The Best Romance Audiobooks


The best romance audiobooks make you laugh aloud while tugging at your emotions. These stories boast excellent narrators who bring characters to life!

Troy, a hockey player who chooses to remain hidden due to homophobic taunts, meets Harris, who’s out and proud. Over time, their friendship turns into love in this delightful romantic comedy!

Unscripted by Joel Leslie & John Solo

Gideon may initially appear gruff, but underneath his surface lies an extraordinarily kind and generous spirit. He’s kind to Eli and deeply protective of Milo – although not initially the most endearing character; as Gideon discovers himself more fully, his more attractive qualities are revealed and become highly entertaining to listen to.

This story of a boy finding himself and love was truly captivating! I loved watching how their personalities evolved as their relationship progressed and how they helped each other overcome challenges they encountered along their paths to happiness. A delightful, heart-wrenching romance with incredible representation by both narrators made for an enjoyable listening experience!

The second book in the Unscripted series continues where its predecessor left off, as Quell continues his battle against depression but finds solace with Hale as they explore all he thought he knew about himself while filming intimate scenes that feel more real than anything he has done previously. Joel Leslie and John Solo provide superb narration for this fantastic MM Romance story.

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Femme Like Her by Mari Lee

Look no further if you’re searching for an enjoyable, low-angst F/F romance. Makeda and Tara share incredible chemistry, bringing their characters alive; Angela Dawe’s narration adds even more dimension!

This Contemporary Romance features an Ice Queen who unexpectedly meets her counterpart: Sam works at a prestigious boarding school where she has the daunting task of tutoring the new headmistress despite being her anonymous one-night-stand! A hilarious yet charming story with great characters, Abby Craden shows her fantastic range of voices in this book!

This historical romance features an engaging protagonist who stands out from the pack. While not as sexualized, Morag Sims brings these two women alive!

The Love Study by Pete Cross

Audiobooks offer an immersive reading experience. Narrators play an essential part in romance audiobooks, bringing their emotions alive on the page while making you feel as if you are right there in the action! Narrators in these audiobooks offer humorous dialogue, interesting characters, and intense drama – keeping listeners hooked throughout!

No matter your taste in audiobooks, this selection has something for you. Whether steamy romance, charming comedy, or emotional family tales – these books provide something for every mood and situation! Perfect for car commutes, chores, and before-bedtime listening sessions (with voice actors that will keep your blood pumping!) These audiobooks feature hilarious narrators that will have you laughing out loud and leaving with warm fuzzy feelings in no time!

Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is an indispensable listen for any romance fanatic. In it, Lara Jean writes heartrending letters to her crushes as their lives spiral out of control – Rebecca Lowman and Sunil Malhotra bring each character alive through their voices, perfectly narrating this timeless classic!

Sweet Talk by Lidia Dornet & Chris Brinkley

If you enjoy romantic comedies, this audiobook is sure to please. Chris Brinkley and Lidia Dornet’s dynamic narration brings the story alive; their voices fit seamlessly with those of the two protagonists (he has an authentic New York accent while she exudes self-deprecation while remaining smart).

This sequel to Call Me Maybe and Audie’s finalist Call Me Maybe follows Eliot, Vera’s brother. One night, he accidentally texts an unknown woman, and they form an intense and romantic connection despite not knowing each other well; Eliot often refers to her by her initial letters when calling out or texting.

This adult trans-M/M Romance has all of the heart. A great Audible Original, its narration perfectly captures the relationship and tension between characters, while its audio production includes minor sound effects to complete the listening experience.

Spoiler Alert by Isabelle Ruther

Isabelle Ruther narrates this engaging online romance between April Whittier, a fan of Gods of the Gates who writes fan fiction featuring Aeneus and Lavinea onscreen, and Marcus Castor-Rupp (Aeneus in real life and April’s longtime online companion and beta reader). Ruther perfectly captures April’s sparky personality while depicting Marcus’s reluctance to disclose his true identity to her.

Alyssa Cole’s historical novella is necessary for romance lovers with an underlying social issue. Set during the Harlem Renaissance, this tale of a female cabaret owner and an immigrant seeking freedom serves as an engaging romance and an essential call to action for voting rights equality.

Single Parent by Emily Woo Zeller

Emily Woo Zeller is an award-winning audiobook narrator, having won AudioFile’s Golden Voice competition. Additionally, she’s an actor and singer with extensive experience specializing in character voices and commercial ones for commercial work, eLearning programs, and narration of books written about immigrant experiences.

She can be heard voicing Panam Palmer in CD Projekt Red’s 2020 videogame Cyberpunk 2077, as well as Doctor Aphra in Star Wars canon. Her versatility makes her an excellent performer who can bring any tale alive through voice, accents, and body language.

Her portrayal of Sana Starros stands out in this audio drama, as she masterfully captures her progression from studious to tender to cold and distant. Zeller and Sana’s relationship is at the core of this tale; their interactions are profoundly moving scenes that bring home the drama.

Every actor excelled in making their characters come alive during this audio drama; Euan Morton made an unforgettable impression as Palpatine; Carol Monda excelled as Maz Kanata and Jonathan Davis brought Boba Fett alive by making him more than an inanimate object. Finally, their castmates work wonderfully together, creating an unrivaled audio drama experience!

The Library Book by Sean Crisden

Audiobooks make romance accessible and enjoyable by immersing readers directly into the tale, where narrators’ voices serve as mouths for characters while conveying emotions written into the text – creating an experience similar to hearing someone tell their story in person. Our top narrators make timeless tales that stay with listeners long after turning the final page.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell remains one of the world’s classic novels and timeless romantic tales, winning the Pulitzer Prize for Literature as it remains timeless today.

This novel is an epic romantic drama. Joshua and Lucy, two workmates who initially detest each other, begin an infamous competition to see who can arrange the worst dates; soon after, however, they fall for each other! Narrated by an exceptional duo that brings this tale to life.