GoFan App For Android and iOS


Gofan is the US’s most significant mobile ticketing platform for high school events. Offering fast and easy access to football, basketball, and performing arts tickets and sharing them through email or text.

This app supports all major credit cards and online wallet applications and can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Easy to use

GoFan App is an intuitive mobile app designed to make purchasing tickets for high school events simple, sharing keys with family and friends and aiding schools with fundraising efforts. Available for iOS and Android devices and ultimately free to download – GoFan requires high-speed Internet for optimal functioning.

GoFan gives fans access to tickets for all high school events, such as football, basketball, performing arts, and other district or state association events. Keys can be accessed via an email link distributed over social media, text message, or direct connection and instantly appear within the app for instant access. Users can even transfer their tickets immediately with friends and family via text or email.

This app makes it simple to manage season passes, all-sports passes, adult/student passes, and sport-specific passes. Furthermore, it provides an efficient method for purchasing single event tickets for games and concessions/merch at any game – it even accepts all major credit cards and online wallet apps!

GoFan has become the go-to platform for thousands of schools because it saves them time, increases revenue, and enhances the event experience for their students, parents, and fans. GoFan provides an efficient ticket management solution for sports, arts, and academic events while serving as an invaluable marketing platform.

GoFan gives your fans the convenience of purchasing tickets in their preferred manner — anytime, anywhere around the globe. This way, they don’t have to handle cash and paper tickets, which may easily get misplaced or damaged, helping avoid mishaps like cash theft. Downloading it from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store is quick and simple, compatible with most Android devices, and consistent with their settings, allowing downloading from unknown sources before starting their shopping spree!

Easy to share

This app lets parents and students easily share tickets via text or email, eliminating paper tickets and service charges altogether. Furthermore, fans can easily store them on their phones for instantaneous access when misplaced or lost keys are issued – making this solution the premier ticketing solution for high school events such as football, basketball, and performing arts performances.

When a fan decides how many tickets they want to purchase, they can pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay and enter a credit card number for easy checkout. The app displays available ticket types so the fan can select their desired ones quickly; purchasing usually takes around 10 seconds, and they can then present their mobile device at the event for entry.

Easy to manage

GoFan’s digital ticketing platform makes managing event tickets and ticketing data simple and seamless. Keys can be discovered from links distributed by email, social media posts, or text and purchased using their mobile ticketing app with just a few taps; users can even transfer tickets directly via email or text to friends and family!

App-based ticket purchasing is much faster and simpler than paper tickets, reducing service charges while eliminating cash handling or physical tickets that might become lost or stolen. Tickets purchased this way can also be shared quickly via text messages or emails with family and friends for instant event entry.

Bookkeepers can quickly and efficiently generate reports on tickets sold, event attendance, and revenue generated with GoFan’s digital ticketing system. Payment statements can also be downloaded to support audit and reporting requirements. Plus, its Next Generation Fan Experience features better personalization, enhanced search & checkout experiences, as the option to quickly find events by favoriting schools – making life much simpler!

Easy to buy

GoFan is the largest high school ticketing mobile app in the U.S. It is free to download, enabling fans to easily purchase tickets for high school events from their phone in just a few taps – and offers payment through major credit cards.

GoFan app provides fast and convenient access to school event tickets such as football, basketball, and performing arts performances. Users can search events by school name, state association, or team name. Furthermore, users can send tickets instantly via email or text for instantaneous access or sell back after events have ended.

This app was designed to reduce paper tickets and cash expenses by making purchasing tickets online easy for students, parents, and coaches. Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, the app also lets parents and students buy season passes – saving time and money!

GoFan stands out from other ticketing systems by being completely free and accessible to everyone and providing various features. Installation is straightforward on iOS 11.0 devices or later and Android 4.4 devices or later; additional security settings must be enabled before installation.

GoFan High School Tickets is a mobile ticketing system used for school sports, performing arts, and dance events. Huddle Tickets’ is the leader in high school digital ticketing, with its app available free of charge to users on the Apple App Store or Google Play, allowing fans to purchase tickets through links distributed by school administrators, state associations, or third-party providers.