Top 10 Car Brands in Japan



The automotive industry is an ever-growing market with colossal revenue generation and economic progress for a country. When we talk about the top 10 car brands in Japan, we often consider various aspects of car companies that deal with manufacturing and design as well as the development and production of automobiles.

In this article, we will be looking at the best car brands and top luxury car brands in Japan so that you can have a bird’s eye view of the current scenario and will be able to gauge the future of the automotive industry in the coming eras.

Below are the top 10 car brands in Japan-

1. Toyota

In the field of best manufacturing cars, Toyota has been holding up first place for a long time. This company has been manufacturing cars for over 80 years & right now it’s considered the best selling car company in the world.

Along with its stylish appearance, it has a unique approach to ensure safety. According to consumer reports of annual ranking in reliability, Toyota scores 78 out of 100. Popular Toyota models like- 4Runner, Highlander, Tundra, and Tacoma consistently scored 4s or 5s out of 5 in consumer reports. 

The overall rating of this brand is 89.6%. At this moment, Toyota Prius is called the most reliable among Toyota cars. Some other trustworthy Toyota brands are- Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, 4Runner, Sienna, etc. Thus, this is among the top brand car companies.

2. Subaru

Subaru is one of the best affordable and reliable Japanese car brands you should not miss. In C.R., This brand dropped from seventh to eighth place in 2019 because of the model “Ascent.”

The overall rating goes down to 57. But the other five Subaru models (Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Legacy, Impreza) have very satisfying ratings according to C.R.’s & owner satisfaction survey results. Crosstrek & Forester have the best reliability score of 78 & 77. Also, Subaru took 18th out of 36 on the dependability scale awarded by Reliability Index. “Which?” also ranked them in 18th place. As for the 2022 Subaru Ascent, we need to see if they can overcome the problems detected by

Subaru brand defines its slogan of confidence in motion. This is one of the best-selling car brands among top Japanese cars. Another unknown fact is that FujiHeavy  (the parent company of Subaru) is currently in partnership with Toyota Motor Company.

3. Nissan

Over the years, this company gained popularity and rewards for its authenticity. They are the largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Based on examined data of all Nissan models, the Reliability Index has put Nissan in 9th place among 32 car brands.

A recent Telegraph Survey 2017 gave Nissan 10th place as the most reliable car. Nissan Murano is the most dependable midsize SUV. According to the “Cheatsheet” report, Nissan models can reach 195,593 miles before zero value, & they rated this company highly.

Nissan also has an overall reliability rating of 52.7%. Though its overall rating is not higher than other manufacturers, they are progressing slowly to reach the highest ranking.

Nissan has been living through the decade, and they have given us some iconic vehicles. It’s one of the best car manufacturers in the world because it focuses on innovation and, most importantly, customer experience. The secret behind their success is comfort, stylishness, and luxuriousness.

4. Mazda

Mazda is also a reliable Japanese car brand that even over ranked popular companies like “Toyota” & “Lexus.” Mazda took the top position of most reliable car brands in an updated list of consumer reports. Mazda got an overall 83 score from C.R.’s.

In 2019 Mazda placed 19th in their dependability ratings from “MotorEasy.” On the Reliability Index Chart, Mazda has an impressive score of 65 & appears in the 5th place chart. Regarding the non-engine electrical issues, faults ranged from 1.79% for transmission to 16.82% for the engine. 

After reviewing different models of this brand, “Which?” refers to Mazda as a reliable manufacturer, in the list of all Japanese cars, Mazda is a multinational automaker.

5. Lexus

As Toyota took the image of the most reliable Japanese car brand, no wonder its sister company “Lexus” would also catch the reviewers’ eyes for its portability.

We could have heard in so many years that Toyota is launching luxury car brands, but do we know Lexus is the most selling luxury car among them? The top-selling brands are sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, and LX570, the best Japanese cars in the world. An Important thing to note is ‘only professionals were allowed to design Lexus.’ This tops the list of American car brands.

