Tyrant wants a better life spoiler


Tyrant wants a better life; alternatively, “The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly” is a manhwa and manga series. It is a political series that shows the life of a strong dictator who decided to live an honest and better life. This manhwa shows the issues of control and influence, truth and lies, and forgiveness and punishment.

If you are looking for a manhwa that has a twisting plot and charming characters, then you should read Tyrant Wants a Better Life. In this article, I am going to tell you all about it so you can know the story and character better.

Tyrant wants a better life — Summary:

Manhwa is a romantic fantasy genre that involves characters with relationships, romance, challenges, and obstacles when they navigate their emotions and feelings. This manhwa is about a former emperor who can share power and destroy others. It adds an element of excitement to the story and makes people suspicious of what happened next.

The story of Tyrant wanting a better life is about a character, Princess Dorothea, who is the princess of the Ubera Empire. In the past, she was a cruel emperor who murdered the Crown Prince and used her powers to support those who were loyal to her and use her powers to destroy the people who were not faithful to her. Her dictatorial rule led the people to punish her to death by hanging.

However, she got another chance at life to correct her past mistakes and live with love. Her hatred for her brother, whom their father has always respected and valued, grows because she never received praise and admiration from her father, the Emperor of Ubera, in her previous life. This hate led her to do wrong deeds in her past life.

However, she decided to act differently in her new life and struggled to live a life that was different from her past life. As a result, she gets the attention of her father for the first time and meets with Theon Fred. Theon is a boy she had loved but hated in her past life. They both spend time together, but she suddenly realizes that she loves Julia, a person whom she always loved in her past life.

Who is a tyrant if the Tyrant wants a better life?

Princess Dorothea is a tyrant in the story. She was ruthless. She killed the Crown prince and occupied his Throne. She uses her power for people who are loyal to her while destroying the people who are not dedicated to her. People think to punish her by hanging her to death.

However, she gets another chance at life, and she decides to live with love. She hated her brother in her past life because her father and other people always admired him despite admiring her. She hates people because they never pay attention to her. However, her new life urges her to be kind to everyone. She decided to live an honest and better life.

Who is the main character in Tyrant who wants a better life?

Dorothea, the prince of the Ubera Empire, is the main character of the story. The story revolves around her life. She gets a second chance at life, and she decides to live it with love and honesty.

Dorothea was ruthless in her past life. She hates her father, brother, and all the people who admire her brother. Her father did not give her the attention, care, and love that she wanted, which makes her cruel. She was never admired by her father and people, while her brother was always respected, which increased hatred for her brother in her heart. That is why she got over the Throne by force, and she destroyed those who were not loyal to her.

However, in her new life, Dorothea decided to live with love. The story has the theme of redemption and the journey of a past tyrant toward a better life. She faces many complexities in her relationships and many challenges throughout the story but finds peace at the end.

What makes Dorothea a tyrant?

Dorothea is the former princess of the empire of Ubera. She never gets attention and care from her father and other people. Her father and the people always admired his brother. This difference makes her a tyrant. She killed the Crown Princess to get his powers. She used her power in support of people who were loyal to her, while the people who were not faithful to her faced challenging circumstances.

Why does Tyrant want a better life?

The Tyrant is the main protagonist of the story, Dorothea. She was a former princess of the Ubera Empire who killed the Crown prince to become the emperor and rule the people with an ironic and cruel approach. She destroyed all the people that she had hated with her power. People punish her by hanging her to death.

However, she gets a new life. She realizes her past mistakes and wants to correct them. That is why the Tyrant wants a better life. She decided to live a life of happiness, honesty, and love. She wants never to repeat her past mistakes and wants to correct everything that she destroyed in her previous life.

What does the story tell us?

The story revolves around a girl “Dorothea” who was a past emperor of the empire Ubera. She gains emperor by killing the Crown prince and ruling with cruelty. However, she gets a second life, and she decides not to make her past mistakes. She wants to be better than she was in her past life.

She lived with cruelty and used her powers for evil in her past life. She decided to live with love and honesty when she got a new life. The story presents the impact of sincerity and love. The report supports the theme of redemption. The story gives the concept of living an honest life. It also tells the challenges, obstacles, and complexities that someone may face to live a simple and better life. You can read this novel if you want to get endless fun.

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