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Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm that provides an innovative platform for traders of all levels, focusing on supporting the journey of experienced traders. By setting specific profit targets and offering comprehensive evaluation phases, this firm allows traders to display their trading prowess, earn a funded account, and split profits generously.

In this review, we will delve into the intricate workings of Funded Trading Plus, discussing their evaluation programs, rule sets, trading software, and more.

Pros & Cons-


  • Evaluation Type suitable for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Generous profit split up to 90%.
  • There are no strict time restrictions during the evaluation phase.
  • Allows a wide range of trading strategies, including News trading.
  • Excellent customer service with positive reviews.


  • The maximum drawdown could be challenging for some traders.
  • No overnight trading is allowed.

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus, an innovative platform founded by three trading enthusiasts, sets a precedent for aspiring traders who face limitations due to insufficient capital. Its founders’ unique backgrounds and expertise, Simon M., James F., and Michael C., have culminated in a model that supports and nurtures trading talent worldwide.

Simon M., the adrenaline-fuelled Managing Director, transitioned from a decade-long career in emergency services to the exhilarating world of Trading. His trading journey began under the mentorship of Pasha, an ex-city trader. Simon’s firsthand experience with the advantages of Trading with substantial capital inspired the foundation of Funded Trading Plus. His vision? To equip traders with adequate capital, replicating the benefits he experienced firsthand.

James F., the Director of Operations, channels his expertise as a data-driven technical solutions architect into the backbone of Funded Trading Plus. Transitioning from a corporate career, James ventured into building tech-driven trading solutions, including an automated signal placing system. In partnership with Simon and Michael, he’s been instrumental in developing the robust and reliable infrastructure of Funded Trading Plus.

Michael C., the Director of Strategic Overview, steered his financial crisis into a triumph by taking control of his finances following the 2008 financial meltdown. He developed effective trading strategies through consistency and determination, which he now aims to share with others through Funded Trading Plus.

Funded Trading Plus emerged from Trade Room Plus, a live trade room for retail traders. Recognizing the common challenge of limited trading capital, the team behind Funded Trading Plus endeavored to create a platform to alleviate this inequality.

In building Funded Trading Plus, the founders collaborated with trading experts from Wall Street and the City of London, ensuring their platform stands superior to its competitors. Rather than merely offering funded trading programs, Funded Trading Plus ties its business model closely with the success of its traders, offering proper funding and support for successful traders.

Emphasizing inclusivity, Funded Trading Plus welcomes traders from all walks of life and locations. Their vision sees no boundaries of age or area regarding trading talent. Whether you’re a retired trader from the Chicago pits, a millennial in Boise, Idaho, or a farmer in Yorkshire, Funded Trading Plus offers a viable avenue to take control of your financial future.

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How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

Getting started with Funded Trading Plus is a clear-cut process. Traders sign up for one of the evaluation accounts, which varies based on the account size chosen.

The evaluation program includes two phases: the assessment phase and the funded account phase. In the assessment phase, traders must reach a specific profit goal without exceeding the daily or maximum drawdown limit. Unlike some prop firms, Funded Trading Plus offers unlimited time to get the profit goal, allowing traders the freedom to trade at their own pace.

If a trader completes the assessment phase, they are offered a funded account to start trading natural capital. The funded account has a generous profit share and follows the same rules as the assessment phase.

Traders can also access an account dashboard to manage their accounts effectively and monitor their progress.

Different Account Options:

Funded Trading Plus offers various account options to suit different types of traders and their trading needs. The three main programs are the Experienced Trader Program, Advanced Trader Program, and Master Trader Program.

  1. Experienced Trader Program:

This program has been specifically designed for traders with good market experience. The salient features of this program are:

  • Evaluation Type: Single Phase
  • Profit Split: 80/20, with the potential to go up to 90/10
  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown is 6% and Daily Drawdown is 3%
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Ranges from $12,500 to $200,000
  • Refundable Fee: Starts at $119 and goes up to $999 depending on the account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: None

Notably, this program doesn’t impose any time limits or charge monthly fees. The aim is to encourage traders not to rush their trades but to execute well-considered trading decisions. Moreover, traders can increase their account balance to $2,500,000 to achieve the 10% profit target.

