Daily Jackpot – Tennessee’s Newest Lottery


Tennessee Daily Jackpot is Tennessee’s newest drawing-style game offering four ways to win with prizes starting at $30,000. Winners have their choice between receiving their award in either lump sum form or as an annuity over 29 years; prizes do not include federal or jurisdictional taxes. Check out ggdewa777 to know more

Select five numbers between 1 and 38 with Quick Pick or use Quick Cash for instantaneous winning opportunities post-draw.


Once drawings have been completed, winning numbers are posted immediately online. Each drawing continues to add to the prize pool until one lucky participant wins it all–the top prize currently stands at $30,000. Quick Cash prizes may also be won if any five of your ticket numbers match any five drawn ones–those prizes must be claimed within 180 days or else they will expire and cannot be claimed again!

Daily Tennessee Jackpot is the Lottery’s inaugural daily drawing-style game and offers easy, fun play – just select any number between 1 and 38 from 1 to 38 and you could be on your way to winning big! For an additional $1 per ticket, you can even add Quick Cash; recently one Knox County resident managed to win $640,000 playing this new game, purchasing his tickets at Gulf Mart at 238 Andrew Johnson Highway in Knoxville where draws are held daily at 9 pm.

Odds of winning

At a lottery, your odds of success depend on how many tickets you purchase and which numbers you select. Selecting an already chosen number reduces your odds significantly while choosing randomly increases them equally – some believe choosing similar numbers increases chances of success but this doesn’t work that way!

There are multiple methods for choosing lottery numbers, but none can be predicted with mathematical formulae. Instead, drawing involves either physical methods like gravity machines or computers which produce millions or billions of numbers per second, and the winner is determined purely by chance – should your luck hold and you win the jackpot you will be notified either via email or on your account.

The odds of winning the Daily Tennessee Jackpot are 1 in 501,942. You may also choose from four other prize categories and ten additional instant prizes in Quick Cash with the odds of winning any prize at 1 in 8.36. Use the breadcrumbs at the top of this page to navigate back to recent Daily Tennessee Jackpot winning numbers or find more information about this game on its homepage for Tennessee.

Daily Jackpot provides more than just an impressive prize pool; its gameplay element makes for an entertaining game: players can earn bonus credits with every spin that can then be redeemed for even bigger prizes if players are online when spinning; otherwise, their bonus credits will be lost forever! This makes Daily Jackpot an excellent choice for those seeking big money without leaving home.


Daily jackpot slots are similar to progressive jackpot slots in that the prize pool accumulates over less than 24 hours, increasing players’ chances of success and eliminating complicated rules and regulations from their gameplay. They make ideal choices for frequent slot gamers who do not wish to get bogged down with the rules and regulations of conventional progressive jackpot slots.

Every time a player spins the reels of a daily jackpot slot, they contribute a small portion to its jackpot pool, which allows it to build up over time and eventually pay out an enormous prize pool. Unlike standard progressive jackpot slots, however, daily jackpots have no caps on the payout – meaning an unlucky winner could potentially receive an infinite sum as prize money!

If you’re playing a lottery game that offers daily jackpots, be sure to sign the back of your ticket so you can collect your prize. In addition, present proof of residency and valid ID; if necessary provide alternative forms of identification.

The jackpot is won when all five numbers match, whether from 1 to 38 or using Quick Pick randomly. Once your results have been generated online or via mobile app, check them to see if you’ve won and signed the play slip so no other claimer can take your prize!

JeffBet offers many slot games with Daily Jackpots, such as their popular Instant-Win game that can be activated at any time to provide players with even greater value when it comes to slot gaming online. Although these jackpots tend to be smaller than progressive ones, they still present a desirable prize that any lucky player may be able to win by hitting the right combination of numbers. Some games also provide separate Daily and Instant-Win games with each offering its prize pool that can be won. When one wins a Daily Jackpot they’ll receive an in-game message and timer counting down so as soon as it happens it gives maximum bang for your buck when it comes to slot gaming online!


If you win a large jackpot, you must understand how tax will apply. Many lottery players fail to realize that winning is not tax-free; rather, state and local taxes must also be paid on winnings depending on where they reside; some states even withhold state income taxes from lottery checks in this way.

Lottery winners should consult with an experienced accountant or financial advisor to properly manage their prize money and report any large winnings to the IRS within their tax reporting limits. They should consider assembling a team consisting of an attorney, financial planner, and tax professional; additionally, they should keep their winnings confidential as much as possible and safeguard their ticket – failure to do so could result in a criminal prosecution; taxes for lottery winnings can vary between states but they tend to be very low compared with other forms of income; for instance, in New York, it stands at 8.82%!

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