Mermaid Bounce House and Water Slide Bounce House Combo


Step into an unforgettable underwater experience with this mermaid bounce house! Your kids will love exploring its cavernous reefs and searching for treasure in its spacious bouncing area.

Children can climb a short climbing wall to reach not one but two exhilarating water slides – when they descend, they’ll splash into a refreshing pool below!

Bounce Area

Are you searching for an unforgettable under-the-sea party theme? Look no further than our mega mermaid wave water slide bounce house combo! Children will be absolutely mesmerized by its giant 3-D mermaid as she graces its front. Guests will also love entering through its tunnel entrance and spending hours playing within its massive bouncing area!

This water bounce house, featuring an exquisite purple and blue hue design to simulate an underwater cave of a mermaid, boasts a vibrant purple-blue palette reminiscent of her underwater realm. Equipped with a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and single lane water slide – perfect for any princess’ under-the-sea themed birthday celebration – mesh windows allow parents and spectators to keep an eye on all the action inside while the ramp near the entrance allows children easy access into and exiting it!

Bounce houses are an entertaining favorite among children, offering hours of jumping fun. But did you know that bouncing also provides numerous health and fitness benefits? Bouncing helps improve balance, strengthen muscles, increase capacity for respiration, and even enhance mental performance – so rest assured, our mermaid bounce house will offer your guests an afternoon full of healthy fun!

Climbing Wall

Kids of all ages will delight in climbing the short rock climb wall that leads them to two fantastic water slides, then sliding down either one and splashing into the refreshing pool at the bottom. Make your memories count with this Mermaid Combo Bounce House, perfect for parties and events on hot days!

A Mermaid Bounce House Rental for Little Princesses! It is packed with features, including a bouncing area, basketball goal, and single-lane slide to provide hours of aquatic-inspired fun!

A gorgeous 3-D mermaid graces the front of this bouncer and creates a fantastic, eye-catching effect that is sure to make every child’s dream party an utter success! Inside is an expansive bouncing area complete with vibrant and colorful mermaid artwork – giving guests an unforgettable underwater adventure they won’t soon forget!

Netted windows on all sides of the mermaid bounce house help with airflow and allow parents or supervising adults to keep an eye on children at all times. There’s also an entrance ramp and lockable door for safety measures.

This mermaid-themed bounce house is the perfect addition to birthday parties, school events, or any celebration! Crafted with durable yet lightweight FR vinyl material that has been tested for fire resistance and is lead-free. Requiring 16ft x 30ft space to set up and operate both wet or dry, this bounces households up to eight children comfortably; please note a standard outlet and water hookup are required; for further assistance regarding setup or operation, please reach out directly – contact us!

Water Slide

Parents delight in watching their children laugh and play together, making every parent smile with happiness. Renting a water slide at your mermaid bounce house adds that special something extra that makes their day unforgettable – kids can zoom down it and splash into a pool at its base, creating memories they will treasure always.

This Mermaid Bounce House Combo will make an impression at any child’s next birthday party! Perfect for any party theme, especially ones focused around Mermaids or Under The Sea events, it boasts a 3-D Mermaid at its center bouncing area as well as two dual lane water slides – which children will spend hours jumping, sliding, and exploring inside this fun inflatable!

Step into Mermaid’s Underwater Grotto through a tunnel entrance leading to the large bouncing area. Inside, there’s a basketball hoop for safe, friendly competition and a short rock wall for climbing up on. At the top, they can enjoy taking in some fresh air before descending the tall, slippery Mermaid-Sized Water Slide into a Clam Shell at the Bottom.

Water slides make a fantastic addition to any bounce house rental, but especially on hot days, they provide extra cooling relief for children as they hurl themselves down their slippery slopes – perfect for mermaid bounce houses and any other inflatables your guests might enjoy!

The Mermaid Slide Bounce House elevates water slides to new levels with its eye-catching color combination of cerulean blue, electrifying pink, and an eye-catching under-the-sea design. Perfect for all-girl events but also gender-neutral colors to suit any special occasion, its misting system can connect directly to any garden hose for use or be left off altogether, allowing wet or dry use – perfect for backyard parties, school and church events, company picnics, and any outdoor venue!

Basketball Hoop

Kids can pretend they’re sea creatures as they jump and play inside this magical inflatable, featuring a basketball goal and dry slide for hours of undersea fun! Perfect for birthday parties or any special event! The Magical Mermaid bounce house combo makes an excellent birthday present, too!

It features a safe bouncing area, pool, 3-D mermaid, and 10-foot slide that can accommodate up to 1000 lbs. It has a safe exit to avoid accidental falls. Constructed from solid yet fire-retardant vinyl material for increased strength and safety for children of all ages, its thick netting windows enable adults to monitor children at all times while remaining solid and durable; it comes complete with a safety exit.

Our Little Mermaid-themed bounce house comes with an eye-catching design to capture the classic Disney film perfectly. Purple and blue hues create a magical environment for fans of The Little Mermaid to enjoy, complete with a large bouncing area, basketball hoop, and climbing wall – it is an essential element of any Little Mermaid party theme!

Bounce houses are an enjoyable form of exercise that provides healthy entertainment for kids. Bouncing helps promote weight loss, improves balance, and builds muscle strength while simultaneously improving lung capacity for respiration, which ultimately contributes to better mental performance. Our Mermaid-Themed Jumper will make any party or event memorable; both girls and boys will love playing on it! It comes complete with large mesh windows so parents and spectators can see all the fun, as well as an easy entrance ramp.