Health Food Near Me in NYC


Sometimes, it can be challenging to eat healthy without enough time to spend chopping vegetables and making salad dressing from scratch, so New York City boasts so many restaurants serving quick, tasty, and nutritious meals promoting health.

Honeybrains is the only restaurant in New York City offering food and beverages proven to benefit brain health (neurologists and nutritionists have approved all dishes). Try their salmon-labneh toast, chai overnight oats, or steak bowls with coffee crust!

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter is a bright, airy vegetarian cafe serving delicious food in an enjoyable workplace culture that is employee-friendly and beneficial. Additionally, they provide exceptional benefits.

Venice Beach Vegan offers fresh and aesthetic dishes in their new location in Venice Beach, CA. Featuring wraparound windows with green plants and suspended metal tools that evoke greenhouses, fit jeans-clad creatives sip La Colombe coffee while reading through newspapers before starting their day; the menu boasts numerous vegetable, fruit, vegan, gluten-free choices, including kale salads, avocado toast, smoothie bowls as well as sandwiches and burgers;

There’s much to admire in this book; its plot and characters are engaging, and it spans two timelines, connecting lost generations while keeping readers on their toes and turning pages. Staub masterfully weaves all these elements into an irresistibly engaging tale that leaves readers wanting more.

The Butcher’s Daughter is an engaging read that is both entertaining and moving, with powerful storytelling courtesy of author Kate Mosse. This novel follows Agnes Peppin from her youth in a small market town through consignment to nunnery life before reaching her midlife years and beyond with surprising reserves of strength, intelligence, and acid wit that defy era norms. Any Tudor fiction or medieval England fan must read The Butcher’s Daughter!


Hudson Eats of Brookfield Place provides healthy, nutrient-dense comfort food that’s delicious for you! Their health-conscious counter service also has FiDi, Greenwich Village, and Williamsburg locations. It is well known for its collagen-rich bone broths (try its “Immunity Broth,” with classic chicken broth seasoned with ginger garlic, vitamin C, and other superfoods), soups, and bowls made with grass-fed meats – not refined sugars or seed oils! Not to mention their super tasty meals!

Our menu offers seven “Bowls, Nutritition-Dense Wholesome Meals,” including four with meat or fish: (1) Grandma’s Bowl features free-range chicken with bone broth rice, roasted brussels sprouts, cabbage slaw, and cashew white sauce; (2) Herb-Roasted Salmon features sustainable herb marinated salmon served over turmeric-roasted cauliflower with cucumber chickpea salad, quinoa, and herb dijon vinaigrette; (3) Grass-Fed Barbacoa features humanely raised grass-fed beef barbacoa served over cabbage slaw with black beans pico de gallo and guac; while (4) Veggie Bowl features carrots zucchini noodles red peppers kale tomatoes scallions chives and tahini dressing.

Springbone Kitchen was established by two young professionals who struggled to find time to make nutritious, home-cooked meals for themselves and their families. After realizing that even so-called health food contained too much sugar, additives, or not enough good fats and proteins, they set out to create something genuinely homemade-tasting that lacked these qualities: bowls and broths made from regeneratively farmed meats, organic produce, plant proteins free from gluten dairy or seeds – and all cooked low and slow to preserve nutrients lost during rapid cooking processes.


Honeybrains is a new fast-casual cafe in New York City’s NoHo district specializing in “brain food,” specifically formulated to support both body and mind. Their brain health concept combines healthy eating with educational programming about diet, exercise, social engagement, and brain function maintenance – the design of the space reflects this holistic approach in both its form and materiality, embodying their message with form and materiality that reflects their philosophy.

VAMOS Architects designed this cafe, featuring an open kitchen, backlit honey wall, custom acoustic ceiling installation with a health-driven circadian lighting system, and weekly public lectures by Honeybrains experts as well as brain health tech products and games for sale – part of an integrated brain health promotion network created to raise awareness regarding food’s effects on mental wellbeing.

The Brain-Healthy Menu offers a selection of breakfast bowls and toasts, salads, fusion bowls, sandwiches, and smoothies designed to promote brain health. Neuroscientists and nutritionists have reviewed this menu’s items to ensure it delivers essential nutrients needed to support brain functioning. In addition, smoothies and fresh-pressed juices are also offered at this restaurant, which is open Monday-Sunday, serving lunch and dinner service.

Brain-boosting foods contain omega-3s and choline, essential to protecting against Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, antioxidants in these foods protect cells against damage while combatting aging. These nutrients can be found in such sources as salmon, eggs, nuts, and leafy green vegetables.

The decor and ambiance of the cafe are both serene and luxurious, featuring low-backed banquette seating with charging stations for comfort. Handwritten wellness slogans add character, while attractively lit jars of $23 honey further elevate its aesthetic value. Meanwhile, its honeycomb ceiling adds another sense of calmness while natural materials create a feeling of wellness for customers.

Divya’s Kitchen

East Village’s inaugural Ayurvedic restaurant has quickly become a favorite dining destination. Serving delicious vegetarian fare based on Ayurveda medicine from India, which emphasizes diet as a critical factor in health. Chef/owner Divya Alter is dedicated to crafting nutritious dishes featuring vegetables, whole grains, spices, and ancient flours such as sorghum and einkorn for optimal well-being.

Divya offers a cozy yet elegant ambiance and plenty of space to spread out during a winter evening. Their menu changes seasonally to provide seasonal ingredients that are both healthful and tasty – Paleo-friendly cauliflower hummus, broccoli and “cheese” soup, and organic chicken pot pie are among their fall offerings. Additionally, there is an on-site store where customers can purchase everything from elegant chocolate bars made by former clients to customized tea and spice blends that combine multiple spices into a tiny bag.

Divya’s Kitchen has quickly built a faithful following among downtown regulars and people from throughout the city, region, and world who seek its unique atmosphere and healthy offerings for people with different diets or allergies. Open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner (breakfast and lunch services will soon follow suit), the restaurant offers something exceptional!

Divya’s Kitchen offers several signature dishes, such as their seasonal kitchari bowl, vegetable cashew curry, and lasagna (both in traditional mozzarella style and gluten-free, dairy-free versions). Their desserts are equally healthy and delicious, such as carob coconut cake. In addition, they use ancient grain flours and natural sweeteners such as house-milled sorghum and einkorn to ensure you experience their full range of ancient grains and sweeteners!