Why You Should Choose a Plumber With a License to Connect Plumbing to Your Home


Your home contains an intricate network of pipes that bring water in and drain wastewater out, but sometimes, these systems need repair due to mishaps during initial installation or wear and tear over time.

Couplings connect pipes of equal diameter. Their shapes may resemble either the letter T or bell shapes, and you can also use a reducing tee for connecting smaller pipes to larger ones.

We’re licensed

Hire an unlicensed plumber at your peril; not only could the money you spend be wasted on improper or illegal work, but property damage could occur as well. Furthermore, many homeowner’s policies won’t cover damages done by unlicensed contractors regardless of how it happened.

To be granted a license as a plumber, one must demonstrate two years (4,000 hours) of hands-on experience in installing, maintaining, servicing, and repairing plumbing systems. Furthermore, they must pass both technical as well as business/law exams.

Finding out whether a plumber is licensed is easy using Angi’s contractor licensing tool. Furthermore, professional and legitimate plumbers often belong to trade organizations; you can effortlessly search online for “plumber’s association” or similar terms to locate these groups. WSSC Water provides validation services but does not endorse these certified firms.