Peter Parker X Reader – Is He Still Thinking About You?


Y/n was sitting by the window, listening to her podcast while waiting for her ride, when her phone suddenly rang. Distracted, she took no notice when it started vibrating in her pocket.

Peter is calling to share news of a shooting and ask for your assistance as his caretaker, helping him through life’s difficulties.

You’ve known Peter since you were fifteen.

Peter was much older than you and has experienced more in his lifetime than most could comprehend. Growing up, you found comfort in knowing he would always be there as your big bro – someone to help with homework assignments, hang out with your friends, and even protect you from inevitable creeps. It was comforting knowing someone trusted and could always count on me.

After your freshman year, it becomes apparent that this man may be more than just your friend; he’s been flirting with kissing you and teasing you about it – driving you mad! Although you try telling yourself it’s not true, that nagging feeling inside keeps growing stronger and stronger.

Your hands start sweating as you dial his number, only for it to be answered on the second ring by his cheery voice greeting you with, “Hey babe! Did I do something wrong?” And your nerves rise even further as he asks you why there hasn’t been any action taken yet. To which you reply with, “Nope! Just not sure we’re ready yet”.

Peter flirts with you throughout the week, and it grows increasingly persistent, trying to conceal his true feelings for you under wraps, but it becomes harder and harder. Lately, he’s started showing up at restaurants, so it seems as if he is trying to hide something.

He eventually tells you it doesn’t matter as much that they aren’t as close as he envisioned them being. At first, this relationship wasn’t sure whether you wanted to continue it, but now you feel as though he is trying to turn you into his female version of Spider-Man!

After much consideration, you and Peter decide to take your relationship slowly. While you remain good friends, taking some space away from him and his superhero antics seems necessary at this point in your lives. Even though you’re uncertain whether it is the correct decision or not, distance will allow for clarity to exist between yourselves.

You’ve drifted apart during your first year of college.

Even though you share a class and schedule, it seems like you and Peter are growing apart. Both seem so busy with other aspects of their lives that neither have time to devote to each other anymore; yet you know you still feel something for each other, yet can’t seem to act upon those feelings; something’s telling you to put some distance between yourselves but no matter what you try – that gnawing feeling won’t go away.

One day at school, you come face-to-face with Peter in the hallway and sense something is amiss with him. Although you offer him your greeting with a smile, his response remains noncommittal; nevertheless, you decide that later today at lunch, you’ll meet up again as usual.

As you walk, you begin to sense his heightened senses, following closely behind. Although you try your hardest to ignore them, their intensity keeps building, and dizziness is setting in. Your eyes water, and it starts raining outside, too – only adding insult to injury!

Your nerves may be frazzled about meeting up for lunch as planned, but that doesn’t stop you. You arrive at the cafeteria and sit at your usual table, gazing anxiously around the room while hoping that he shows up – however, after some time has passed and no sign of him appearing, you decide to head instead towards the library.

As you sit, your eyes fall upon an open book on the table in front of you – the one you have been reading over the past week, its pages stained with tears and its spine bent from being clutched tightly by you. As you gaze upon this book, its words suddenly come flooding back – “I’m sorry” (tears begin falling now) before picking it back up and realizing more words have been written under its first.

You’re now a sophomore.

Peter runs his fingers along yours, and it takes just a moment for your brain to register it; once it does, though, you cannot help but smile and return his affectionate touches. He has always been such a nice guy, but showing so much care shows how much he truly values you as his friend.

After spending your summer working for Stark Industries, both of you decided it would be in both of your interests to return to school. While you both were committed to continuing your careers at the firm, you both wanted to enjoy your final year of high school as much as possible.

As much as you tried, your best intentions did not stop the two of you from meeting and quickly falling in love. Although your relationship was short-lived, both valued it deeply.

One day, you walk into your class and find Peter sitting just in front of you. He looks over and gives a small smile; as soon as he does so, you sit next to him, knowing it was all his idea – yet still somewhat surprised that it happened so fast!

Spend an evening together, watching movies and cuddling close. Soon, you find yourselves so immersed in his arms that it becomes easy to lose track of time; simply enjoying each other’s company is rare indeed!

One day, you ask your partner if he likes pickles. His eyes narrow slightly in embarrassment before telling you he does and kissing your hand. Once this realization sinks in, your smile widens further while your heart quickens even faster.

Throughout the semester, Peter and you kept seeing each other. While he attempted flirting, your friends warned you about it because it could lead to temptation and fall for him. At the end of the semester, he surprised you with flowers and an elaborate message promising you both to become better partners in the future and start planning your life together.

You’re back together.

Even though Peter is currently dating someone else, you can’t help feeling like he’s still thinking about you. Every time he comes around, you feel your heart racing faster and tears springing to your eyes, although you try hard to stop them from coming; perhaps it’s the cologne or just that he makes you feel so special?

Your day starts like any other: as is often the case before class begins, you walk over to Peter’s locker as usual and greet him with a friendly smile as he opens its door. Peter blushes and wraps his arm around yours; you playfully tease him about being ready for class: “Ready?” is what you ask playfully before gently teasing back with “Not really,” while kissing your forehead instead – something which always seems to put his blushing into overdrive!

Once again, footsteps approach, and you see a girl with two of her friends looking awkwardly at you – it must be Peter! He walks up and wraps an arm around your shoulders as you begin heading out of class.

But then you witness the girl placing her hand on his bicep and watch as he stares back in disbelief at her touch. His expression gradually softens into disdain as he tells her off with emotion-laden words: “I’m not giving you up for anyone!” – which causes his voice to shake with emotion.

Please take a deep breath and smile; his gaze fills you with delight. After being through so much with him, from supporting him even when he attended MJ to lovingly nuzzling your head into his chest – inhaling his scent like an innocent middle school boy doused with too much perfume, you count yourself blessed every day that God gave you this man as both your best friend and partner in life. You thank Him daily that they’re both part of your lives – best friends first before becoming lovers.