Who Wrote C Moon?


“C Moon” is an upbeat pop song featuring Paul McCartney’s ability to mix multiple genres. The pop-reggae beat was inspired by their 1971 Jamaican holiday.

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Paul McCartney & Wings

“C Moon” is an exquisite showcase of McCartney’s ability to craft melodies of simple beauty. The track is infectious and conjures joy and innocence while reminding us to appreciate life’s daily experiences as much as possible. McCartney’s passionate lyrics and signature reggae groove guarantee its continued entertainment for future listeners.

Wings released “C Moon” as a double A-side with “Hi Hi Hi” in 1972 as part of their double-A single release, drawing inspiration from Paul and Linda McCartney’s trip to Jamaica at the end of 1971, where Paul began experimenting with reggae-influenced ska music from 1964. As time passed after they disbanded as The Beatles, McCartney incorporated these styles into his music as an individual artist.

C Moon features a classic pop melody and an infectious reggae beat – making it the ideal song to represent their signature sound. Recorded at Morgan Studios in London and produced by George Martin who also worked on Beatles records, the track became a huge success domestically and abroad, reaching number five on the British and four on the US charts, respectively.

Wings returned to touring America after performing for the first time at one of the Beatles’ 1966 concerts in New York City. Their live album, Wings over America, became immensely popular, drawing more listeners and new audiences for Wings. Touring allowed them to demonstrate their incredible stage presence and delight many fans with every show!

By 1980, Wings had begun declining, and Macca decided to dissolve them. He felt maintaining the group wasn’t in his best interests and wanted to dedicate more of his attention to family matters instead of constantly comparing himself to his former bandmates. However, Wings was still an enormously popular act after its dissolution.

Wings was disbanded, but its members have created successful solo careers. McCartney II became an international hit, selling over 20 million copies.

Released in 1972

Music history is full of timeless classics; “C Moon” by Paul McCartney and Wings stands out as an iconic song with its catchy melody and poignant message that have left fans deliberating over its meaning for years. Let’s examine its background to get a better sense of its significance.

C Moon was released originally as part of a double A-side single with “Hi, Hi, Hi.” Inspired by reggae music and famous in the UK, its lyrics may have included sexual references deemed unsuitable for radio play due to McCartney’s vague wording – leading to “Hi, Hi, Hi” being banned and C Moon receiving much more airplay than its partner record.

This catchy tune has become part of British culture, paving the way for rock/reggae crossover sound that would become prevalent throughout the 1970s radio waves. Paul McCartney showcases his incredible ability to incorporate different genres into his music, making this track essential listening for both Wings and the Beatles fans!


“C moon” has long been seen as a symbol of youthful rebellion and nonconformity, associated with Paul McCartney and Wings as part of the 1960s “hippie movement,” marked by antiwar sentiment, sexual freedom, and desire to break free from society’s conventions. The lyrics encourage listeners to express their individuality while staying true to themselves and resisting authority when appropriate while taking responsibility for one’s decisions.

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