Moss Wall Art by Reindeer Moss Plant Painters


Artists have long been responsible for documenting plants and flowers since photography existed. Their primary target was Herbalist books describing medicinal herbs.

Botanical artists have developed visually pleasing and botanically accurate ways of depicting plant life, helping people better understand environmental changes, control invasive species, and save endangered plant species. Their skills can also provide important insight into these issues.

Artisan Moss Plant Paintings(r)

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with these stunning wall moss art designs by Erin Kinsey. Crafted by hand using lush preserved reindeer mosses that have been held over time encased in frames of various colors to complete these creations. Moss wall art has become an increasingly popular way of adding biophilic elements without incurring additional maintenance expenses or sunlight limitations.

These eco-friendly wall art creations made of moss wall art can help purify indoor air quality and purify the environment. Erin has experience in landscape design, mural painting, and fine art restoration and has utilized these skills to develop her signature style of botanical wall art.

Artisan Moss Art

Moss wall art is an easy, affordable, and fun DIY project to bring natural, earthy charm into any room in your home or office. Plus, the vibrant paintings will keep you busy as the plants thrive! These framed moss paintings make great presents for gardeners or crafters – brightening any room while creating a soothing, peaceful space!

This DIY Moss Wall Art Kit contains everything you need to craft personalized framed moss pieces. You will need preserved moss, a frame made of wood or metal, hot glue, and wire or string – not forgetting various colors of preserved moss that come in multiple hues to give you plenty of options for the arrangement! Plus, you could even incorporate other elements like stones or shells!

Cindy Douglas of Viridi Designs created these unique moss pieces. Her company stemmed from her desire to bring nature inside through modern biophilic designs; each moss wall art piece boasts its distinct pattern.

Moss is an ideal material for this kind of project as it is fast-growing, easy to care for, durable, and widely used as decor in home interior design styles such as modern.

To create a moss plant painting, start by applying a basecoat using a large brush. Next, switch to smaller meetings for horizontal wisps of color over the dry basecoat using FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Spanish Moss as your dry basecoat, using damp brushes to add green foliage for texture and detail. Blot the meeting on a paper towel after each stroke so most of the paint has been removed before gently painting over with Lime Yellow and Wicker White paints for finishing touches.

After you are finished creating, all that remains is to hang and admire your moss art! This is an easy and cost-effective way to bring natural beauty into your home without adding more plants – and it makes a fantastic Christmas or birthday present, too!

Artisan Moss Decor

Moss decor can add an eye-catching splash of green to any wall or table. It is easy to maintain; most pieces don’t require soil or watering – making them the ideal solution for busy families with limited time or as a thoughtful present for eco-conscious friends and family members.

Biophilic design, or incorporating elements of nature into the home, is a contemporary trend known as biophilic design. This stems from the idea that humans live surrounded by nature daily; bringing outside elements into our living environments can improve health. This can be accomplished by adding moss wall art, such as Erin Kinsey’s Moss Tree Mural, as an example of biophilic design elements.

Kinsey was inspired by environmental artists when creating this wall art from various mosses encased in wood frames to form a distinct botanical accent for any home. Her style draws heavily upon environmental art while she has experience as a landscape designer, muralist, and fine art restorer – giving her a broad perspective of using natural materials in design projects.

Living moss walls can add beauty and vibrance to any room but require regular maintenance. Preserved moss wall art offers an easy alternative that still looks stunning but doesn’t need watering; plus, it is excellent for people with allergies as its nonliving nature won’t produce pollen spores or any pollen!

Planted Design of Emeryville, CA, created this stunning wall panel featuring reindeer moss and hot pink dyed ferns that add an instant splash of green to any room needing freshening up.

A Beautiful Mess’s Kokedama Terrariums provide an affordable way to bring nature into any room in your home, featuring handmade moss balls made with natural moss, ferns, and other botanicals preserved to last through time. Perfect as indoor string gardens or on shelves or tables as decor pieces! A Kokedama makes an unforgettable gift idea!