How I Obtained a Mythic Item in World of Warcraft Chapter 49


Norse mythology’s world tree, Yggdrasil, unexpectedly appeared on Earth and caused some champions to gain strength quickly.

Riot will follow specific steps to ensure Mythic Items do not become overpoweringly dominant.

Thjalfi’s Thunder Steps

The protagonist enters a dungeon and acquires an invaluable mythic item, using which they can disable and copy other’s magic, quickly becoming more robust as he gains access to better training facilities, mighty hunters, alchemists, and funds that provide access to better training facilities, alchemists and money that give him an unfair edge against his opponents.

Thor is one of the Aesir of all gods, known for being the god of thunder and lightning. A fearless fighter, Thor wields Mjolnir to defend against all threats to Aesir. In addition to Mjolnir, he wears iron gloves known as Jarngreipr and Megingjord, which further increase his power. Thor stands as one of the strongest Aesir.

Prose Edda tells several tales about Norse gods, including how Thjalfi and Roskva first became Thor’s servants. In “Gylfaginning” (The Deluding of Gylfi) from Prose Edda, Thor and his companions Loki and Thjalfi travel through Jotunheimr in search of food bags to carry. When Skrymir offers to transport it for them while sleeping, he ties it so tightly even Thor himself cannot open it – Thor attacks it with his hammer, but then as he leaves, the trickster god Loki leaps at him as he exits, leaping upon him while leaving and bit him under his neck significantly weakening him considerably.

As soon as they arrive at Utgarda-Loki’s stronghold, he mocks them for being so puny, telling them they must compete in various competitions and prove themselves worthy if they want to spend the night there. Loki volunteers to go first in one against Logi, yet he loses three times out of four.

After an unsuccessful drinking contest with Hugi, Utgarda-Loki challenges Thor to another foot race where the clay giant should win, yet again losing. Finally, Utgarda-Loki challenges Utgarda-Loki, who then competes against Utgarda-Loki. In it, he loses.

Odin’s Eyes

Odin, the god of war and Lord of Asgard keeps tabs on everything with help from Huginn and Muninn, two ravens who fly around recording events and then return to Odin’s shoulders with their findings. Contrary to popular belief, these ravens do not act as spies but were initially human children sacrificed by their parents and later captured by Raven Keeper (a being related to Odin) before eventually becoming spectral ravens.

Odin may possess the power to shapeshift and understand runic magic, yet he has never regressed his missing eye. No specific explanation was given; perhaps doing so would violate their pact or invalidate any wisdom gained through sacrifice.

One of the Eddas details how Odin approached Mimir for water from her Well of Wisdom and offered him his Eye as payment. While it remains unclear if Mimir specifically requested it or accepted it as payment for drinking from Mimir’s well, an eye would undoubtedly make an impressive drinking vessel, thus making this sacrifice meaningfully meaningful.

Jaehyun finds solace in Goliath’s presence – his father sent him as an extra layer of protection – who helps change history for him and his mother. Unfortunately, raider killers attack their guild and steal away Goliath’s Eye before raider killers arrive and assassinate it – only for Jaehyun to return as Goliath comes to help protect both.

Odin’s Eye is a practical item that provides champions with numerous advantages. It can increase winners’ damage, armor, shield stats, movement speed, and utility buffs. Healer supports such as Sona with Ardent Censor can use this mythic item to gain bonus magic damage and healing, with increased reload speed and attack damage, making it great to use during team fights.

Surtr’s Undying Flames

Surtr is an imposing giant deity associated with war and destruction who acts as the patron deity of fire giants and is linked with Ragnarok, or the end of the world. One of Annam’s Children who exhibits lawful characteristics but also possesses some evil ones such as order, regimentation, and an affinity for fire forging, Surtr also encourages his followers to live rigid militaristic lives as he teaches them how to obey orders from those more powerful than themselves and therefore creates tension within Stronmaus’ pantheon as relations become less friendly between Surtr and Hiatea pantheon and Surtr’s pantheon relations become so tenuous.

Surtr is similar to Laduguer, the duergar god, in that both have organized and taught their followers similar metalworking techniques. But while Laduguer and the duergar take great pleasure from their labors and the beauty of their creations, Surtr and his fire giants bring genuine joy from both design and its end product.

Although relations between members of different pantheons and Istishia’s flame lord tend to be tenuous, Kossuth has allowed his followers to utilize elements from his realm for forging processes requiring temperatures exceeding those achieved in Muspellheimr’s flames – further exacerbating Istishia and his followers’ dislike of any being with such strong associations with fire.

Musphelheim, where Surtr’s shrine can be found, is protected by a fiery sword with an almost bent tip – an item once wielded by Helgi, whom Odin later killed during their fight in Asgard against Loki.

This weapon can be obtained by completing the “Endurance Challenge” in Musphelheim’s Crucible and dropped by bosses across Musphelheim. Once upgraded, its damage increases to 225 and grants bonuses in Strength, Armor, and Health stats; additionally, it adds a unique outfit and weapon into any hero’s arsenal when they complete this challenge.


Norse mythology describes Svartalfheim, or Dwarven Realm, as the ninth of the Nine Realms. Here, the Dwarves reside and store their treasures – although the inhabitants don’t fit most people’s definition of Dwarf. Instead, they are known as Svartalfar or dark elves. Craftsmen among them have made many fantastic items belonging to Thor and Fenrir, such as their weapons and chains; they are also responsible for poisoning soil by using forges to make food production impossible for people outside Svartalfheim itself – leaving many inhabitants unable to grow food.

Though not as frequently found in Norse mythology as other gods and creatures, dwarves can still be found in stories like Volsunga Saga or Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda, where they were described as inky black craftspeople capable of creating the most robust chains in existence for binding Loki’s monstrous son Fenrir and hanging Helheim from World Tree and Odin from Sleipnir respectively.

Sindri advises Kratos and Atreus upon their arrival in Svartalfheim that they seek out Durlin at the tavern as soon as they can as she warns that the wetlands outside can be treacherous with channels and geysers, suggesting that Durlin could provide valuable insight into All-Father plans for Ragnarok.

Kratos and Atreus decided to take the risk, heading out into the wetlands, where they quickly found themselves trapped by an impassible wheel, which they managed to turn with the Leviathan Axe. Although their path became blocked briefly, eventually, they managed to make it across successfully and resume their quest.

This quest should be relatively straightforward and provide you with new gear. In addition to that, completing it marks another exploration of your Nine Realms in Bloom list; once completed, you can return and finish them all for additional collectibles!