Ladies Fancy Dress Ideas


As the song goes, “Girls just wanna have fun,” and our selection of ladies’ fancy dress ideas can help! Take on classic Abba or Madonna styles with ease with our wide range of women’s fancy dress ideas.

Bring out your inner bad girl with this cheerleader gone bad costume – perfect for large groups, too!

Super Mario

Super Mario is an icon from video gaming history who has long ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom, and his presence is now more fabulous than ever, thanks to a blockbuster movie and new generations of Nintendo gamers. Shigeru Miyamoto’s iconic plumber will no doubt stand out at any party when you show up dressed as him! You will undoubtedly get noticed if you choose this character as your Halloween costume choice!

For an alternative take on the classic Super Mario story, dress as Princess Peach. No longer a helpless princess, Princess Peach now fights Bowser in Super Smash Bros and speeds past competitors in Mario Kart!

Dress as Luigi for an adorable gender-bending couple costume! We carry both Mario and Princess Peach costumes for children so everyone in your family can join in the theme with ease! This pink version of Princess Peach includes both dress and crown, available from sizes 3-4 years to 8-9 years.


Crayons may be beloved toys of childhood playtime, but their history as art objects goes back millennia. Made up of pigment and wax combined to form something truly revolutionary – the word “crayon” first emerged in 1644 through French translation of craie (chalk) and Creta (Earth), though their combination dates all the way back to Paleolithic painting when hot beeswax was used to adhere color pigment to stone surfaces.

The story of crayons as we know them is one of irritation and discontent. A young boy named Duncan carelessly colors without considering the consequences. Red begins protesting its use as Duncan’s favorite hue with letters to complain that being one has its share of weariness; Pink laments being perceived as girly-colored, while Yellow expresses displeasure at being limited to coloring roasted turkeys and shafts of wheat.

Ladies can get in on the action of crayon-making with an entertaining costume inspired by this colorful tale. Express their inner artist by wearing vibrant dresses or going for chick flick flair by donning Jessica Rabbit attire featuring a red dress with purple gloves and a pointed hat. Alternatively, Hogwarts-inspired looks may include outfits featuring Minerva McGonagall robes; bright colors in these costumes will definitely draw the eye this Halloween.

Darth Vader

Are You a Star Wars Fan? Dress as Darth Vader for Halloween! This women’s version of Darth Vader features an all-black body-hugging jumpsuit featuring molded armor, cape, belt, mask, hood, and gloves that are sure to be the hit of any Star Wars-themed party or event! With officially licensed Darth Vader costumes such as this one available worldwide.

At first sight, something about him made you shudder as he sat regally on his throne room chair, watching Mustafar burn across the horizon. Perhaps it was his imposing frame and dark cloak or how effortlessly powerful and gentle at once he seemed – perhaps both were simultaneously attractive? Whatever it was, something about him made you take notice; you were immediately intrigued; as soon as his gaze met yours, it captivated both parties equally, but his powerful status meant you couldn’t ever possess him as quickly. You were immediately intrigued but knew there would never be enough chance for either party as they could never have him forever!

If you’re planning on dressing as Darth Vader for Halloween or another event, there are numerous costumes and accessories available to help you get into character. Costumes explicitly sized for kids make this idea fun for families as a group costume idea! For those less interested in full costumes, there are adorable Darth Vader fingerless gloves and masks, which add an element of darkness without wearing a complete outfit. And finally, there’s even a pet Darth Vader costume available if you imagine your pup or cat joining his ranks as part of the Imperial ranks!


Use our ladies’ TV, film & music fancy dress costumes & outfits to become any character from television, movies, and music! Recreate Scooby Doo’s Daphne or Sandy from Grease; unleash your dark side in villain attire, or perform on stage with some music – our selection has it all. Recreate Scooby Doo’s Daphne or Sandy from Grease with our range of villain attire; go Hogwarts wearing Minerva McGonagall robes or become Madonna with some funky wigs and shoes!


Skeleton costumes are timeless classics that never go out of style. Dress up like a skeleton princess, cowboy, or any other character by adding layers of bones. If you feel ambitious enough, sewing your bodysuit might even be possible; otherwise, check out one of our store-bought options or sew a DIY one yourself – there are even options for super spooky masks and face paint, too!

If you’re in search of something a bit different for Halloween this year, take a look at our Dia De Los Muertos costumes. These exquisite Mexican celebrations honoring deceased ancestors with colorful images depicting death alongside flowers and bright hues make these an engaging alternative skeleton costume idea that allows your child to explore its deeper significance in terms of remembering those who have passed on and its traditions of remembering those we have lost. Not only is Dia De Los Muertos an appealing take on Halloween-related traditions, but this costume allows your child an opportunity to discuss its significance when discussing its meaning alongside its traditions associated with remembering those we have lost in life itself.

At Party Pieces, we offer a wide variety of women’s skeleton costumes and accessories, featuring both black-and-white styles as well as colorful and glow-in-the-dark options for Halloween celebrations. They’re an excellent way to scare up some fun this Halloween!