Learning the Hard Way Chapter 1 – Il JinNYEO TUTORING – Book Review


Learning the Hard Way Chapter 1 Welcome to ILJINNYEO TUTORING manga, one of the most beloved comic series featuring Comedy, Romance, Mature, and Adult genres written by over 20 authors.

Girls at school victimized Jinhoo, and he has worked to shed his past as an outcast by becoming an established tutor with his students and even finding love.

Yeonwoo’s brother disappeared years ago. He’s devastated to learn of his death. He’s given a pocket watch and knows there’s more to his brother’s death: he was betrayed while competing in the Tower of the Sun God.

Yeonwoo’s brother Hyung disappeared while competing in the Tower of the Sun God competition and was listed among its top 20 participants when he suddenly died from within.

As time passed, Yeonwoo became increasingly preoccupied with his brother’s demise and engaged in various ways to ascertain what had occurred.

He even wore a mask to conceal his identity, making it more difficult for anyone to pinpoint who or what he was. Yeonwoo was eventually accused of torturing and killing several descendants from the dragon race as revenge for one descendant seeking vengeance on him.

Yeonwoo’s primary flaw lies in his trusting nature. He blindly trusted his allies, only for them to take advantage of him in power struggles and betrayals from those he trusted most – leading him down an unfortunate path of betrayals from friends turned enemies. Additionally, his greed caused him to maximize gains from every battle, whether against low-level monsters or powerful clans (sometimes even going so far as stealing from Gods or High-Level Demons).

Yeonwoo knew he must seek revenge against those who betrayed him when he learned of Hyung’s death in the tower competition, so he entered it once more to take revenge on those responsible. For this, however, he required proper equipment and knowledge – to do this, he needed the pocket watch left by Hyung for him, which told him that to see him again, they needed to follow in his footsteps and ascend as high as they could in the tower itself.

Yeonwoo’s newest tutee is his ex-bully, Yejin!

Learning the Hard Way Is Drama, Ecchi, and Romance. College life can be full of freedom, learning, and, let’s be honest here, sex! Jiho was thrilled when her best friend Woohee let her see and touch her perfectly-shaped breasts; once feeling drawn to them though, Jiho couldn’t stop touching them – not knowing whether her hormones might put her in harm’s way – not with Yeonwoo also developing feelings for Woohee as well!

Jinhoo has done his best to put behind him his painful past as an outcast in high school, yet when given a pocket watch and discovering that his brother’s death wasn’t just accidental, he realizes he may need to take matters into his own hands and fight for what’s right.

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Yeonwoo’s new tutee is his ex-bully Yejin!

Bullied by girls during high school, Jinhoo attempts to put his past behind him – until he gets assigned as a tutor for new college freshmen – only to discover that one of them – his former bully Yejin! – he is his new tutee! She wants to learn everything about him, including how to handle his body!

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