjolnir has also been lifted by characters outside The Avengers; an unforgettable example being when Captain America lifted Mjolnir to protect Thor during a battle against Grog and Demons of Death; it was an emotional scene that demonstrated just how potency this weapon truly is.

Bill Bidwell from Ulikan was another non-Avenger to take hold of Mjolnir during a fight between Thor and himself in Journey into Mystery #83 (1962). Following an initial struggle between them, Thor relinquished it to him, after which Bill assumed the persona of Donald Blake – later receiving another equally powerful weapon called Stormbreaker before giving back Mjolnir to Thor.

DC characters such as Batman have never lifted Mjolnir. That could change in Thor: Ragnarok when we meet his cyber clone, who may prove worthy enough to pick it up and carry it.

Various characters have attempted to obtain Mjolnir and gain its powers in comics. One notable attempt was by Dr. Doom during Ragnarok when he found himself trapped inside hell; from within its portal, he managed to obtain Mjolnir but failed to gain its abilities.

Jane Foster also attempted to lift Mjolnir as part of her cancer battle; unfortunately, her attempts were insufficient for Thor’s power. Later that year, during the JLA/Avengers event in 2017, however, Superman took up Mjolnir while Krona defeated Thor; this monumental moment showed just how powerful Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield combined can be.

The Setting

Hammers are versatile tools for pounding nails, shaping metal components, dismantling wood, or driving spikes. While any hammer may do the job, there are different specialized types designed for specific jobs that need doing. Selecting an ideal one requires paying attention to physics; generally speaking, heavier hammers deliver greater force, though, at some point, their weight prevents them from being used effectively for that task.

Completing the appropriate tool for a task may prove impossible and even result in injury. When selecting a hammer, consider how often and your strength level. If it will be part of a regular regiment, opt for something lighter to prevent overloading your arms with weight, and check its handle thickness – make sure it is wide at the base so your hands can grip it securely.

The hammer has long been used as a symbol of power and authority; Nazis employed it to terrorize their victims; Pink Floyd sang of its use during “Hammer to a Nail,” serving as an allegory for political oppression; its use presided over meetings or court proceedings was another powerful gesture; when used against persons with disabilities or children, it can cause significant pain, disfigurement and scarring which may require extensive medical intervention to repair.

The Artwork

The hammer has long been seen as a universally iconic symbol of strength, depicted most famously in American folklore by John Henry as his symbol. Hammers can also be used to build things such as house walls. Additionally, it serves as a signifying justice in legislative and judicial proceedings and even features the Workers’ Party of Singapore logo, demonstrating civic nationalism and social democracy ideologies.

Black Hammer: Reborn features artwork by Caitlin Yarsky, Dave Stewart, Malachi Ward, and Matt Sheean, in addition to writer/co-creator Jeff Lemire. The series takes place 20 years post-Age of Doom events.

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