The Best Pool Table Brands


If you’re shopping for a pool table, choose one from a renowned manufacturer like Olhausen, Valley, Eastpoint Sports, or Empire USA, which produces top-of-the-line tables at competitive prices. Olhausen makes excellent tables, while these companies also provide fantastic offers.

Olhausen tables are highly esteemed among pool players. While they cost approximately $8,000 or more, their investment will prove worthwhile.


Brunswick Pool Tables is one of the world’s leading brands, known for producing durable yet timeless pool tables with excellent playability that are affordable yet widely popular among players of all levels. Their tables offer top value.

Mettawa, Illinois-based Brunswick Balke Collender Company has been in business for over a century – having begun as the Brunswick Balke Collender Company in 1890 and currently employing more than 19,000 people globally. They specialize in distributing, developing, producing, and selling billiards products and sports equipment and boast a long list of notable customers, such as Abraham Lincoln, amongst many others.

Mizerak pool tables are another famous brand available at general stores for less than $500. Although their quality may not be the best, these reliable tables make an affordable solution. Mizerak models make excellent budget picks.

Olhausen and Plank and Hide are two premium pool table brands available on the market; their tables are constructed using only premium materials, boasting various designs to fit into any home decor scheme.

Leisure Select’s pool tables cost between $2,000 and $3,000. Their table is an upgrade over those from Mizerak: constructed from solid oak, maple, or ash hardwood and featuring full slate frames; in addition, these pool tables include standard features like claw-and-ball feet and cabriole legs for maximum playability.


A top-of-the-line pool table can become the focal point of any game room and provide your family with an outlet for fun. It should meet all your needs while being visually pleasing and durable – best brands use high-quality materials that will stand the test of time – for years of enjoyable pool playing sessions!

Valley stands out as one of the premier pool table brands due to their coin-operated bar tables, which are both reliable and budget-friendly, making them an excellent option for first-time buyers. Furthermore, Valley also offers stylish models like Augusta for an upgraded experience. Mizerak stands out with their quality construction that can withstand time; moreover, they also provide convertible pool tables, which double as dining tables!

Diamond Billiards is another premier brand, providing professional-quality pool tables that comply with tournament regulations and feature exceptional playability with their 1-inch Dur-A-Bond surfaces. In addition, they also offer an entry-level home table called Paragon that represents excellent value.

Playcraft is another top-rated billiards brand that produces pool tables designed for your home. Their tables can add beauty and character to any game room, coming in various styles and colors to suit any decor – they even make outdoor use possible with features like ball return that make playing more accessible for players, making these an excellent option for families with young children who may damage traditional models of this game.

Eastpoint Sports

Eastpoint Sports is an industry leader in manufacturing sporting goods and home game equipment, creating popular titles like pool, foosball, air hockey, darts, and ping pong games for today and innovating new ones for tomorrow. They maintain an expansive dealer network, which includes Academy and Walmart as major sellers of their goods.

The company specializes in family-oriented games for people of all ages. Their products include pool tables made in America with world-class craftsmanship that can be purchased for under $4000 – such as their Americana Series Belmont pool table.

Plank & Hide Thomas pool tables are made to add beauty and charm to any room, featuring solid yet rustic-looking materials and double as dining tables when not used as pool tables. Although more costly than Olhausen models, they should be on your radar if you want a top-quality pool table!

When purchasing a pool table, keeping space and budget in mind when selecting is important. A 6-foot table may be more accessible and practical due to not being as heavy as slate tables, thus making them suitable for homes without as much room.

Empire USA

Empire USA offers stylish pool tables at an affordable price point. Their 21-ounce cloth ensures smooth ball-rolling action; without covering up, guests might mistake your table for an elegant dining room table instead of billiards! Their metal frames and solid construction ensure longevity as well.

This company offers several different pool table finishes and colors, so you can select one to complement your home decor. Their tables are easy to move and resurface, making them great for busy households. However, one drawback of choosing this brand may be its limited customization options compared to some others.

Cannon tables stand apart from most other pool table manufacturers by being created to last as long as you do. Their meticulous craftsmanship means they may cost more but offer incredible value for the money. Made of quality materials with solid sub-frames to withstand even vigorous play. Plus, they come complete with lifetime warranties!

The top-rated pool table brands all employ quality materials and adhere to BCA specifications, making them suitable for professional tournaments while remaining cost-effective for home use and recreational players alike. Their Pro Series pool tables are favored at home, while the Portland series includes stylish cherry wood cabinets. Finally, Diamond Table is their premier commercial offering, which meets league regulations while providing exceptional playability.


Harvil Pool Tables are well-renowned for their advanced engineering. Crafted with solid wood construction and 1-inch-thick slate surfaces, Harvil tables come in an assortment of styles that suit any game room decor – for instance, their Augusta model makes an excellent addition to homes featuring modern furniture and contemporary aesthetics.

Olhausen Pool Tables is another highly-recognized brand. With tables designed for professional and amateur players – their Competition Pro tournament table caters to tournament play, while Paragon home tables provide outstanding quality at a reasonable cost. These Olhausen tables use webbed pockets, adding classic style with every shot.

Budget-minded players may wish to consider the Barrington line of pool tables. Available in various sizes and designs, these tables are equipped with cabinet-grade wood, K66 rubber bumpers, and 1-inch-thick slate surfaces and are built upon heavy-duty frames for durability.

If you’re searching for an elegant pool table, look no further than the Plank & Hide Thomas. Not only is this stunning piece an eye-catching centerpiece for any game room, but it can also double up as an impressive dining table! Unfortunately, it costs over $8,000, but this table will impress guests.

Plenty of excellent pool table brands are out there, but your budget must be considered before making a purchase decision. If your budget is tight, we suggest opting for less costly brands such as Mizerak or Leisure Select, as they’re more reasonably priced than many of the models on this list but still represent an upgrade over cheaper models available on the market.