Del Sol Bikes


Del Sol Bikes was established in 2007 and later purchased by Bob Haro (the creator of BMX, freestyle, and mountain bikes) after that same year. They offer several lines of cruisers, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, and performance bicycles designed to combine style, comfort, and performance for an optimal ride experience.

Their i/O electric bike series takes the best parts of riding a bicycle and expands on them further.

The Campus 202 Disc Commuter Hybrid Bike

If you need a bike that can comfortably carry both textbooks and your backpack without breaking, this lightweight aluminum frame with powerful brakes and comfortable Bontrager saddle is perfect. No matter the weather or road conditions, they’ll get you to class or your favorite trail safely in style.

Hybrid bikes make an excellent first choice for new riders as their relaxed geometry puts them in an upright, comfortable riding position and makes it easier to reach both handlebars for control and see over traffic’s shoulders. In addition, hybrid bikes typically feature wider tires that help smooth out potholes or bumps along their route.

The Campus 202 hybrid bicycle is an ideal option for novice riders due to its butted aluminum frame and carbon fork with plenty of mounts for racks and fenders. Though designed for tarmac riding, its smooth surface also makes it comfortable on hard-packed gravel pathways or park loops. Equipped with 21 speeds to help conquer hills quickly, while an additional 13-speed cassette gives even greater range and options.

This hybrid bike’s front-mounted hub motor provides electric assistance as you pedal without preventing you from pushing harder if desired. Plus, its battery can even be charged while on the move – perfect if you’re late for school and don’t have time to stop back at home to recharge first!

This hybrid bike also comes equipped with a step-through frame design to accommodate those who may have difficulty with traditional bicycle frames, making it an excellent option for commuters seeking to save time and avoid the morning rush hour traffic jams – and in case they do get caught, its hydraulic disc brakes provide a fast, safe stop. Furthermore, it’s great for anyone who would like to give electric biking a try but is intimidated by either the price or setup complexity of such bikes themselves.

The LXI 6.1 Comfort Bike ’17

Are you in search of an ideal e-bike to cruise around town or reach the beach? Look no further! Del Sol’s LXI bike offers everything you need – a comfortable frame, suspension fork, and hydraulic disc brakes to give this 21-speed drivetrain model the versatility to conquer any hill!

The Del Sol LXI 6.1 bike is an affordable yet high-quality ride that will provide a smooth experience. Constructed of lightweight 6000 series aluminum upright comfort frame and equipped with 50mm luxury travel suspension fork. Additionally, Kenda 26″x 1.95″ comfort tires, Shimano 21-speed shifters, and high-reliability SR Suntour XCC-T208 28/38/48 teeth chain will all ensure a smooth riding experience.

Featuring an integrated Sanyo battery for sleek looks and enhanced handling, this bike offers up to 80km range on a full charge and features five levels of assist.

This bike comes in sizes 14 (inches), 16 (inches), 18 (inches), and 21 (inches) and can provide the ideal solution for enjoying riding on the beach or going shopping without becoming fatigued quickly.

Del Sol Bikes was established in 2007 and later purchased by Haro Bikes in 2013. They are widely recognized for producing stylish yet comfortable bikes designed to endure all terrains and conditions, along with exceptional customer service. Del Sol also boasts an in-house team of designers, engineers, and experienced employees dedicated to producing bicycles that combine functionality with style – truly making Del Sol the go-to brand for stylish functionality!

The LXi I/O Electric Bike

The LXi I/O bike is perfect for riders who wish to add electric assistance to their existing bicycle, taking the pleasure of cycling to new levels by making hills and commutes far simpler. Additionally, this electric assist bike makes traveling between points much faster. Additionally, its convenience comes in handy when distance prevents individuals from making the journey due to space or other considerations.

This simple electric bike was created to be easy for anyone to own and ride. The Del Sol comfort bike takes advantage of Shimano’s STePS system to turn it into an e-bike, making it simple to quickly accelerate up to speed and go on long rides while maintaining human power’s intrinsic role as part of its design since velocipedes were first seen on bicycles during the 19th Century.

A sleek semi-integrated battery downtube helps improve balance and handling compared to traditional rack-mounted configurations, while the Bafang hub-drive motor provides reliable and efficient power that’s capable of covering long distances with one charge. 36v 504w LI-ION batteries feature five levels of assist for optimal range over 80 km on one charge.

Customization on this bike is simple, and you can add accessories like panniers (bags that attach to a luggage rack for more storage space) or baskets to make it even more helpful for grocery shopping or getting to work more often. Del Sol designs cruiser and comfort bikes with eye-catching designs and practical features to provide a smooth cycling experience; their company was founded in 2007 before Haro Bikes acquired them in 2013.

The LXI Disc Commuter Hybrid Bike

If you’re in search of a lightweight yet agile bike to transport you between work and stores with ease, a hybrid may be your perfect ride. Built for city riding with robust components designed to withstand daily use, hybrids also boast relaxed geometry with flat handlebars that put riders into an upright riding position for increased comfort.

Del Sol’s LXI Disc Commuter Hybrid Bike is an exceptional way to navigate daily commuter duties with ease. Boasting a lightweight aluminum frame and a carbon fork for responsive handling around town or during your commute. Plus, Shimano Sora drivetrain gearing and MicroSHIFT shifters offer plenty of gears to take on hills, while Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.

This rig features tubeless-compatible 700c and 650b tires, enabling you to switch them depending on your riding preferences. Run them at lower pressure for more cushioned city streets or increase pressure for more incredible speed and grip. Furthermore, there are mounts for fenders and racks, so you can further tailor it to meet your riding style needs.

Comfort bikes can make for enjoyable Sunday rides and family outings, but some cyclists need something a bit more challenging. They want a bike that’s easy to pedal while still feeling fast when pushing hard; Hybrid bikes fit this bill nicely as versatile cross-over models that often roll and climb more quickly than road or mountain models.

The Division 1 Hybrid bike is one of our favorite examples of an outstanding hybrid model. Light and easy to schlep into apartments, yet sturdy enough to carry over potholes, landmines, and other obstacles with ease, this do-it-all rig boasts reliable parts at an excellent price point and even features both a suspension seatpost and soft suspension fork for maximum comfort.