What is Learning Land?


Your initial thought on learning land may be outdoor education; however, this is only one perspective of its concept.

Indigenous land-based education entails developing relationships and understanding how knowledge originates in and arises from the land while challenging colonization’s binaries and duality. It is complex.

Our Mission

Learning Land’s mission is to offer online education with modern technology, spur people’s curiosity in learning, and reduce educational costs. We aim to provide quality educational programs and facilitate research on languages, cultures, and the ramifications of social, political, economic, and technological change – we also promote community building through cultural exchanges, study abroad programs, and service off campus and internationally.

Learning Land is a privately owned early childhood service operated by its licensee/owner with assistance from a center manager. The center does not register as a religious entity and does not discriminate on any basis related to race, color, religion (creed), sex, gender expression, national or ethnic origin (ancestry), disability, or sexual orientation – a full disclosure report can be requested on request. Quality Assurance NZ regularly inspects childcare services and preschools to ensure they comply with regulatory standards.

Our Goals

At Learning Land, we aim to create a warm and secure environment where parents and their children feel at home. We offer an engaging, hands-on learning program tailored to the children’s developmental needs without regard to race, color, religion (creed), national or ethnic origin (ancestry), gender, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

At Our Family Montessori, we believe children learn best when engaged and excited, so our programs include developmentally appropriate arts, music, language, humanities, social studies, and history activities.

Indigenous scholarship, through “land-as-pedagogy,” affirms that learning about and from nature is possible and vital to one’s social, cultural, ethical, and spiritual well-being. This perspective compels educators to place people’s relationships with their environment at the core of all learning activities irrespective of academic subject; curricula and pedagogy need to change around the world about place-based education.

Our Staff

Our center’s teachers and support workers are experienced professionals trained in child development who specialize in working with young children. Together with the center manager, these team members oversee the day-to-day operations of our service.

Learning Lands puts culture at the core of education. Offering award-winning games and activities that encourage harmony through diversity while remaining engaging for students and teachers, Learning Lands helps promote cultural cohesion within classrooms while maintaining its educational value.

Learning Land provides children with meals and snacks that adhere to the nutritional requirements outlined by the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), run by the United States Department of Agriculture. Please click the Food Program tab above for more information about our meal programs. Our outdoor environment features an expansive enclosed playground featuring eco-friendly commercial play equipment and a unique soft grass surface that meets ASTM and IPEMA standards.

Our Facilities

Learning Land features spacious classrooms and an outdoor play area with state-of-the-art facilities. Children enjoy structured programs in a hands-on learning environment tailored to their needs, creating an inclusive, safe, nurturing space for them and their families. There’s even an eco-friendly commercial playground equipped with eco-friendly play equipment and an innovative soft grass surface meeting ASTM and IPEMA specifications – making Learning Land a nut-free facility!

Our early childhood service is small, with one licensee/owner supported by one center manager, and fully licensed and registered as early childhood services by ERO in 2020. They met most regulatory standards during that inspection.