The Best CCTV Camera Company


CCTV cameras are an integral component of home and business security. By offering surveillance these cameras provide surveillance that can help identify criminals. Furthermore, these cameras can monitor traffic flows while also helping reduce crime rates.

When selecting a CCTV camera, the environment in which it will operate should be taken into consideration. You should choose one with features capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and vandalism, as well as intelligent capabilities like facial recognition or number plate verification capabilities.


Avigilon cameras are widely renowned for offering cutting-edge features like AI facial recognition and object tracking, with excellent support teams available worldwide to provide options to secure any property.

The company is an industry leader in video surveillance solutions, offering IP cameras, recorders, network devices, software suites, mobile apps, and cloud-based services to various industries ranging from education to transportation. Their technology is used across multiple fields, such as education and transportation, and their customer base is vast. Their CCTVs are known for being of superior quality yet cost-effective – perfect for protecting commercial spaces!


This company provides an impressive array of CCTV systems designed for both business and home use, from basic interior detection systems to advanced property monitoring devices. Furthermore, their accessories will help keep your system running smoothly.

Genetec stands apart from its competitors by offering an integrated security platform that encompasses video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition. Their software indexes data from other applications to create alerts based on specific conditions; their technology can also reduce in-store shrinkage while improving loss prevention; they even offer their VSaaS platform, which helps customers lower VMS deployment costs using on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing for manageable VMS deployment costs.


Viviotek is a relatively new company that offers an assortment of CCTV cameras. Their products make an excellent way to safeguard property without spending too much. Furthermore, these high-quality models boast great features.

Viviotek cameras feature triple window motion detection, which enables you to select specific areas where motion could trigger the sensor. This makes the camera less sensitive to movements occurring within smaller areas and helps avoid false alarms.

Sony is another popular name when it comes to electronic gadgets and home security solutions, providing CCTVs of various sizes, shapes, colors, and lenses.

Axis Communications

CP Plus security cameras offer an expansive selection of models. Their selection includes HD, megapixel, and covert models – each designed for various situations and purposes.

Hikvision is a giant Chinese company known for its vast selection of CCTV systems, which are widely utilized both residentially and commercially. Additionally, Hikvision also provides various other security-related solutions.

Bosch Security Systems are another leading security firm known for providing all manner of surveillance technologies and providing cost-effective CCTV systems that are widely popular among business owners and corporations alike. Bosch cameras can withstand harsh environments.


Kedacom specializes in all things video. They produce CCTV security cameras and video conferencing equipment and offer other products designed to help businesses and homeowners protect their properties.

Their product catalog features HD analog cameras, smart IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs, speed domes, and various management tools and software suites – and they are well known for being low-cost offerings.

This company is an industry leader in connected protection. Their network of regional offices and critical organizational associates are supported by their global headquarters just outside Seoul; their innovations are used worldwide by corporations as well as homeowners alike.


CP Plus is a well-known security brand that offers multiple systems. Their products are easily scalable to your budget and feature HD and megapixel options, offering great value.

These cameras from the company offer excellent low-light performance and user-friendliness, making them suitable for businesses, homes, and public spaces alike.

The company is a world leader in network video surveillance and operates worldwide. Their products are highly adaptable and provide security solutions tailored to specific industries or applications; cameras feature facial recognition technology as well as object tracking and come equipped with various lens options.


Lorex stands out as an exception by providing security camera systems that require professional installation, with many different kinds of cameras and packages to meet varying needs – be they wired or wireless, indoor and outdoor options.

The brand’s cameras are straightforward to set up and use. Their night vision capabilities and DVR storage solutions allow on-location video recording. Furthermore, these smart home hub-compatible cameras allow hands-free voice commands to manage home security systems.

Unfortunately, they lack cloud storage and feature glitchy apps; however, they’re more cost-effective than any of the brands we reviewed in this article.


The best CCTV camera manufacturers provide an expansive product lineup and selection of features in their cameras that are both scalable and provide excellent value for your money. Their cameras can monitor offices, factories, and public spaces while recording videos nightly if required.

Uniden’s latest model, the R8, is one of the most sensitive detectors on the market. It features a primary alert display that displays signal strength and band type of threats detected, and it includes the GPS feature Mark Location, which lets you save red light cameras or speed cameras so as to avoid false alarms, making this detector particularly valuable for drivers hoping to avoid tickets.