River Jones Johnson – A Celebrity Kid


River Jones Johnson is the son of a professional golfer, earning millions every year, while his mother is an accomplished model and actress. River’s parents live a luxurious lifestyle.

She recently posted an adorable Instagram post of River and Tatum posing together in a pink novelty vehicle.

He is the son of Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky

River Jones Johnson was born on 12 June 2017 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. An American of Caucasian heritage, his parents announced the sex of their baby via Instagram posting showing an athlete playing golf before their ball exploded, revealing its blue hue; later, the video was removed.

He currently attends Coastal Carolina University and has taken part in multiple golf tournaments. An aspiring professional, he plans to compete on the PGA Tour soon. Tatum is his elder brother.

As both his mother and father are prominent figures in their fields, it comes as no surprise that their child has also become an international superstar. He boasts an enormous following and numerous fans on social media.

Paulina Gretzky is an accomplished model and socialite who has appeared in several movies and TV shows. as well as Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, who was an iconic ice hockey player.

Dustin Johnson and Sheila were engaged for seven months after beginning dating in 2009, though not married yet due to both being too busy with careers and wanting more time alone together. They have two children together but do not plan on getting married anytime soon as both careers take priority over marrying each other right now.

They have been dating for nine years and are genuinely delighted with their relationship. Though no date has been set for their big ceremony with all family members present, despite busy schedules, they remain close and enjoy spending time together as parents of three children each. Furthermore, both work well together, enjoy it immensely, and are highly successful.

He is the grandson of Wayne Gretzky.

River Jones Johnson will surely follow in his grandfather Wayne Gretzky’s footsteps and pursue a sports-oriented career path. Dustin Johnson, his father, is a professional golfer renowned for his $100 Million net worth; Paulina Gretzky (mother) models and sings; her maternal grandfather, Wayne Gretzky, is considered the greatest hockey player ever.

Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson, two children of the couple, have shown an early interest in hockey as they’ve been seen holding onto sticks recently – perhaps an indication of his intention to become a professional hockey player like his grandfather did.

River has shown interest in both hockey and golfing. His mother can often be found accompanying him onto the golf course, and he’s been seen hitting practice balls with his dad. At such a young age, it is impossible to predict whether River will follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a professional golfer like his father or whether his grandfather’s legacy of ice hockey may prevail instead.

Though their lives may often be under the spotlight, this family remains dedicated to maintaining privacy and giving their son the best start possible in life.

Paulina and Dustin, River’s parents, are very supportive of him. In an Instagram video showing them smiling at and showing him off to an admiring crowd, this clip has received positive comments from viewers. Additionally, Paulina shared pictures of Tatum (her other son).

He is the son of Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson

Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, and Dustin Johnson is a professional golfer. Their son River Jones Johnson has become well-known because of their fame; although still young, his future looks bright. Perhaps following in his father’s footsteps or finding his path.

Beginning their relationship in 2009 and becoming engaged before the 2013 PGA Tour season began in 2013, these two decided not to rush wedding plans, keeping their relationship private. When it came time to have children, they both waited until it was the right time.

After one year of dating, they welcomed Tatum in 2015 and River in 2017. Both partners are very successful professionals and love spending quality time with each other and their children.

As opposed to other celebrity families, the Johnsons tend not to divulge many details about their personal lives – something which garners both admiration and curiosity from the public. Indeed, they are often praised for managing to balance fame with family life successfully.

As such, they tend to try to avoid the limelight whenever possible and show great care when raising their children – giving them a sense of normalcy while giving their offspring the best opportunity to have an enjoyable childhood experience.

River is learning his father’s golfing techniques and his grandfather’s ice hockey skills from both of his parents. Already showing a keen interest in both sports, River can often be seen practicing with his dad on the golf course – much to the delight of both sets of parents who avidly support these games, confident that one day their son will become one too!