6. Honda

Honda is another best manufacturer among the Japanese car brands. Honda’s brand reliability from different models is above average from Repair Pal. It gave Honda a 4 out of 5 rating, which put Honda at No. 1 among 31 others for overall reliability.

This year Honda got the Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Value Brand” award. In 2013, Honda ranked first by “Warranty Direct” for engine reliability. Currently, Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. Honda is also among the top brand car companies, with annual revenue of 60 dollars.

7. Suzuki

This is one of the most famous Japanese car brands. Suzuki is in the top ten list if you check the decade’s most reliable or dependability polls.

Some of these automakers’ rankings based on various surveys are 2nd in 2015 by “WhatCar,” winning 4th in 2017 in “WhatCar,” Independent Survey & J. D. Power U.K. Vehicle Dependability Survey. Also, it won the 2nd & 3rd positions in J.D. Power U.K. Vehicle Dependability Survey in 2016 & 2015. AutoExpress ranked Suzuki average of ⅘ reliability.

Here are a few things that will make you trust Suzuki. Suzuki is the best-selling brand among the top Japanese cars because it’s mid-sized, lightweight, more importantly, affordable, and family-friendly. Suzuki is The best Japanese car manufacturer, which is still a memorable one, and notably, Japan is known for inventing small cars. If you notice, there are Red and Blue colors in the logo.

8. Mitsubishi

The updated model of Mitsubishi, with an overall reliable rating of 90.8%, amazes viewers. With excellent dynamics & stylish exterior & interior design is ranked among the top ten from the bottom.

They were reported as unreliable companies by C.R.s in 2016. However, they are now listed as reliable manufacturers after they caught 7th place in the 2017 J.D. Power Dependability Survey. 

Many of these models have low ratings, but their top-selling cars, like- Outlander, the Mirage, Eclipse Cross & Outlander sports, are extremely good with affordability, reliability & fuel economy.

Mitsubishi is among the best car companies in Japan. The headquarters is in Tokyo, ranking sixth among the Japanese car manufacturers. In 1870, the company name was Mitsubishi Shokai, which means” three diamonds”; now you can see these three diamonds in their logo. Though it had sold fewer cars, it remains the 8th best-selling car among the best Japanese car brands.

9. Daihatsu

Daihatsu is a Japanese manufacturer of compact cars and off-road vehicles. Since 1907, Daihatsu has provided reliable and affordable vehicles to customers worldwide. Fuel efficiency and practicality make Daihatsu models popular for urban driving and navigating narrow city streets. In addition to developing electric and hybrid cars, the company is committed to sustainable mobility solutions.

Daihatsu offers Several compact cars, including the Terios and Sirion and the rugged and versatile Taft. The compact size and reliable performance of Daihatsu vehicles make them a convenient and economical choice for transportation.

Daihatsu is of the widely recognized products among top Japanese car brands. The different top-selling brands of Daihatsu are Mira, Move, Tanto, Mebius, and Copen, the best Japanese car brands.

10. Isuzu

Isuzu is a Japanese automaker known for its robust and reliable vehicles. Since 1916, Isuzu has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, and diesel engines. However, The company ensures the car’s durability, which makes vehicles popular in various industries worldwide.

Isuzu trucks are renowned for their powerful engines, excellent fuel efficiency, and versatility, making them ideal for transportation and delivery. Additionally, Isuzu’s extensive lineup includes a range of models designed to cater to different needs, from light-duty trucks to heavy-duty haulers. Isuzu remains a trusted brand in the automotive industry.

This company is based on a Commercial vehicle and Diesel engine manufacturing company, and this company is headquartered in Tokyo. The principal activity of Isuzu is production, marketing, and sales. It is one of the top brands among the best Japanese brands.


The top Japanese car brands listed here are some of the most durable. These are the brands to consider if you’re looking for a car that will last you for years. So these are the top & reliable Japanese car companies that have been earning a reputation for manufacturing the leading vehicles.

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