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Bob Olson, an independent psychic investigator, has personally tested every psychic and medium listed here and only included those whose readings met his high standards.

Psychologies (intuitive or psychics) gain information from energy, while mediums communicate with loved ones who have passed over, offering predictions.

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Psychics have long been part of popular culture, from court seers in ancient Egypt to modern-day tarot card readers and TikTok psychics. These practitioners have built up an established reputation as psychic soothsayers offering advice about love, life, and career issues – though some may simply be looking for money and power, it can be hard to distinguish the genuine from those merely seeking money and power; however, following a few simple guidelines can help you find the best psychic for your needs.

Search for psychics with high customer satisfaction ratings on reputable sites that show reviews and stars earned by each psychic. Also, ensure your chosen psychic is certified and experienced in their specialty area; some sites even provide free readings to allow you to bond with them and see if they’re right for you.

Be wary of psychics who employ fear tactics to manipulate you, such as foretelling tragedies or promising to remove curses using special powders. Furthermore, be mindful of psychics who upsell their services, such as using their initial reading as bait, before offering extra services, such as amulets or spells, to improve your luck.

Psychics who provide authentic readings typically do not guarantee their predictions or insights into the future, so if your results are unsatisfactory, don’t hesitate to request a refund. Likewise, if the psychic appears stressed out or distressed during their readings, it could indicate someone is not genuinely providing their service.

The best online psychics will provide you with various tools to connect with the spirit world and deliver honest readings, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience – which all serve as forms of extrasensory perception or ESP that allow psychics to converse with spirits.

Some psychics use their skills to guide your spiritual journey, while others specialize in particular issues or questions. Some even possess unique talents like clairalience and clairgustance, so they can access information stored within your subconscious mind and share it with you.


If you’re searching for psychics in Michigan, look no further. Here, you’ll find information on all the top psychics, including the prices and specialties of each psychic in Michigan. Additionally, an instant reading may be beneficial if you need an immediate prediction about what lies in store for the future.

A psychic is someone who understands how energy moves throughout the universe and knows how to manipulate this force to produce new effects. They do this by tapping into your emotions and feelings to gain an insight into what you want out of life and can guide you along a path that will allow you to reach that goal.

Real psychic work doesn’t involve reading cards or placing your hands into a crystal ball; it consists in using words to harness their power for you and achieve your desires. A skilled psychic knows exactly which words to choose to influence the energy around them and create what you desire – this is actual psychic work, not simply reading cards or looking into crystal balls! Psychic master healers know this art very well, indeed!

Michigan psychics tend to take an up-to-date approach to their work, adhering to more conventional psychic techniques while eschewing anything resembling “New Age,” like Akashic records or angel guides. Most offer phone readings, while some may also offer in-person sessions.

Recent trends within the psychic community indicate an interest in more mediumship work. Many psychics are coming to recognize that loved ones who have passed are still curious about what’s going on here and want their voices heard; they still have opinions to express and want their message heard by us living people.

Michigan offers numerous psychic mediums specializing in mediumship services at reasonable rates, helping connect you to loved ones who have passed. Furthermore, they can guide your life and your decisions moving forward.


Australia is home to some of the world’s finest psychics, mediums, and animal communicators. These psychics offer clairvoyant readings, tarot card readings, and intuitive numerologist readings; their services are offered both over the phone or online – they even offer personalized lessons in person! Psychic readings can help answer questions regarding love, career, finances, and health; also, solutions can be given regarding passed-over loved ones and pets that have crossed.

Joanna Katherine is a renowned Australian Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Spiritual Medium with over two decades of experience in her field. Through her gift, she has helped people from around the globe cope with life’s difficulties. Joanna provides readings for clients locally and internationally on issues including relationships, career/business opportunities, spiritual guidance/understanding/finances, or deceased loved ones who have passed over.

Jacqueline works with astrology, tarot, clairvoyance, palmistry, numerology, psychic art, tea cups, and photo face readings as needed by each client. She is an internationally recognized author and workshop presenter with extensive skills and knowledge gained through life experience and spiritual teachings by mentors such as Rev Leigh Russell Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay Doreen Virtue, and more.

Jacqueline uses Tarot Cards, Pendulum I Ching, and various spiritual tools during her psychic readings to deliver accurate, insightful, and healing messages grounded in Celtic, Shamanic, and Eastern traditions. She provides insight into your past, present, and future while working toward positive changes for you – helping balance body, mind, and spirit for optimal performance – helping you find the true path in life with a lighthearted love approach.

Aurora Brosnahan

Aurora is an outstanding New Zealand psychic medium, a clairvoyant with all six senses: empath, animal communicator/pet psychic, and medical intuitive. Additionally, Aurora provides Tarot card readings as a certified Akashic records reader with experience in numerology, astrology, and chakra/aura intuition and numerology readings via phone or Skype for Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK and worldwide clients.

Aurora provides psychic and Tarot readings to help individuals gain clarity and perspective amid life’s ups and downs, giving them confidence to make better choices about their future. She can see your past and potential future through readings – providing invaluable insight into your path through life. Aurora can also connect with loved ones on the other side, giving messages of love and support from beyond.

Tarot readings offer insight and guidance into all areas of life. Aurora can hear, feel, and sense your emotions accurately to deliver these readings with precision – whether you are an experienced Tarot reader or a curious newcomer alike, Aurora’s readings will illuminate both mind and heart!

Aurora can assist with relationship, family, and career matters as well as money matters, spiritual issues and concerns of past loved ones that have passed over, relocation questions, or any other pressing point that you might need help with. She provides detailed, honest, and uplifting readings in her signature style.

Aurora’s intuitive psychic abilities are grounded in divine energies of Light and higher vibrational frequencies, such as St Germain, AA Michael Gabriel Raphael Quan Yin, and other ancient god and goddess energies and angelic beings. She has over 30 years of reading experience, receiving excellent reviews from satisfied clients worldwide.