Learning Ladder Academy


Learning Ladder Academy provides children a safe and nurturing environment while their teachers guide them through curriculum-based educational activities. This home daycare facility in Dayton makes an excellent choice for families searching for childcare solutions; they also offer meals and incursions!

Maintaining competitive staff salaries has proven challenging for the center, which must also contend with increasing fees.

Play is Learning

Learning Ladder recognizes play as a critical aspect of child development and offers programs tailored specifically for infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age care. Their programs blend planned themes and emergent lessons into hands-on environments designed to promote exploration and discovery – providing a balanced learning experience supporting curiosity and growth for children aged six weeks through twelve.

Scheduling a product demo is the easiest way to understand how Learning Ladders can assist your school or organization, giving you a firsthand view of its functionality and how it could add value. These free demos can be scheduled at a time that works for you.

Learning Ladders was established by Matt and Sarah Mercer in 2013. The innovative solution provides teachers, parents, and pupils home learning support. Its user-friendly platform allows educators to easily upload PDF documents, worksheets, or links and share them instantly with parents, helping reduce workload, increase attainment, and boost parental engagement simultaneously.

Employees at this company enjoy competitive salaries and exceptional benefits, offering management and teacher aide positions, among others. In addition, tuition reimbursement for qualified employees is offered; its educational services also include after-school and summer camp programs.

Healthy Meals

Learning Ladder Academy understands that providing your child with a nutritious diet is integral to their well-being, so our menu features fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and poultry, and plenty of fresh water for our students to consume daily.

Integrating more natural fare into your child’s diet will improve body, behavior, and brain power. Lecithin from raw fruits and vegetables (such as peanuts) may help improve memory, while potassium provides energy support and brain power enhancement; Omega-3 oils help promote cardiovascular wellness.

Parents must send their child(ren) a complete lunch each day while attending our program, with an afternoon snack provided as part of our services. Children with food allergies must present documentation from a physician before being allowed into our center.

Before starting each school day, please inform staff of any absences or schedule changes for your child. All students must be accompanied by their parents or another authorized adult when dropping off and picking up at class. A sign-in/out sheet is posted for each classroom, while an electronic record is kept of all individuals authorized to pick up your child from there onward.

Operating a quality childcare center is expensive. Payroll costs and finding qualified staff members to fill open positions add up fast, so we charge for days when your child misses attendance due to illness, Scout activities, lessons or appointments, or other events.

Healthy Environment

At Learning Ladder Academy, children have a safe, healthy environment to learn and grow. This includes clean classrooms with ample seating capacity, nutritional meals, snacks provided throughout the day, and friendly staff that helps create an exceptional experience for both their parents and themselves.

Incursions offer children a fantastic way to gain new experiences and advance their learning! Be it through organized activities or fun-filled attacks such as our African Drumming incursion, these incursions help create a diverse learning community and allow the children to understand other cultures.

Rates include breakfast and two snacks daily; parents are responsible for providing bag lunches. We are open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6 pm, and a Holiday Closing Schedule will be posted, informing parents of which days we will be closed during the year.

Participants will use sound judgment and be respectful towards fellow participants and staff members while treating all facilities and equipment with care and responsibility. Any participant violating these terms will be expelled without refund; participants who bring electronic devices must keep them silent during instructional times and accept sole responsibility for their safety and security.

Licensed & Insured

At Learning Ladder Academy, children feel safe and secure in an inclusive and supportive environment that allows them to achieve goals and meet challenges through play. At our academy, sport is seen as essential in child development – we prioritize space, encouraging our youngsters to build, create, pretend, explore, and solve problems while making new friends and experiencing sensational adventures!

Learning Ladder staff members are fully licensed through state child care licensing processes and dedicated to providing your child with top-quality care.

Learning Ladder reserves the right to dismiss your participant from our program immediately should any staff observe behavior that violates its Code of Conduct without refund. You understand this is an essential consideration for both you and your participant and is grounded on national research regarding formal ECE education and high-quality environments.

Learning Ladder offers movies and computer games rated PG or PG-13 at their discretion, as determined by staff. Furthermore, parents will provide a list of medications their child may need while at Learning Ladder; any remaining medicine will be dispersed as instructed and disposed of following each session.