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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life and contributions of world-famous photographer Corky Lee, whose photography captured the diversity of the Asian-Pacific American community. This article teaches about early life, education, and assistance.

To celebrate the US Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, today’s Google doodle celebrates the life and brilliance that the American photographer, activist, and journalist brought into the world. Let’s get started by knowing more about him.

Who was Corky Lee? 

Corky Lee was a photographer and activist who focused on documenting and celebrating the experiences and contributions of Asian Americans. His photography reflected the variation of the Asian-Pacific American community, which was often overlooked by mainstream media. In his honor, this day was called ‘Corky Lee Day’ in 1988. Lee’s work was driven by his commitment to social justice & desire to challenge stereotypes and promote greater visibility and representation for Asian Americans.

Corky Lee: Early life

Born on 5-9-1947 in Queens, New York City, Lee was the second child of Lee Yin Chuck & Jung See Lee, both immigrants from China. His father was a laundry business owner and a soldier in World War II, and his mother worked as a seamstress. He also had an older sister and three younger brothers. Other personal details about his life are mentioned in the table below:

BirthdaySeptember 5, 1947 
BirthplaceQueens, New York City, USA
Death day27th January 2021
Place of deathQueens, New York City, USA
OccupationActivist, Community Organizer, Journalist and Photographer

Corky Lee: Education and career

While studying in school, Corky learned about the transcontinental railroad in social studies class. Also, he saw a photograph of the railroad’s completion but noticed that thousands of Chinese laborers who helped build the railroad were not represented in the picture. This incident inspired him to learn photography. He started learning photography by borrowing cameras to practice. Later, he attended Queens College to study history. 

After completing his education, Lee worked as a freelance photographer, covering events in the Asian American community and other communities of color. He often volunteered his services to non-profit organizations and community groups, using his photography to raise awareness about social issues and document the struggles and triumphs of marginalized communities.

Corky Lee Age:

Corky Lee was born on September 1947 in Queens, New York City, U.S.and his age as of 2021 was 73 years. If you want to know more about Corky Lee’s Wiki and age, read this article. 

Corky Lee Height:

Corky Lee’s height was 5 Feet and 6 Inches. Corky Lee’s Height in centimeters was 170 Cm, and her Height of Corky Lee in meters was 1.70m. If you find information about Corky Lee Wiki interesting, then keep reading this page for unique information about Corky Lee.

Corky Lee’s Net Worth:

Corky Lee earned a lot of money quickly, which helped him grow in popularity. Corky Lee has a net worth of USD 7 Million. According to Famous Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Corky Lee in 2021 is around $7 Million, which is equivalent to 57,55,75,000 in Indian Rupees. If you want to know about Corky Lee Wiki, keep reading this article to learn about the Wife of Corky Lee. 

Corky Lee Brother And Sister:

Corky Lee had an older sister (Fees) and three younger brothers (John, James, and Richard).

Corky Lee’s Parents:

Corky Lee’s parents are Lee Yin Chuck and Jung See Lee. His father worked in a laundry and was a World War II soldier. His mother worked as a seamstress. The identity and profession of the parents of Corky Lee are yet to be revealed. It is below if you want more information or their social media accounts.

Corky Lee: Awards

1993Photographer-Artist-in-Residence Award, Syracuse University
1993Special Recognition Award and Asian American Journalists Association 
2002New York Press Association Award
2002Artist-In-Residence, NY University’s Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program & Institute
2008Pioneer Award, Organization of Chinese Americans
2009Susan Ahn Award for Civil Rights & Social Justice for Asian 
2014UC Regents Lecturer, University of California, Luskin School of Public Affairs Urban Planning Department, & Los Angeles Asian American Studies Center and Department

The legend lives on.

Throughout Lee’s life, his photographs appeared in recognized publications like Time Magazine, The New York Times, and The New York Post. He has won numerous awards honoring his work. Also, he often visited the Promontory Summit in Utah to recreate the photograph taken during the transcontinental railroad’s completion.

To bring to life an overlooked portion of American history, he once again invited several of the families of the Chinese laborers who were missing in the 1869 photograph. The documentary based on Lee’s life called ‘Photographic Justice: The Corky Lee Story’ celebrates his legacy to date.


What kind of photography did Corky Lee specialize in?

Corky Lee Was Known For His Documentary Photography, Particularly Of The Asian American Community. He Captured The Experiences And Contributions Of Asian Americans, As Well As The Social Issues Affecting Their Communities.

What was the reason for his death?

Corky Lee Passed Away On 27-1-2021, Due To Complications From COVID-19.

What is the legacy that Lee left behind?

Corky Lee Made A Significant Contribution To Asian American Representation Through His Photography. His Work Helped To Elevate The Voices Of Marginalized Communities And Challenged Stereotypes And Misconceptions About Asian Americans.

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