Heritage Park Fair – Bring the Past to Life


Heritage Fair brings history alive through large-scale activities from across periods – English Renaissance Morris dancing, Revolutionary War military drills, and mock combat, 1890s baseball… and much more.

Newton Shows offers thrilling rides for guests of all ages, delicious fair food, and carnival games; children ten years and under can visit for free. After 5 pm each day, no individual under 17 will be admitted without parental supervision.


Heritage Park Fairgrounds’ offerings of fair food will surely satisfy all of your acceptable food desires, from cream puffs and cheese curds to grilled corn and lemonade. Additionally, there are plenty of snacking opportunities, such as fried Twinkies, chicken tenders, and funnel cakes, as well as the ever-popular Fair Burger, which features tomato, pickles, lettuce, and mayo on a bun!

At Heritage Park’s fairground, you’ll encounter game booths. Initially part of traveling carnivals, these booths are set up so they direct patrons towards shows, attractions, and rides on their journey through them – an experience similar to pre-1915 amusement parks. We have even recreated these booths so as to provide visitors with an authentic pre-1915 amusement park experience!

The Heritage Park Fair is an annual three-day festival of American traditions. The goal of this fair is to preserve Smithtown’s distinct culture and history; hundreds of volunteers work year-round to make it happen, from setting up fences and hiring entertainers all the way through selling admission tickets.

Heritage Park Fair offers the ideal getaway from daily stressors. A family vacation or even just an outing with friends are both beautiful ways to experience its charms, not to mention that everything there is completely free! Heritage Park Fair also features many other fun things for visitors to do and see.

At Heritage Park Fair, one of the main draws is its re-creation of a typical rural Minnesota town, complete with a hat, general store, barber shop, and saloon. There are also historical buildings such as Roy Merrill’s tool shed and Grace Lutheran Church from the former Grace Lutheran congregation. Furthermore, the museum features exhibits that demonstrate competitions, entertainment, agriculture, food, and Minnesota industry, which have long been hallmarks of state fairs in Minnesota.

The Fair at Heritage Park is an event you don’t want to miss! From its thrilling midway rides for all ages by Newton Shows to delicious festival food and treats, carnival games and prizes, and children’s magic and illusion shows on Saturday and Sunday – and so much more – The Fair has something fun for everyone at its heart! Don’t miss it this summer at Heritage Park!


Heritage Park Fair boasts world-class entertainment acts, an animal petting zoo with both barnyard and exotic species, delicious fair foods, and carnival rides to entertain people of all ages. Patrons may pay per ride or purchase unlimited ride armbands in advance, in addition to discounted online multiple wristband package deals. Open-toed sandals and flip-flops are not permitted for safety purposes, and open-toed sandals should not be worn during rides to prevent injuries to patrons.

Visitors can experience life on the frontier through Heritage Park’s Heritage Village, featuring activities, demonstrations, historical structures, and even an on-site museum that reveals more about the challenges experienced by early settlers. Meet reenactors eager to share their knowledge and experiences! Reenactments offer visitors a glimpse of life during those early days – meet reenactors ready to share their knowledge and experiences as you stroll. Heritage Village features activities, demonstrations, and historical structures, as well as museum exhibits to learn more.

At the Forbes Road Frolic, guests can listen to traditional folk music performed by local musicians throughout the day. In addition, this festival will offer 18th-century dance lessons, hammered dulcimer and mandolin workshops, and a Punch and Judy show; other activities include smitheries, Colonial glassblowing workshops, and militia camps.

At Heritage Park’s Fair, guests will have an exciting variety of game booths that replicate those used during the 1909 Heritage Park Fair. Play with puppets or enter a corn maze – even win prizes! Children can also take pleasure from a petting zoo featuring various animals such as zebras, giraffes, binturongs, and baboons!

Tickets to Heritage Park vary daily depending on which day it is but usually include admission to both the Heritage Park Fair and Montage Mountain Waterpark. Visitors can buy ride armbands in advance to avoid long lines; children three years old or under are free. Vehicle parking costs $10; all vehicles may be subject to searches during this event.


