Electric Demolition Hammer


Electric demolition hammers (commonly referred to as breakers) are handheld power tools used for chipping and breaking by employing a hammering action. They can also be used to conceal conduit runs, chisel around conduits and cables, or expand holes during restoration projects. Demolition Garden Grove.

First, it is essential to check the speed rating of a demolition hammer, which is usually expressed as BPM or blows per minute.

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty

When searching for an electric demolition hammer, consider opting for a 2200W heavy-duty model. These powerful tools offer high levels of impact energy, perfect for chipping and breaking concrete. They reach double the length of traditional rotary hammers to expedite projects more quickly. They also come equipped with dials allowing speed adjustments, ideal for chipping away at materials such as concrete slabs, oil chimneys, or rock masonry.

Makia HM0870C

Makita recently unveiled an efficient demolition hammer that utilizes less weight in order to be more productive. This model, the HM0870C, accepts SDS-Max bits and weighs only 11.1 lbs, making horizontal work more straightforward while decreasing fatigue when compared with heavier hammers. Furthermore, it comes equipped with electronic speed control, which adjusts motor power automatically in order to maintain constant speed under load for maximum efficiency, as well as soft start control, which helps suppress startup reaction/current draw reactions for added control – plus this model offers 12 bit-angle settings which make this tool adaptable to diverse applications.

This demolition hammer is constructed from premium materials for maximum durability. It features double insulation, an electronic speed control dial with a one-touch sliding chuck and an LED service light that alerts users approximately eight hours before brushes require replacement. It is ideal for general demolition tasks, including hacking off, window/door break-through, screed removal, and chasing duties.

Homeowners looking for an economic demolition hammer should consider the Makita HM0870C, as it can easily tackle various home projects without breaking the bank. When using a demolition hammer, dust and concrete debris may become airborne, so always wear protective masks or respirators and eyewear while working to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.

ZENY 2200W

Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, a demolition hammer is one of the most valuable tools you can own. Its versatile use makes it invaluable for everything from breaking pavement to digging trenches and demolition work. Its excellent motor and durable chisels—including a clay spade, scraping blade, and flat and bull point blades—make it the ideal tool for any task at hand. Plus, it comes equipped with four extra replacement chisels: clay spade, scraping, flat, and bull point!

This electric demolition hammer stands out from its peers with its lightweight design and user-friendly operation. Its 360-degree adjustable handle and rubber rear handle reduce vibration and fatigue, and multiple locking positions on its rotary handle enable optimized work angles. This model is made for simple but straightforward operation.

This ETL-listed and UL safety standards-compliant jackhammer is perfect for concrete and heavy structural demolition, trenching, chipping, and oil chimney removal applications. Its impressive motor generates 44 ft-lbs of impact energy with a demolition speed of 1,800 BPM. The jackhammer’s compact design makes it easy to store and transport, while its double-insulated plug connected to a 20-ft cord provides outdoor working options. The kit includes point and flat chisels, a blow mold case, a gas hose, and safety goggles.

Neiko 02845A

If you have a significant project planned, finding the appropriate tools is crucial to success. Underpowered hammers on hard materials often take longer to break through, overheat or become damaged as a result. Conversely, using an overpowering tool on small demolition jobs may cause fatigue and injury to you as well as unnecessary destruction – for instance, using a 70 lb jackhammer on something where an 11-lb model would suffice and injure yourself and destroy something you wanted to save instead.

When purchasing an electric jackhammer, it’s crucial to keep in mind its BPM and IPM capabilities – these measures refer to how many impacts and blows per minute it can produce – when making your decision. They provide invaluable insight into whether or not purchasing this particular model is worth its price tag.

One important feature to consider when purchasing a jackhammer is its flexibility. You want one that can work both horizontally and on inclined surfaces, saving time and effort. Furthermore, make sure it comes equipped with comfortable handles and lightweight features for optimal use.

Neiko 02845A is an excellent choice for larger projects. Its durable all-metal design produces 1,800 impact beats per minute, and it features a 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle for increased control. Furthermore, this model comes complete with accessories, including four extra carbon brushes, one oil container, three wrenches, and even a safety protection kit with goggles and work gloves for added peace of mind.