BMW M760Li Sedan


The M760Li is BMW’s final V-12 sedan and an impressive machine. Boasting plenty of luxury features, this sleek car can reach 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds!

Comfort mode puts the V-12 to sleep; shift into Sport and watch its power come alive.


BMW models with M Performance in their name make for an appropriate designation, such as this large seven-series sedan. While the Alpina B7 or Mercedes-AMG S65 might struggle at full throttle on race tracks, its all-wheel drive and rear drive layout makes this BMW much more manageable, even though its twin-turbo V12 seems more like an exotic supercar than ever.

On the road, this 7 Series’s agility shines just as bright. The xDrive system distributes power evenly around the car for precise steering and cornering compared to sedans of its size. Meanwhile, the M760Li’s semi-active suspension system excels at providing stability and agility when needed, quickly adapting to changing road conditions – it even floats without body roll on our test course without understeering!

But when it’s time to stop for a braking zone, the M760Li quickly shows its weight: over 5,000 pounds! Braking power remains impressive, but when physical laws take hold, this car won’t budge from them no matter how powerful its engine may be or how many cylinders there may be in it.

BMW provides a hybrid version of this flagship sedan called the 740e xDrive that utilizes B-series engines from their modular B engine family but replaces V12 with an inline six plug-in electric motor for an instantaneous start and over 100 miles of pure electric range.

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive vehicles have long been considered the gold standard in performance car design, yet you may also find them among luxury models. Rear-wheel drive allows drivers to enjoy weight distribution benefits as well as driving in dry conditions more comfortably; its rear wheels help accelerate, while front ones steer. But it is important to remember that not all rear-wheel drive cars should be treated as racecars, knowing your limits when operating one.

Typically, the engine of a rear-wheel drive vehicle sits in the front, with power transmitted via the driveshaft to its rear wheels. This system is smaller than its counterpart and reduces fuel economy by eliminating energy losses in transmission and differential components. Furthermore, this arrangement makes controlling your vehicle in slippery or icy conditions much more straightforward and may prevent fishtailing (when the rear wheels lose grip during turns).

Rear-wheel-drive systems are well suited to high-performance vehicles because they provide direct, predictable handling that’s much harder for novice drivers to master compared with front-wheel-drive systems. While learning this type of driving can be challenging at first, once you know it can provide great fun – not to mention daily use, which increases connection with the vehicle!

The M760 Li xDrive is an example of this, boasting BMW’s potency V-12 engine and an innovative platform designed to maximize sport without compromising comfort. Competing against rivals such as Porsche Panamera and Mercedes S-class models, its visual distinguishers include unique exterior trim pieces and standard rear-wheel steering systems, which will automatically articulate its rear wheels based on dynamic parameters analyzed by its methods.

All-wheel drive

Although roughly the size and weight of a small moon, BMW’s 760 is astonishingly agile thanks to its all-wheel drive system – known as xDrive – which allocates power between front and rear wheels based on real-time analysis of dynamic data collected by sensors. A stereo camera uses machine learning technology to evaluate driving style before automatically tweaking engine, transmission, and suspension settings accordingly.

Comfort mode gives the V12 an unusually sedate demeanor from its whisper-quiet pistons and luxurious air suspension ride to Bowers & Wilkins diamond-like stereo without disrupting occupants. When enabled with the Theater Screen option, it even allows music blasting without disturbing passengers!

The 760 offers plenty of comforts to keep its passengers content when driving across long stretches of road, including its spacious and lavishly trim cabin with plenty of leather upholstery options and dashboard trim inlays to choose from. Even those in the rear seat can be entertained thanks to optional extras such as a panoramic roof, back seat entertainment systems, and massage executive seats – plus, they even get their panoramic roof!

Your comforts come at a cost, of course, but the reward for doing so can be considerable: an auto that can sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and continue its progress until reaching nearly 190mph is quite remarkable for non-M BMWs; unfortunately, you’ll also have to cover its premium unleaded gas costs.

Ride and handling

The M760 embodies every luxury element associated with BMW 7 Series cars: comfort and cutting-edge technology combined with adrenaline-pumping performance. A standout among a highly competitive class.

The M760Li is one of BMW’s most sought-after models, boasting an extensive list of cutting-edge safety features that make it a fantastic family car. These features include a panoramic rearview video display, adaptive cruise control with Traffic Jam Assistant, and lane departure warning – qualities that help the M760Li keep up with traffic flow while avoiding collisions.

On winding country roads, the M760Li offers a smooth and luxurious ride, syrupy steering, and a quiet powertrain that recalls Rolls-Royce. But if you want some thrills behind the wheel, its 2-ton weight will leave you amazed at just how planted this 2-ton limousine feels when pushed. While some credit its all-wheel drive and suspension systems as contributing factors, much credit goes to how brilliantly BMW engineers designed this largest luxury sedan to handle, grip, and go.

If you want to maximize the M760Li’s incredible performance, switch between Sport mode or M Dynamic for optimal driving pleasure. Furthermore, take advantage of Driving Experience Control, which adjusts damping and steering settings according to your personal preferences – both options provide enjoyable driving experiences! So, whatever mode or setting you choose, rest assured that it will deliver an incredible driving experience!

The M760Li’s 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine can quickly power it from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and hit top speeds of up to 155 mph, thanks to its rear-biased all-wheel drive system with its remarkable amount of torque. Furthermore, its brake system is equally impressive; it can stop from 60 mph within 125 feet – equivalent to that of smaller sports cars!

Fuel economy

As with most large luxury sedans, the M760 can be pretty thirsty when it comes to fuel. An estimated 13 mpg city and 20 highway consumption rate would seem appropriate for a car that can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds and top out at 205 mph – however, there are a number of strategies for improving its economy, such as driving in Eco mode or selecting Comfort+ mode.

The M760 boasts impressive technology, such as its glare-reducing active grille that automatically opens or closes to maximize cooling efficiency or optimize aerodynamics, auto-leveling air suspension that adjusts for road and weather conditions, firming for improved handling, softening to enhance the quality of ride. Furthermore, this car provides several driver-selectable performance modes like Sport and Track, which optimize acceleration.

BMW’s latest iteration of its iDrive operating system for secondary car controls accepts input from various sources, including conventional steering wheels, touchscreens, voice command input, gesture recognition via 3D sensors, and gesture storage – even saving an action to be executed later. Furthermore, M760 faces are equipped with black grilles, carbon fiber mirrors, and side skirts – complete with a facelift.

The BMW M760 is its flagship 7 Series vehicle and vies against cars like the Audi A8, Genesis G90, Mercedes-Benz S Class, and Porsche Panamera for market dominance. Offering comfort and space for passengers alike, it comes equipped with rear or all-wheel drive options and multiple engine choices, from a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine in the 740i to twin-turbocharged V8 power in the 750i and plug-in hybrid power in 745e – each powertrain being coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission system.