The Fair at Heritage Park provides all the traditional fair food and amusements visitors expect from any county fair, from sugar-coated funnel cakes to heart-pounding Ferris wheel rides – it has everything! Additionally, this event boasts a range of entertainment and exhibits.

As well as games, the fair offers several free shows and attractions. Visitors can watch professional rodeo riders demonstrate their strength, courage, and skills through barrel racing, bronc riding, steer wrestling, or mutton-busting competitions. Other entertainment includes magic shows, comedy acts, and musical performances from local talent, as well as horseshoe-throwing contests and demolition derbies.

Every year, Mt Sinai, New York, hosts this popular carnival event, which draws thousands of visitors each year. Newton Shows provides exciting rides suitable for all ages on its midway, as well as delicious festival foods and treats, as well as magical shows and illusions for children of all ages – guests can pay per ride individually or purchase unlimited ride armbands ahead of time to avoid long lines!

Visitors to Heritage Park can delve deep into its rich history at the new History & Heritage Center, featuring competition, entertainment, agriculture, food, rides & games, and the Minnesota industry as its cornerstones for over 150 years. Through interactive exhibits that bring significant events, stories, and traditions from within our history alive at Heritage Park, visitors will gain a comprehensive view of its rich past.

Visit Heritage Park to gain insight into its rich history through artifacts, photos, and videos; sample delicious food offerings like apple pie, down-home cooking, and seafood; explore a tobacco barn that displays traditional cure methods or see craftsmen and artisans demonstrate trades like woodcarving or blacksmithing; learn about history through heritage park through an artifact display or visit a tobacco barn that displays volunteers curing tobacco in old-fashioned way; learn about Heritage Park history through an exhibition of artifacts or photos; visit tobacco barn where volunteers fix tobacco old-fashioned way, while watch craftsmen and artisans demonstrate trades such as woodcarving or blacksmithing among many other arts – plus experience it all at this year’s Fair!

Visitors to the Fair can experience more exotic fare than just your typical fair fare, including The Grizzly Experience with three impressive grizzly bears and their fearless handlers, sure to enthrall audiences. Additionally, this event boasts numerous animal exhibits like Baboons, Zebras, and African Serval Cats; visitors may even ride a camel or pony!


The Heritage Park Fair is an event for the whole family, offering midway rides, games, and treats; live music; carnival shows for children as well as magic shows; festival and illusion shows for adults are also featured at this family-oriented fair located on 20 acres in Village of the Branch Historic District from 10 am-6 pm and admission is free! The fair will take place from Saturday, September 29th, until Sunday, September 30th (11 am to 6 pm).

The main stage of the fair will feature local and regional bands performing, allowing you to bring chairs and blankets for lawn tickets. Food and beverages can be purchased on stage; parking and seating spaces are accessible as well.

Other events at the fair include a threshing machine, a working sawmill, and a blacksmith shop that visitors can view in action, including weaving demonstrations. There are also food vendors where visitors can purchase fresh produce such as vegetables, meat, and dairy from farms-to-table vendors.

Visitors to Minnesota’s history and culture while enjoying food, rides, games, music,, and music at Heritage Park Fair can learn a great deal at West End Market’s new History & Heritage Center. Here, you’ll discover competition, entertainment, agriculture, food merchandise, and the Minnesota industry that has contributed so significantly to shaping it over a century of fairs in Minnesota.

At the festival, Newton Shows offers thrilling midway rides for people of all ages to enjoy. Additionally, festival foods and snacks, carnival games and prizes, and children’s magic and illusion shows makeup part of its offerings. Prices per ride may differ; children aged ten or under ride free; however, wristbands allow unlimited rides throughout the day.

Entertainment at the festival is one of its major draws, and you are sure to find your ideal seat for enjoying it. There are three entertainment venues: Shipway and Dunmanway stages, as well as a karaoke booth in the Garden stage – it makes it a fantastic way to spend a day with family or friends!