Ed’s Plumbing Can Locate Hidden Water Leaks


Ed’s can quickly locate underground water leaks to save time, money, and property damage. We utilize amplified listening devices, probe rods, sensor magnets, and high-performance headphones to quickly pinpoint leak sources without digging holes – learn more here.

This Company provides plumbing repairs, hydro jetting, drain cleaning, and sewer snaking services, as well as sewer camera inspections to detect breaks, leaks, and weaknesses in sewer lines.

Water Heater Installation

Your water heater is an integral component of your home and requires regular upkeep. If it begins malfunctioning or leaking, call in a professional plumber immediately – any attempt at repair or replacement on your own may cause irreparable damage to both property and personal belongings.

At Ed’s, we offer comprehensive heating and plumbing services at competitive rates. From toilet installation and water heater replacement to drain cleaning and hydrojetting – let us handle everything for you! Contact us now to learn more or arrange an appointment!

Ed’s experienced plumbing team can handle jobs of any size or complexity. We offer complete plumbing repairs and installations, drain cleaning, septic service, sewer jetting, and leak detection, as well as attractive financing solutions to make home improvement projects a reality!

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are essential to providing hot shower water, laundry cleaning, and cooking needs. Unfortunately, though, even they are subject to wear and tear and need repair or replacement at some point – when that occurs, contact Ed’s Plumbing immediately for assistance!

Ed’s plumbers offer expert repairs for leaking water heaters. Additionally, they will assess and identify any problems before suggesting cost-effective and efficient solutions to address them. Whether your water heater is old and outdated or experiencing leaks, give Ed’s plumbers a call now to arrange a professional water heater repair service!

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Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters are an essential component of any home or business. They supply hot water for showering, laundry washing, and cooking needs – not to mention keeping the place heated! But as with all appliances, water heaters require regular maintenance and repairs for optimal operation. Otherwise, they risk becoming damaged beyond repair, potentially leading to property damage as well as safety risks in the form of potential safety risks for all nearby. For assistance when replacing your water heater, call Ed’s Plumbing!

Our expert plumbers in Dayton, Oregon, are fully capable of handling any heating or cooling installation, repair, replacement, upgrade, or installation job you need to complete, from updating insulation levels in your home to energy-efficient furnaces and water heaters as well as duct systems to rewiring entire properties by licensed electricians. Furthermore, financing solutions allow you to afford all upgrades you want to make to your property.

Sewer Repair

Sewers are used to transport waste from drains in your home or business to public sewer systems for disposal, so when these lines break or leak, they can lead to raw sewage being released back into buildings and streets, causing backflow issues that require professional sewer repair services, to resolve quickly.

Sewers can become damaged through tree roots, ground movement, or age; if you suspect you have a leakage issue, it’s wise to contact a plumber immediately to avoid costly repairs and environmental hazards. Utilizing non-invasive trenchless methods of restoration, specialists are available who can restore your sewer line without disrupting any part of your property.

Regular sewer and hydrojetting from Ed’s Plumbing will keep your drain lines flowing freely and prevent blockages, keeping them unobstructed and undamaged. Our expert plumbing team offers safe and effective drain and pipe cleaning. Schedule service with us now! We also specialize in septic and water heater services/repairs, as well as many other related services and repairs; visit us online or give us a call for more details on all these offerings!

Sewer Replacement

When your drains clog or make strange noises, this indicates a problem with the sewer line. Sometimes, repair may not be possible, and replacement may be required instead.

Leaks in sewer pipes can cause considerable water damage, allowing sewage to seep into your home and expose you to potentially hazardous bacteria. Luckily, trenchless replacement solutions exist.

One trenchless method includes inserting an inflatable tube filled with tough epoxy resin into a damaged pipe section and inflating it using professional equipment. After inflation, they apply it directly onto leaky areas in order to seal leaks for up to 10 years. This approach works with PVC, cast iron, and clay pipes alike. Another trenchless option available to them is spray lining, which coats the interior walls of pipes with a polymer resin that adds strength and durability – another trenchless alternative that works great.

Water Leak Detection

Have you seen water stains on the ceiling, a musty smell around a drain, or higher water bills than usual without apparent cause? These could all be symptoms of hidden leaks somewhere in your house that, if left unchecked, could lead to significant property damage and costly repairs.

When investigating potential water leaks in your home, the first thing to do should be checking your water meter. Shut off all faucets, as well as ensure that the dishwasher and washing machines are off before taking a reading of your meter and reviewing its reading. If any dial or number has changed significantly since taking the initial reading, this indicates a leak between your home and the meter; otherwise, wait two hours and take another reading; if the number changes after this timeframe, then retake readings; any time change indicates slow leakage between both entities.