Rumors About the Nintendo Switch 2


Rumors surrounding Nintendo Switch 2 indicate it may retain its hybrid handheld/home console design; however, to reduce costs further, it could potentially use a different type of screen.

Eurogamer reported that Nintendo showcased a tech demo for their console to developers at Gamescom, featuring an upgraded version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.


The Nintendo Switch is now six years old and due for an upgrade. Rumors indicate that its next iteration could feature Nvidia’s Ampere architecture. Nvidia recently updated their GitHub page to include a patent that lends credence to these speculations, explicitly describing a magnetic field for controls as an improvement over plastic circuit boards found on current generation consoles.

As part of its backward compatibility feature, Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console may also support older games – a good sign for those who have invested in previous machines; however, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee it can run current-generation titles or that its power matches PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles.

Rumor has it that Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology will be utilized by Nintendo Switch to increase frame rates without increasing power requirements. DLSS was designed to make graphics appear sharper by using artificial intelligence to adjust video quality – however, it may not provide as powerful an effect as ray tracing technology, which currently does not exist on Nintendo Switch.

Rumor has it that the new Nintendo Switch hardware will feature 12GB of RAM – more than double what was found on its predecessor device – giving it enough memory for higher resolution games and supporting additional features. Furthermore, it could feature an even higher-resolution display than before.

According to sources who spoke with VGC, Nintendo showcased its new hardware at Gamescom for developers and gaming media, including an Unreal Engine 5 Matrix Awakens tech demo that ran on it using DLSS 3.1, thus suggesting it may not be as powerful as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X hardware.

As well as its increased processing power, the new Nintendo Switch should feature enhanced battery life. Although its current battery life isn’t terrible, improvements could undoubtedly be made, and there are many accessories on the market that extend battery life further – however, these could potentially increase the overall costs of the console.


The Switch is a hybrid console that can be played both at home and on the go. First released in 2017, it has since been an incredible success and is widely considered one of the most significant gaming systems of all time, boasting a vast library of games to choose from. Unfortunately, some users have reported experiencing issues with their Switch system; they say it has stopped functioning entirely with an error message “The Software Was Closed Because An Error Occurred.” While this is common across electronics products such as Switch consoles and smartphones alike, fixing it can quickly be done using steps found online or offsite support services.

Some rumors indicate that the next Nintendo Switch may be more potent than its predecessor; others indicate it could actually be less. This comes as something of a shock given that its predecessor was a robust system for its time; perhaps Nintendo has found ways to reduce power usage without compromising gameplay or graphics quality.

According to reports, the new Nintendo Switch will feature an LCD screen instead of OLED as its top-of-the-line model currently does, saving money on production costs and weight. Furthermore, Nvidia DLSS upscaling technology should help improve frame rates while decreasing GPU power requirements; additionally, ray tracing support may further enhance visuals and performance on this console.

Rumor has it that Nintendo will equip its next-gen Switch console with updated Joy-Cons that support styluses – this would make a significant upgrade from their existing system and help to rival Xbox and PlayStation 4, but these rumors should be taken with caution.

Nintendo fans likely already know about their company’s plans for the release of Switch 2. This handheld/home console hybrid will hit shelves sometime between 2024-2025, featuring new designs and more advanced hardware than its predecessor.


Six years into its life cycle, the Nintendo Switch remains an impressive hybrid console – but one with its distinct quirks. It boasts an expansive library of games to choose from and is great to use both at home and when out and about. Unfortunately, though, its graphics capabilities don’t compare as strongly against its counterparts like the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series S and X consoles.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch 2 could provide a significant enhancement in gaming graphics. According to reports, it will feature a high-resolution display and 4K upscaling technology; these upgrades should make it more appealing for gamers looking for an upgrade over its predecessor model.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt, as nothing is definitive until Nintendo itself confirms them; nonetheless, they warrant consideration, particularly since these reports seem to indicate that the new console will likely be significantly more costly than its predecessor and feature two distinct models.

Discord user SoldierDelta recently reported one such rumor, suggesting Nintendo is targeting September 24 as the release date for Switch 2; its internal name would likely be “NG.” He further estimated that its digital-only model would retail for $400 while standard units would go for $449.

In addition to an expected price tag, reports indicate that the Switch 2 will feature a more powerful GPU and larger RAM cache compared to its predecessor. While these improvements should have little bearing on the gameplay experience, they will enable it to keep pace with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles in terms of competitive edge.

Lastly, the Switch 2 will offer storage expansion, which should come as a welcome surprise. While adding microSD cards is easy and affordable for small storage needs, purchasing larger cards could prove expensive but is certainly worthwhile for an enhanced gaming experience with better graphics and performance capabilities.

Nintendo filed a 2021 patent indicating they are working on adding 4K upscaling capabilities to the Switch, potentially convincing existing Switch owners to upgrade to the next-gen console.

Release date

As one of the most beloved consoles ever produced, the Nintendo Switch 2 faces enormous expectations. This device should provide powerful gaming that supports both new and older titles alike; according to reports, it may offer better horsepower than its predecessor and graphics enhancement, yet power consumption must still be managed since this handheld portable is portable handheld. Luckily, reports about Switch 2 are positive.

There are indications that Nintendo could be nearing release with their second Switch console sooner than anticipated. A YouTube video featuring its launch trailer for the original Switch was deleted recently, suggesting they may be gearing up for an announcement soon. It’s not uncommon for them to do this, so this may indicate the Switch 2 is on its way shortly.

Reports state that Nintendo displayed a prototype of its Switch 2 at Gamescom 2023. The demo included an upgraded version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with increased resolution and frame rate; however, this does not necessarily indicate that its graphics power will rival those found in PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X consoles; rather it could use techniques like Nvidia DLSS technology to upscale resolution on weaker hardware.

SoldierDelta, an anonymous leaker identified by WCCFTech, has provided details regarding the forthcoming Switch 2 console. According to SoldierDelta’s information, two editions will be made available, with $449 being the standard edition and $399 as a digital-only model; the codename “NG” was also revealed as part of his report.

Although details about the Switch 2 remain scarce, its price should remain comparable to its predecessor in terms of affordability. Likely using HDMI 2.0 technology, which supports 4K 60fps visuals as well as HDR support, should give this device more vibrant colors. Furthermore, this could become both handheld and home console all-in-one devices, although this has yet to be confirmed.