PAX Unplugged


PAX Unplugged is an annual tabletop gaming convention held in Philadelphia that features board and RPG gaming. There are thought-provoking panels, expansive expo halls, and more; plus, it’s a great place to meet other gamers!

PAX Unplugged stands out from other gaming conventions by moving at a slower and less chaotic pace, yet it is still an immense event requiring careful preparation.

Celebrity Panels

PAX Unplugged is an annual tabletop gaming convention that brings gamers and their families together. Its expo hall showcases the latest releases from both game publishers and independent designers; additionally, it provides panels and autograph sessions for its visitors. PAX Unplugged has proven an enormously popular event over its history, attracting thousands of gamers as well as hundreds of leading game publishers, studios, developers, artists, and other creators, as well as vendors and media serving the gaming industry.

At the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attendees can experience an array of events. It can easily be reached by car and public transportation; those traveling by train can use Jefferson Station or Philadelphia International Airport; there are a few hotels near PAX attendees with discounted room rates available to them.

The convention features numerous panels with prominent industry figures, content creators, and designers from different fields of endeavor. Notable attendees include Dungeons & Dragons YouTubers like Dingo Doodles, Jo Cat, Puffin Forest, and JessJackdaw hosting live Q&A sessions on Saturday as well as watching a live stream of Rivals of Waterdeep season 11 finale on the main stage – events such as this are expected to draw thousands of attendees as well as exhibitors and sponsors from the various fields of endeavor!

Fans attending the show will have an opportunity to test out new tabletop game releases in the expo hall, play on an official dungeon, and visit booths from some of the hottest tabletop gaming companies. Furthermore, guests can listen to speakers on the main stage while participating in the second Tabletop Awards ceremony.

Three-day badges cost $85, while single-day passes cost $40 each. Discounted children’s badges are also available on Sunday. Anyone interested in attending can find more information on PAX’s website.

The organizers of this event have partnered with some of the best local restaurants to offer discounted meals to their guests. Additionally, there’s an expo hall that boasts a food court offering various choices, and after spending all day trying out games, you may want to visit Reading Terminal Market, located only blocks from the convention center, for dinner!


PAX, an annual gaming convention held since 2004, celebrates tabletop gaming culture. Beginning its inaugural run in Seattle, Washington, in 2004, PAX quickly expanded into one of North America’s premier gaming events, eventually expanding to Boston, San Antonio, and Melbourne shows. Organized by ReedPop – Reed Exhibitions’ famous culture division – PAX is well known for focusing on games and their communities.

PAX Unplugged will host activities and events designed to engage gamers of all ages, from board and card games to role-playing and miniatures – something will be available for everyone at PAX Unplugged! Plus, there will be panels by industry experts as well.

At PAX Unplugged this year, there will be several special guests. From voice actors and game designers to content creators and more, PAX Unplugged will host an impressive roster of special guests for attendees to meet and interact with. Some will host panels, while others can be found interacting directly with attendees in the community room.

PAX Unplugged will feature more than just an expo hall; gaming events and tournaments will also take place here. For those eager to try something new, the Learn and Play area offers sessions hosted by industry veterans; Omegathon provides mega-tournaments across various platforms and genres.

Anyone not looking to join in the Omegathon can still participate in Dicebreaker’s Tabletop Awards competition, which recognizes excellence and innovation in tabletop gaming. A panel of judges will score each round, and the winner of this competition will either get an expenses-paid trip to the Tokyo Game Show or receive an AUD 3000 cash prize!

This year’s PAX Unplugged will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, an easily accessible multi-use complex spanning four city blocks. Transportation options make getting there a breeze, and there will be a diverse array of exhibitors, such as small game publishers showcasing their wares – making this event an excellent place to find new games or deals on existing ones!

Exhibitor Showcases

PAX Unplugged is the go-to event for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Boasting an expo hall filled with hundreds of booths offering games from around the world and featuring events and tournaments like Omegathons – there’s something here for every taste at PAX Unplugged!

PAX Unplugged stands out as being less hectic and flashy than other gaming conventions, making it easier to navigate and take in its sights. But for first-timers, it may still seem overwhelming; here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your experience at PAX Unplugged!

Prior to attending the show, it’s advisable to prepare by creating a map of the show floor and planning your route ahead of time. This will ensure you don’t become disoriented and miss any key events. Likewise, bring comfortable footwear and clothing, as you will likely be walking the floor for extended periods. Finally, wear an identification badge so your friends can easily find you.

PAX Unplugged features not only a massive expo hall but also several exhibitor showcases for tabletop designers and publishers. These shows allow small to mid-sized independent game publishers the opportunity to reach a wider audience with their games by participating in Rising Showcase or Workshop categories.

PAX Unplugged’s Expo Hall serves as the event’s centerpiece, covering over five and a half American football fields and featuring 291 exhibitors from 21 different companies and hundreds of tables offering Bring Your Own or Do-It-Yourself gaming 14 hours daily. Open to public visits from Friday to Sunday.

PAX show is an enormous gaming convention that draws tens of thousands of gamers annually, as well as top game developers, publishers, studios, artists, and media covering gaming.

Dicebreaker’s Tabletop Awards

The Dicebreaker Tabletop Awards at Pax Unplugged honor the best board and role-playing games released throughout the year, drawing thousands of gamers as well as many leading game publishers, studios, artists, and developers from around the world to the convention each year.

At this event, there will also be panels and live entertainment, such as actor/game master Matthew Mercer, who will deliver a Storytime keynote on Friday morning, and the Penny Arcade crew hosting Acquisitions Inc. throughout the weekend. Other noteworthy events are the Omegathon mega-tournament and the Learn & Play area that offers community meetups as well as accessible with classic and modern titles.

Tabletop events tend to be less stressful and claustrophobic than video gaming conventions, as their lines tend to be shorter and the crowds tend to be smaller – making it easier to explore all that the show offers without loudspeakers blasting EDM or gunshot sounds!

The convention’s layout is suboptimal, with popular spaces like Unpub (prototypes and playtests), Learn & Play, and Classic Cardboard Game library scattered across multiple floors and blocks. There’s plenty to see and do, but it may be challenging to navigate.

PAX plans to improve its layout next year. They have already added a dedicated area for families, which they plan on expanding over time. They have also created the PAX Together space – celebrating diversity, underrepresented groups, and stigmatized topics within gaming – which serves to celebrate diversity as well as stigmatized issues within this industry.

PAX Unplugged provides people of all ages an excellent opportunity to discover tabletop gaming. Held over three days at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center, which serves as a multi-use complex that hosts conventions, exhibitions, conferences, and other events – it includes multiple floors shaped like an L that cover four city blocks – tickets are relatively reasonable at $40 for single day badges and Sunday Kids Day badges available for children aged 7-12 are priced accordingly. For more information, visit their official website.