The Best Fennec Loadout For Modern Warfare 2


The Fennec 45 returns to MW2 this season as one of the premier submachine guns, providing increased damage, range, and accuracy while running Fast Hands to ensure an uninterrupted firefight. Use it with Fast Hands enabled to maximize its potential in the game.

The FORGE TAC Ninja barrel delivers improved recoil control, while its Scavenger attachment enables ammo preservation during fierce battles. Ghost as the Ultimate Perk and Quick Fix for health recovery complete this lethal combination.


The Fennec 45 in MW2 excels at close-range combat yet may be lacking when used at longer ranges. Therefore, pairing this SMG with an assault rifle such as the FTAC Siege or X13 Auto pistol to provide additional damage and accuracy is recommended as an ideal complement for its aggressive style while adding damage accuracy to an already deadly setup.

Starting the ideal Fennec loadout in MW2 begins with the Overkill perk, allowing players to equip a secondary weapon while keeping their primary intact. Double Time should then be prioritized – increasing sprint speed and hip fire accuracy is essential when enemies rush into rooms quickly; Ghost adds stealth capabilities while decreasing mid-range recoil and inaccuracy of your Fennec.

Tracker, Double Time, Scavenger, and Fast Hands are effective perk packages for the Fennec. This combination will help players stay alive during chaotic CQB encounters by assisting players to locate enemy players quickly, while Double Time and Scavenger ensure enough ammo for every run-and-gun session. Moreover, Fast Hands improves the reload speed of this SMG, which may pose issues when fighting in tight corridors.

As the Fennec is one of the fastest TTK weapons in MW2, having an arsenal of accessories is essential to maximize its efficiency. A sniper scope will extend its range and damage output, while canted sights make ADS easier at closer ranges. Finally, stim shots enable players to heal themselves quicker when running out of ammunition.

Players should consider purchasing the Schlager ULO-66 laser to upgrade this SMG. It will improve hip-fire accuracy and reload speed while decreasing recoil and muzzle rise. Finally, players are advised to add Stim shot and Semtex as part of a tactical equipment package to extend survival in the field while increasing chances of defeating their enemies more efficiently and growing cases of victory in each game.


When used correctly in Modern Warfare 2, the Fennec 45 becomes an extremely deadly close-quarters killing machine when coupled with appropriate attachments. Despite recent damage reductions, this submachine gun remains a compelling option on small maps such as Farm 18 and Las Almas. With an incredible fire rate and fast TTK rate, its excellent fire rate makes it perfect for close-quarters gunfights and quickly flanking enemies. To maximize its capabilities further, players should equip their Fennec 45 SMG with appropriate loadout Perks and attachments to enable quick-paced playstyle playstyle playstyle playstyle playstyle playstyle playstyle playstyle.

Some top Fennec 45 attachments include Double Time for extended tactical sprinting, Scavenger to provide ammo sustainment, and Fast Hands to speed reloading. When combined, selecting Ghost as your Ultimate Perk and Dead Silence Field Upgrade will help to keep users unnoticed when ambushing enemy targets from behind.

Players are advised to utilize an Agile Assault-7 Stock, Fennec Stippled Grip, and Phase-3 Grip under the barrel to enhance a Fennec’s mobility and recoil control. This combination can significantly increase ADS speed and hip fire accuracy and use the Cronen Mini Pro optic for pinpoint shots.

Gunfights in MW2 often occur at mid-range distances, so players must equip their SMG with accessories that increase their range and accuracy. The Forge TAC Ninja barrel is essential here as it increases range hip fire accuracy while remaining suppressed while pairing well with Fennec Mag 45 Magazine, which boosts ammo capacity and mobility.

The Fennec 45 is an excellent weapon for close-range combat, yet less so at longer-range battles. Therefore, it must be equipped with attachments to improve mobility and firing accuracy across its full-use spectrum. To do so effectively at all ranges, it must have various extensions like sound-suppressing covert force barrels, which offer sound suppression and hip fire accuracy. Phase-3 Grip Underbarrel improves idle stability; this combination will allow players to remain accurate throughout all ranges while having sufficient ammunition when engaging enemies in engagement battles.


Even after its modifications in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, the Fennec 45 remains an accessible pick among SMG weapons. While its range and recoil are subpar, its rapid-fire at close range still helps quickly dispatch enemies during combat.

To turn this weapon into an effective close-combat melt machine, we suggest equipping it with the Fennec Mag 45 magazine, FSS Sharkfin 90 under the barrel, and a Phase-3 grip, significantly enhancing recoil control. A Bruen Pendulum muzzle may also increase stability while decreasing recoil, making every bullet count at close range.

This loadout is best utilized in fast-paced game modes, enabling players to use the Fennec 45 as an assault rifle and flank enemies while taking full advantage of its impressive fire rate. A Scavenger perk should be chosen to ensure enough ammo for each run, while Field Upgrades like Ghost, Dead Silence, and No-Skull Markers are vital for providing stealthy gameplay.

This build focuses on improving Fennec’s weak points – mobility and handling. An Agile Assault-7 stock with Fennec Stippled Rear Grip enhances weapon handling while the FTAC Stock Cap significantly boosts ADS speed; Cronen Mini Pro optic helps nail distant headshots, too!

An essential addition to this build is a Fennec Covert Force barrel, which boosts hip fire accuracy and damage while increasing bullet velocity. However, this comes at the expense of ADS speed, making this SMG a compelling contender in short to medium-range battles.

Flash and Semtex grenades can add an extra punch of lethal damage to this loadout, offering instantaneous kills that flush out campers or rooms that prove resistant. They can also be thrown from a distance to disrupt enemy movements and give you time to take down the enemy.


The Fennec 45 SMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a mighty SMG with one of the fastest time-to-kill (TTK) rates, but for optimal use, you need the appropriate attachments and perk equipment to make it an effective short-to-medium-range killing machine for small multiplayer maps. In this video from YouTuber Hero, we see his perfect Fennec 45 loadout that could serve him well as an all-in-one short to medium-range killing machine for close combat maps.

This best Fennec loadout for MW2 is ideal for fast-paced games like Domination and Hardpoint, where close-range SMGs are devastating weapons with a rapid rate of fire. Attachments and perks in this setup improve ADS speed, accuracy, and damage output; hip recoil control increases, providing players with point-blank gunfights without recoil.

As the Fennec 45 has a relatively low damage profile at range, its users must concentrate on getting headshots when using it. Therefore, this setup includes the Cronen Mini Pro optic, which offers a large field of view to lock onto opponents while providing precise and sharp aim.

Apart from an optic, this Fennec loadout for MW2 features the Agile Assault-7 stock and Fennec Stippled grip to give the weapon maximum speed and stability, as well as the XTEN RR-40 muzzle, which increases sound suppression, bullet velocity, and damage range. Furthermore, Scavenger Perk can quickly refill magazines after each kill for even faster action!

Final touches for an effective Fennec loadout in MW2 include the Double Time Reload perk and Tracker ability, providing more precision and information regarding enemy locations. Furthermore, enhanced Reload allows more magazine capacity on Fennec 45 rifles to ensure you can continue firing upon enemies without delay.

Since its return in Season 4, the Fennec 45 SMG has proven immensely popular, and this Tier Four configuration provides the ideal opportunity to maximize its performance as an all-around run-and-gun SMG in smaller multiplayer maps.