  1. The Advanced Trader Program:

This program provides one key advantage over the Experienced Trader Program: a higher maximum drawdown. It is suitable for traders with more flexibility regarding drawdown limits.

  • Evaluation Type: Two Phases
  • Profit Split: 80/20, with the possibility to increase to 90/10
  • Profit Target: 10% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown is 10%, Daily Drawdown is 5%
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Varies from $25,000 to $200,000
  • Refundable Fee: Starts from $199 and increases to $999 depending on account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: None

Like the Experienced Trader Program, Advanced Traders can compound their profits and scale their accounts. The dual evaluation stages help the firm manage risk while ensuring enough capital for successful advanced traders.

  1. Master Trader Program:

The Master Trader Program is an instant funding program that skips the evaluation phase. It’s suitable for successful traders looking to build their trading capital quickly.

  • Evaluation Type: Instant Funding (No Evaluation)
  • Profit Split: 70/30, with the potential to rise to 90/10
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown is 5% of the starting balance
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Ranges from $5,000 to $100,000
  • One-Time Fee: Ranges from $225 to $4,500 based on the chosen account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: None

This program has a unique feature: a 5% trailing drawdown and a 5% profit target. Once the profit target is achieved, the trailing aspect of the drawdown is removed, providing an opportunity for successful traders to build capital swiftly.

For all the programs, remember that the prices shown exclude VAT. Customers from the UK and Europe will have VAT added at checkout. Also, the refundable and one-time fees depend on the chosen account size.

Who is Funded Trading Plus Best For?

Funded Trading Plus is ideal for:

  • Experienced Traders: The firm’s Advanced Trader Programs and generous profit splits make it an attractive choice for professional traders.
  • Day Traders: The services of Funded Trading Plus are geared towards individuals who prefer day trading. The generous profit splits and the chance to trade using the firm’s capital make it an excellent choice for day traders.
  • Traders Seeking Flexibility: Funded Trading Plus accepts a wide range of trading strategies, providing flexibility for traders.

What are The Benefits?

Choosing Funded Trading Plus offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: The firm offers programs suitable for beginners and experienced traders, with various account sizes and generous profit splits.
  • No Time Restrictions: Funded Trading Plus provides unlimited time to achieve the profit goals during the assessment phase.
  • Wide Range of Trading Strategies: The firm accepts a variety of trading strategies, providing more flexibility for traders to meet their profit targets.
  • Customer Service: The firm has received positive reviews for its excellent customer service, with a special mention of Simon Massey, who is often praised for his helpful and responsive nature.

Limitations of Funded Trading Plus:

Despite the many benefits, it’s also essential to consider the limitations of Funded Trading Plus:

Maximum Drawdown Limit: The firm imposes a maximum drawdown limit, which could challenge traders with riskier trading strategies.

No Overnight Trading: Funded Trading Plus does not allow holding positions overnight, which could limit some trading strategies.

Final Thoughts:

The journey towards financial independence through Trading can be challenging. However, the road becomes less arduous with platforms like Funded Trading Plus. This revolutionary platform, grounded in the experiences and expertise of its founders, seeks to empower traders by eliminating the capital constraints that often hinder progress. Their commitment to the success of their traders, bolstered by a robust technical infrastructure and world-class expertise, is an invaluable resource in today’s trading landscape.

Funded Trading Plus acknowledges that talent knows no boundaries—age, location, or background. Their inclusive platform creates a global community of traders, empowering them to take control of their financial future. It’s where you can trade like a pro, with substantial capital backing, much like the trading gurus of Wall Street or the City of London.

The path to a successful trading career might be challenging, but you can confidently navigate it with the right tools and resources. If you’re ready to plunge into funded Trading, consider Funded Trading Plus your business partner.

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