Piano Tuning Near Me in New York


Piano tuning ensures your instrument remains in tune and improves its performance, so regular tuning appointments should be held annually to maintain the excellent condition of your piano.

Charles Flaum provides piano tuning, repair, regulation, voicing, and evaluation/appraisal services in Rockland County, NY, using fine craftsmanship honed at one of America’s oldest trade schools – North Bennet Street School.

Leopold Holder

Frank Proto (Nine Variations on Paganini and 2 Duos for Violin and Viola), Kalevi Aho (Concerto for Double Bass and Piano), and John Harbison (Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra), among others, have composed concerti for double bass in the first decade of the 21st century, among them concertos written for double bass by them all. Some contemporary composers require highly specialized scordatura – shifting string pitches to allow other notes as pedal points or harmonics – to make messages available as pedal points; Berio has asked for it in Sequenza XIVb, while Scelsi calls upon this technique in Nuits.

Piano Repair

New York has always been an internationally renowned musical center, and pianos have played an essential part. Over time, many pianos have accumulated that require significant repairs or restoration work, and this task should only be left to experienced piano technicians who possess all of the knowledge needed to carry this out.

Piano repair services range from minor fixes, such as replacing a broken key or pedal, to overhauls that involve changing an entire action (the mechanism that controls hammers and strings). A piano technician may also adjust how keys feel by voicing and regulating keyboard keys – making it easier for anyone to play an outstanding-sounding and performing piano.

Charles Flaum has been working on pianos for over ten years and provides a comprehensive selection of repair services, specializing in acoustic, grand, and uprights. He possesses expertise in working on even the most sophisticated and expensive instruments, including replacing broken hammers and tuning pins on Steinway pianos, and extensive work on Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, and Knabe brands of appliances.

Reconditioning pianos is another service he offers, typically including action regulation and comprehensive instrument cleaning. Reconditioning can help breathe new life into an old and worn piano while increasing its lifespan considerably.

He is a Registered Piano Technician, which means he has passed rigorous tests to demonstrate that he knows how to service modern pianos and maintain the highest ethical business practices and ethics standards. As such, he is widely esteemed in metro New York area homes, concert venues, and schools for his piano service provision.

Pianos require regular tuning to keep their sounds clear, consistent, and beautiful. Soundboard resonance decreases significantly without regular tune-ups, and its tone becomes flat or tinny; therefore, pianos should be tuned at least four times within their first year and twice annually after that. Additional tuning may also be necessary if their sounds have become distorted, more than 12 months have elapsed since their last tuning, or when being moved into new locations.

Piano Rebuilding

Pianos make an elegant and captivating addition to any home and are among the world’s most beloved musical instruments. However, to keep them in top condition, regular maintenance and tuning services must be employed by a piano technician specializing in repairs, tuning regulation services, and evaluation/appraisals; additionally, they can restore old or antique pianos to their former glory!

Charles Flaum offers piano repair, reconditioning, and voicing services throughout Rockland County, Westchester County, Manhattan, parts of Long Island, eastern New Jersey, and western Connecticut. As a Registered Piano Technician (RPT), Charles has passed a series of stringent exams; furthermore, he has years of experience servicing pianos for schools, churches, concert venues, and private homes.

A skilled piano tuner can handle all sorts of problems with your instrument, from replacing worn-out hammers to fixing broken keys. They may even adjust its sound by voicing or regulating action hammers for enhanced musical dynamics control and help find you the ideal piano to suit your home if that is what is desired.

Regular piano tuning will keep your piano in tip-top condition and prevent it from distorting or out of tune. At least four tunings should be conducted during its first year, then twice annually after that. Tuning may also be beneficial if its sound becomes unpleasant, more than 12 months have passed since its previous tuning, or it needs to be moved to another location.

When your piano requires serious maintenance, rebuilding may be the answer. This process involves replacing nearly all original parts with brand-new ones – an expensive endeavor that will restore it to its original condition while increasing functionality.

Piano Restoration

New York is home to many fine pianos that have been produced and enjoyed over time, yet some old and worn ones require repairs or restoration work to restore them to their former quality and beauty. Sometimes, this means simply fixing some minor issues; other times, restoration may be needed ultimately to return them to their original condition and beauty.

Untuned pianos will have an unpleasant buzzing or uneven sound and be more challenging to play. They should be tuned twice annually as frequent use can push them out of tune more quickly due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Pianists can identify when a piano is out of tune by its notes vibrating unevenly and producing an unpleasant sound. Professional piano tuners use special tools and techniques to adjust its pitch to bring it back into music, as well as provide other services like repair, refinishing, regulation evaluations, appraisals, and humidity control system installations.

Charles Flaum of Rockland County is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and member of the Piano Technicians Guild, offering his services for over three decades at schools, recording studios, concert venues, private residences, and businesses. Additionally, Charles specializes in restoring older pianos from the early 1900s.

The piano’s soundboard is its “heart,” as it plays an essential part in creating the rich tones associated with every note played on this instrument. If its condition changes due to damage or wear and tear, resulting in flat or tinny notes being played, this may necessitate repairs or replacement by a piano technician.

East New York, Brooklyn boasts an illustrious piano music history dating back to European immigrants’ arrival at the turn of the 20th century and their musical instruments. By the 1920s, East New York had become a hub of jazz and ragtime musicians like Willie “The Lion” Smith, Fats Waller, and James P Johnson, who all performed in local clubs.