Point Gifter Keikenchi Bunpai Nouryokusha No Isekai Saikyou Solo Life Chapter 1.1


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Fildo finds himself disenfranchised from his former guild, “Light of Glory.” Now possessing all-around abilities that rival those found elsewhere, he embarks on his journey with an underground black guild.


Point Gifter Keikenchi Bunpai Nouryokusha No Isekai Saikyou Solo Life is an award-winning manga series currently comprising 37 chapters that are being translated and published online at MangaBuddy, one of the premier manga sites available to readers today. Written and drawn by PGKB and available to be read via MangaBuddy for online reading pleasure.

Fildo finds himself suddenly expelled from “Light of Glory,” the top guild in the country and black guild, but does not despair, as his experience value had increased substantially due to his Point Gifter “Experience Distributor” skill. From fighting his former guild members and meeting beautiful elf sisters to defeating dragons – Fildo’s tale of free-spirited and peerless warriors will soon begin!

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Fildo was abruptly fired from “Light of Glory,” the top guild in this country, as well as the black guild. While his experience value skyrocketed due to the effects of Point Gifter’s “Experience Distributor,” and he soon emerged as one of the most influential individuals on the continent. However, “Light of Glory” suffered tremendous experience losses and nearly collapsed into chaos; fighting among former guild members, meeting beautiful elf sisters for interaction purposes, and defeating dragons awaited Fildo, as this tale would begin soon!!!

One day, high school student Ikuo Fukami found himself transported into another world surrounded by light. Although lacking combat-related abilities, his unique talent allows him to sense people’s emotions in colors and communicate with magical beasts. Weary of modern society, he decided to fight on behalf of creatures and monsters of this new realm in hopes of attaining global peace.

Release Date

The novel was released during the third week of cinema release between March 4 and 10, with copies included with a limited edition Blu-ray disc of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime Blu-ray Disc release as a promotional giveaway or as a free bonus to those attending Dengeki Bunko Choukansha Fair events in Japan.

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On December 15, 2015, PGKB and Kazuya Nakashima published the manga version of the story, which currently has 37 chapters and is licensed and distributed in Japan by Akita Shoten as well as Shueisha; an English translation can be found through MangaBuddy on their site for free access.

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Point Gifter Keikenchi Bunpai Nouryokusha No Isekai Saikyou Solo Life is an ongoing manga series published by PGKB at MangaBuddy with 37 chapters to date. If this manga appeals to you, be sure to add it to your favorites list and read it!

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Fildo was suddenly dismissed from “Luz de Gloria,” the most significant black gang in history. Due to this experience spike, his value quickly skyrocketed, and soon enough, he was the most powerful individual on all continents, engaging with longtime members of “Luz de Gloria,” building relationships with beautiful elf sisters, and defeating dragons en route! Awakened with powerful all-around abilities, Fildo embarked upon an extraordinary story filled with independent warriors with unparalleled skills – something not seen since!